Eyes of Hell (Sermon & Speed Draw)

Hell and Destruction are never full;
So the eyes of man are never satisfied. Proverbs 27:20 You know how this will begin. “The eyes are windows to the soul.” In a sense, it is true. Some people simply shine their good or evil
through their eyes. But today’s verse reverses it – a window
is not only something you can look into, but also something that you can see from. When Christ came into the desert to be tempted
by the devil, the devil offered Him all the kingdoms of the world. Office of a prophet requires approriate temptations. Satan offers Christ not a mere kingdom, like
he offered it to Herod. Here we are not talking about your everday
king or emeperor. No, he offers Him all the kingdoms. Satan can only go so far. He can only offer the entre world to the Creator
of time and space. Unlike Christ, we fall for that trap. We are not offered all the kingdoms of the
world for we will follow the demon for mere trinkets. If some of us do resist the devil and his
material offerings, he opens another window, a more dreaded one – the one of fear. Look at all of these insane politicians, natural
disasters, car accidents, plane crashes, these rare and incurable and painful diseases, these
wars. What Satan cannot rule by willing submission,
he rules through fear. The antidote to this poison is found in the
Gospel. The mystery of the Incarnation begins with
“Fear not!” – it was a powerful greeting of the great archangel to a scared girl elected
to become the Mother of God. What trials She endured! But you might say: “Well, that’s all nice
for Her, but what about me? People still die of old age, of disease, of
accidents and war.” That is where the second great “Fear not!”
of the Gospel comes: be of good cheer, be corageous, take heart: for I have conquered
the world, that same world Satan offered me, I conquer it by my golrious arising, and at
a proper time, you shall arise alongside with Me, and whatever pain and suffering and death
you have endured will only be a mote of dust in the great ocean of blissful eternity.”

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  1. Curious to see if you guys prefer this format of Sermon & Speed Draw (with photos) as opposed to previous ones (with scans). 🙂 Please let me know!

  2. I don't dislike the old way , it's fine but I am really digging this new way, seems more intimate in my opinion.

  3. Suicide is another demon that is tormenting the world
    Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on us sinners
    May the Lord grant you many years of your ministry

  4. I am kind of early.Anyways as a Catholic I really enjoy your videos and it helps me remain strong in my faith when I sometimes doubt it.Your speedraw is amazing btw.Thanks a lot Brojan.

  5. Wow, what a powerful message and accompanying illustration!

    I’d say, do whichever format best suits each particular message. Bravo, Bojan. Wishing you a blessed Nativity and Theophany. ☦️

  6. Both are nice. I personally prefer the "scans" but this format is also very nice. Perhaps use both and interchange them every now and then? Idk. G'd bless!

  7. Honestly, I love these kinds of videos you do Bojan. The beautiful music in the background with these deep spiritual topics and stories. This and "A Dark Transfiguration" has to be my top favorites! Keep up the awesome work! God bless.

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