Fans Dance It Out During ‘Blindfolded Musical Packages’

I can tell who’s been
naughty and who’s been nice. Some people are jingling their
bells a little bit too much. I can see it. Holidays are about spending
time with your families, spreading joy, and yes. [CLAP] You can say that. [APPLAUSE] Someone started saying yes,
and then nobody else wanted to. One of my favorite games is
blindfolded musical chairs. And the geniuses at Hasbro have
turned that into a board game. It’s a perfect game to play
with your friends and family at home during the holidays. And since it’s the
season of giving, let’s play Blindfolded
Musical Packages. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – “JINGLE BELLS”] I just made that up. Just spur of the moment. If you see your name on
the screen, come on down. [APPLAUSE] [SCREAMING] Oh, yeah! Hi! Hi, everybody. Hoo hoo! Who’s who? Hi, my name is Laura Bradford. Hi, Laura. Where do you live? What do you do? I’m from Sydney, Australia. Oh, wow. I’ve heard of that place. Laura. And you are? Shelby Dooley. Hi, Shelby. Shelby Dooley? Yeah, hello. I’m not Irish. My husband is. It’s like you’re
singing or something. Shoobie Doobie. What do you do? Shelby Doobie? Dooley. Dooley. Sorry. I’m in sales. It’s still the same. I know. All right Shelby Dooley. And you’re in sales. Yes. All right, that’s vague. All right and you are? Gianinni Semedo. That’s right. Yes. Yeah, yeah! How are you? Yes. Where do you live? What do you do? I live in LA. I’m a professional dancer. Yes you are. Yes you are. Hi. Shalonda Matthews. Shalonda! Where do you live? What do you do? Inglewood. I work for AT&T. You can say that. If you stopped at AT, we would
have known &T. All right. The name of the game is– it’s like musical chairs,
but we have packages here. So when the music stops, you
have to sit on a package. And of course, you’re
going to be blindfolded because it’s called
Blindfolded Musical Packages. And so you’re going
to dance, of course, because it’s fun for us. Should I take my shoes off? You’re going to– yeah, you
should take your shoes off for sure. I’m a little competitive. All right. So you’re going to dance
like the little drummer boy. OK. Your interpretation of that. You’re going to dance
like the Nutcracker, just however that would be. You’re going to dance like
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. OK. And you are going to be Santa,
the way Santa would dance. OK? All right. So you will dance
until the music stops. And then you will find
a package and sit down. Start the music. [MUSIC – “JINGLE BELLS”] [MUSIC STOPS] [LAUGHTER] Which way? [CHEERING] All right. You can take off your– OK. Y’all we’re so
close, both of you. Come this way. You’re going to come watch
over here and have some water and enjoy it like
the rest of us. OK. Stand up. That was fantastic. You were so delicate when
you found that package. You just felt it for
a while and then– all right. All right. It’s harder than it looks. Let me tell you something. The dancing of the reindeer,
Rudolph, is fantastic. You are doing such a good job. [CHEERING] Start the music. [MUSIC – “JINGLE BELLS”] [MUSIC STOPS] [LAUGHTER] [CHEERING] All right. There’s one more. Ah! All right. Is that out? Yep. All right. All right, stand up. We are down to the winner now. So whoever finds the package
this time is the winner. The other person
is the non-winner. All righty. Give you time to rest. Start the music. [MUSIC – ‘JINGLE BELLS”] [MUSIC STOPS] [CHEERING] He is the winner! All right. You can go get up. [PANTING] Ah! All right. [CHEERING] All right, for winning– for winning, you’re getting
a 65-inch TCL Roku TV, and you are too! Woo! All right, you’re getting the
TVs as well because you played. And everyone in the audience
is getting the board game. And don’t forget to pick up a
copy of Hasbro’s Blindfolded Musical Chairs in
the toy aisle today. Here’s tWitch.

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