[Eng sub] 5min Easy Watercolor | Flower Bouquet drawing

Hello. This is a 4B pencil. I’m going to draw a bunch of flowers with this pencil. The important point of today’s drawing is to make a clear sketch of the flowers. Like drawing a traversable picture, continue to draw one flower after another. It’s not about drawing realistic flowers, but rather drawing spontaneously. See like this? Then you can clearly represent the presence of lots of flowers. Keep in mind today’s point of drawing the shape of each flower with the pencil lines. So make sure to use strong lines for drawing. Again, remember to use the pencil lines for drawing the shapes of the flowers. Add a vase as well. Now let’s paint. The shapes have been drawn already… …and you can only concentrate on painting now. Then it’s important not to stick too much to the original pencil lines. Just devote yourself to paining. That means it’s OK if the color runs over the lines or if some spots are left unpainted. If you continue painting yellow flowers and red flowers one after another in this way…, …the painting will turn out to be full of fun colors. Even for red flowers, try to change tones of the color little by little. What do you think? Aren’t they gradually beginning to look like flowers? The shapes of the flowers are already present there…, …so all you need to do is decide what color should be used for each flower. Don’t be too precise. Place colors by running over lines and leaving some spots unpainted. See how this tone of blue can make the painting look beautiful? Again, the shapes have already been drawn so you can concentrate on the colors you use when paining. Don’t worry about running over lines and leaving spots unpainted. See how this creates white flowers in view? Add some shadows as well. Isn’t it fun to use this many different vivid colors? Create some shade on the vase. Also add a shadow of the vase on the floor. So, this is it. I’ve painted a bunch of flowers today. How do you like it? Remember the new suggestions I’ve made this time? That’s a division of labor. The shapes of flowers and leaves should be made with the pencil only. Then use the watercolor paint to determine the colors of the flowers and leaves. A pencil for shapes. Paint for colors. Give each of them a role. This will make flower painting a lot of fun. Try if you have a chance. Let’s continue to enjoy watercolor painting together. Hi again! Well…… it’s time for the Question and Answer corner. Today’s message is from… how do I pronounce it?… Starfruit-san? Hello, Starfruit-san. Your message says, “I’m 16 years old and always worried about my future.” “I love painting and drawing.” Wow! Nice. “What do you think about a career as an artist?” That’s a tough question. Only 16 years old, are you? I……. I turned 70 long ago. Now I look back at it, I was working hard on judo when I was 16. I was pretty good at it. Winning lots of titles. But I also loved painting… …I have always loved painting! Well… But being so much into judo, did I ever think about my future at age 16? I spent all my time on schoolwork and judo, I never thought about my future. Do you really think you need to worry about the future now? If you want to become an artist and love painting so much, why don’t you just paint now? God only knows about your future. If you work hard, then god may smile at you and the chance may come. Just believe it and don’t think too much about the future. Just work hard on what you really love. Enjoy being yourself at this precious time of your life. I’ll support you on that. This is my advice for you. If you have anything that you want my advice on, send it to me via Direct Message in Instagram. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Well, what did you think? If you found this video interesting, like it and subscribe to my channel. Thank you very much for watching until the end. See you next time!

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  1. ついつい花の形をキチンと描こうとして失敗します。形にとらわれず色を塗り分けるだけでこんなに早く描けるんですね。

  2. Thank you for the video! Your lines and colours being relaxed and not fully intentional really made the flowers look so organic. Beautiful. ♥

  3. 『鉛筆の線に拘らない』

  4. Hi some loose lines for drawing. Dabs and slashes of colour representing the flowers. Two tone green. Finger nail lines. Then Mr. S waves his magic brush and low and behold a beautiful bouquet of flowers….. easy right? So why can't I do it??? 🙁

  5. i love flowers!!i definetly gonna try to make some flowers with your tutorial someday!!! thank you for another beautiful lesson!!!

  6. 今晩は☺️また違った先生の作品を拝見して簡単な花の描き方勉強になりました☺️🎶スケッチ等は便利ですね☺️💕先生の筆の運びはマジックですね☺️素晴らしいです😆🎵🎵

  7. Amazing how the initial scribbles and random splashes of paint come together in a cohesive picture with depth and vibrancy.

  8. 私は『紫蘇の実簡単調理』で柴崎先生のお人柄のファンになりました。(後に画家先生だったと知って…👀‼😆)

  9. チャンネル登録者数5000人くらいだった頃にチャンネル登録したんだけど、100倍に増えてる。

  10. This is a good reference when drawing plants, arigathanks pops very cool! i haven't painted in a while and find out after painting to day that it started to look bad, i wish i could bask in your grace forever and be as good as you but i guess it takes time and patience. anyway pops i hope your doing well and healthy!

    as always pops dont forget to stay hydrated and healthy! 🤗💖👌👍🌼

  11. こんばんは✨🤗 今までは花束を描きたいと思ってても、たくさんあるとどう描いていけばいいかわからなかったのですが、鉛筆で✏️はっきり形を表現してから色だけに集中するこの方法なら塗り絵のように楽しめそうですね!😃🎶 自由に描けるところがいいですね!解放された感じで、気が楽になりました!☺️ さっそく明日からその方法でやってみます😊 4B持ってないからとりあえず2Bで✏️😆 どうもありがとうございました🙏😊💕 季節柄、ご自愛ください🤗💐

  12. 最初の4Bでびっくりしたんだけどやはり結局は凄く素敵な絵に成りましたね ^_^ 流石です! 勉強になりました!いつも有難う御座います!

  13. This is amazing..so beautiful and I can follow along easily. Mr. Shibasaki, could you please demonstrate how to draw a black cat with green eyes?

  14. お花って、きちんと形を描かなくても素敵に描けるんだと、目からウロコが落ちた感じです❗ありがとうございます😊

  15. "Pencil for shapes, paint for color." I'm going to try to really remember that, and use bolder sketches. Thank you for the advice 😊

  16. Love how easy this looks! Just beautiful!!!
    BTW There’s no English subtitles showing up on my phone for this video. Thanks

  17. 柴崎先生
    形鉛筆 色は水彩絵の具ですね。

  18. 先生こんばんは。今回の 形は鉛筆 色は水彩 の言葉は

  19. 4Bの鉛筆の質感で線に変化がでて、とても面白い描き方ですね✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️😃

  20. ステキなお花の絵と先生の笑顔。

  21. ちゃんと綺麗に色を塗らなくてもこんなにも形がくっきりと浮かび上がってくるんですね😲改めて色の大切さを感じました😃

  22. 最初の下書きで断念しちゃうから…次から下書きを簡潔にしてみます!参考になりました!ありがとうございます😭💖

  23. So refreshing! The painting obviously, and the question and answer part. Shibasaki san, the humanity needs more people like you!

  24. I see how it works. Instead of using exact pencil lines, you can put more attention to the exact details, the idea can be distributed evenly and quickly, making the painting look unified (and not splotches of exact detail which would make it look messy.)

    I’m gonna try this!

    (Also, happy New Year, Grandpa Shibasaki! 🎆🎊🥳🎊🎆)

  25. 鉛筆で形を取るのですね!これなら子供の頃描いていたやり方に近いです。それも、神経質にならず、こんなにアバウトで良いのですね~!何だか気が楽になります。

  26. 下書きをさっと書いて

  27. すごく素敵な絵ですね‼️


  28. 先生こんばんは!



  29. いつも楽しく勉強させて頂いています。

  30. 本物そっくりな花を描くのではなく自由な発想で、という領域にたどり着くまでには膨大な量のインプットがあったのだろうなぁ

  31. 柴崎さん明けましておめでとうございます!あはは、「明けまして」ってちょっと遅いかな?😅いゃ〜でも本当すごいです!ちょうど友達の誕生日がもうすぐだから何か作ろうと思ってたんだけど、本当に何も思いつけなくって困ってました!これやってみます!

  32. 先生、こんばんは(^^♪

  33. 先生の姿を初めて見たとき「腕が太いな」というのが第一印象でした。




  34. Beautiful work
    I started a YouTube channel in painting would really appreciate it if you guys would check it out and subscribe 🙏

  35. This is a very good advice, not worry to much for the personal future. 😉. Only free mind give us freedom and energy in generall☀️, but especialy for artists 🎨. 🌱

  36. cette façon de peindre est géniale et le pinceau est magique dans votre main ! merci pour ce partage et aussi pour votre sagesse ! 🙂

  37. This is beautiful! I love flowers and nature. Thank you for always being gracious and a wonderful teacher of painting.

  38. Thank you for the instructions on this beautiful painting. I will try it. I loved the segment on questions and answers when you were addressing the 16-year-old. Wonderful to hear about your life and your talent in judo. I also loved your advise to this young person. Advise to do what you love, let life flow, and don't worry. That was fun to watch. Sending you much loving and healing energies, Reiki energies as well! Your fan from Colorado, U.S.A.

  39. Thanks Maestro su tiempo y amor por trasmitir sus experiencias nos brinda la oportunidad de seguir aprendiendo los misterios de estos materiales…un gran abrazo !!!

  40. Hello Shibasaki San! Happy New Year with a lot of good health and prosperity! I really like your tutorials especially the peace that you transmit with your beautiful painting. I like flowers a lot and yours are the most beautiful I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing This wonderful painting.💐💐🦋🦋

  41. Shibasaki-san, your smile is as bright as the sun. 🙂 Thank you for another lovely video, your instructions are very clear and you're a great teacher.

  42. 質問相談コーナーはとてもいいです。いい相談がしますね。ありがとうございます

  43. I watch your videos to relax, but I think I'll begin to work more on Watercolors now. I use a sketch "technique" similar to yours, I like to make shapes instead of getting too deep into details, I think watercolor might be a great medium to therapeutic drawing and relaxing 💕

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