[Eng sub] 5min Easy Watercolor | How to draw a sitting person

Hello. Today I’m going to paint a seated person. First draw a chair viewed from the side. It looks like this. Then draw a person who’s sitting with his body pressed tightly against the chair… …who’s also viewed from the side. See how it looks? He is pressing his body tightly against the chair. This is a very easy way to draw a seated person. Now I’m drawing an actual sketch. I’m using a slightly different perspective now. As I mentioned earlier, keep in mind that this person is sitting deeply in the chair. Because the person’s body is pressed tightly against the chair, it means his frame takes on a shape like a chair. Now that the sketch is done, let’s start painting. Because today’s theme is a seated person, I’ll keep the painting process simple. First paint the base colors, then paint the shades with the direction of the lighting in mind. Because the sun is shining from above…, …the upper faces of the person or the chair are lit. That means the top of the person’s head, shoulders, and the upper side of his thighs are lit. See? Add some wrinkles in his clothing and other details. See, what do you think? Doesn’t it look like a seated person? Now it’s coming along. Let’s say this person is sitting on a bench outdoors. First paint the backrest and then the seating face. Don’t forget to paint shades on the bench, as well. See how he’s sitting? Add the legs to the bench. And it’s done! Today I’ve painted a man sitting on the bench. If you’re practising figure painting, the seated position is one of the important poses. I’ve made a simple suggestion today for painting it. That is to first draw a chair, not the person sitting on it. Then draw a person sitting with his body pressed tightly against the chair. Then miraculously it looks like a seated person. Of course, there’s a lot to discuss about the details of the person. But I’ll take another opportunity to talk about them. Once you finish drawing a person sitting tightly in the chair, then you can draw a person from a different angle. But note that viewed diagonally from the front, his body is still shaped like a chair. That is the point. When drawing a person seated in the chair, draw it after drawing a chair. Consequently the person sitting on the chair takes the shape of a chair. That’s it. Let’s continue enjoying watercolor painting together!! See you next time!

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  1. Thank you so much I am practicing people and this is very helpful –simplified I am looking forward to seeing the more detailed video of the man –as you mentioned

  2. 何も見ないで椅子に座った人物が描けるなんて流石ですね。椅子を先に描いて人物を描くというのは、初耳でした。参考にしてみます。

  3. Hello Mr Shibasaki, thank you very much for this very interesting demonstration! As soon as I get out of the car, I try to represent someone sitting on a bench! 😊

  4. 小太りの男性が、体を沈ませながら座っているって感じでしょうか。


  5. 千石です

  6. Thank you for the video once again Sensei. I really appreciate and look forward to each of them. I hope you're having a wonderful day. Please stay in good health!

  7. Mr. Shibasaki, thank you for this quick and easy tutorial. I hope, you are doing well! This is a very simple yet effective way to draw a proper pose. This will be very helpful, thank you!

  8. the tip with drawing the chair first and sticking the person to the shape is an elegant solution no matter the medium, thank you shibasaki <3

  9. 立体感が大切なんですね❗難しく考えると奥深さを感じます、柴先生に絵の描き方を学んで行きます🐻

  10. It's looked simple yet so complicated. The expression of the person is so amazing. It's so deep with emotions. Love it Shibaki sensei. Always looking for your new videos.

  11. 胴体から伸びる太もものあたりのとり方が理解できました!

  12. You make a very complex shape look so easy to draw! Amazing! Then with a few strokes of shades of paint it becomes 3-dimensional and look so real! You, sir, are a wizard ~ 🤹🏼‍♂️🎨💁🏼‍♀️

  13. 先生の絵は本当に、いつも勉強になります…!

  14. Thank you for this painting Shibasaki-sensei, showing how to paint some one sitting. Your painting also tells a story.

  15. おはようございます!

  16. I love love love when you do vlogs type of videos, absolutely adore it when we go on a journey with you, when you for letting us explore along with you! like last week when you sketch at Ryogoku Sumo Town. please could you do it again?

    and please may i request a caracal art? such a majestic animal💗

  17. I don't know why I don't often think about the chair first. I need to be more mindful of this. Thanks for the reminder!

  18. thank you for another beautiful video!
    It would be easier to follow along if you showed all of your brush-strokes without fast-forward, I think.

  19. なるほど。人物の方にばかり目が行ってました。いつもイスと背景は後で付け足し?みたいな感じでした。イスだけだったら立体的に描きやすいし、人物もそういう見方をして骨格を掴み、後は光のさす方向を見極めるのですね⁈

  20. Wonderful,Dear Máster!I ese bis face clearly,And it is just a couple of simple strokes!I even imagine what he is thinking!😳🤩🤩🤩

  21. 柴崎先生

  22. 風景画に人物が入ると雰囲気が出ますね😊


  23. 座った人は椅子の形を描く、座った人自身が椅子の形になる… う~んなるほど!今まで考えたことなかったです😅 私が人物を描くと小学生の漫画のようになってしまいます(≧∇≦) 今回のポイントやコツを頭に入れてこれから描いてみようと思います😃💕

  24. Shibisaki-sensei, watching the way you paint has really been helping me be more expressive with my art. You are so free with your brush and you use so many colours, I've been trying to loosen up and watching you has really helped! Thank you!

  25. Thank you so much for this wonderful description of drawing and painting a seated person! I hope it is your intent to do more figures. I've always struggled with getting figures in my drawings!

  26. なんでもそうだけど、上手い人がやると簡単に見える…。で、自分が実際やってみると上手くいかないという…!笑

  27. I´m having a terrible day, Shibasaki Sensei, and watching you work made feel better, so thank you for sharing your craft!

  28. Thank your for this lesson. You always give good tips that I never think about. I have trouble with the shading part of painting in general and really need to think about it. Thank you. Hope everyone in your family is well.

  29. Thank you again, Shibasaki-sensei! I like sketching people when I’m walking around the city. Now I will try painting them instead!

  30. Wonderful!! I've been going through a rough patch lately but watching your videos helps to relax me. Thank you very much for all the hard work you do!!

  31. 柴崎先生は簡単に言うけれど、全然簡単ではありません。

  32. こんにちは!

  33. i struggle a lot with dynamic poses, but advice like this is very easy to understand and very easy to mimic! i look forward to using it in my next illustration. thank you for your lessons, shibasaki-sensei!

  34. Why have I never thought about a sitting person being in the shape of a chair before. I always try to make them FIT onto a chair rather then let them fill the space of a chair and put it around them. Your explanation turned on a light in my mind that had not been lit before. I can now work on drawing more people sitting on objects, and have a good reference to pull from in my mind. I learn something new every time I watch one of your lessons. Thank you for sharing this with us all. I wish I had a teacher put that thought into my head long, long ago. I guess, maybe if I had heard it back then, it might not have struck a cord with me, as it just did today. Maybe I was just ready to learn something new today. Time will tell if my seated people start looking more like they are 'On an object' or, if the 'object is just under them'.

  35. Thank you for the tutorial sensei! I was struggling to paint a sitting figure before I found your video. Luv your paintings! I have a request, can you teach us to paint a sunflower?

  36. 柴崎先生の描き方いつも拝見しております

  37. 水彩画ではないのですが、参考になります。

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