Emoji Combo Drawing Challenge

– [Jacob] Welcome to Drawfee,
where we take your dumb ideas – [Nathan] And make even dumber drawings. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob. – [Nathan] I’m Nathan. – [Julia] I’m Julia. – [Jacob] And guys, emojis. They’re all around us. (laughing) – [Julia] Oh, is this the 20 20 special? – [Jacob] Especially on a news day, which is the day where the emojis rise up and take human form and
seek flesh to devour. – Yes.
– There’s still some like a news article that would happen. – [Nathan] Yeah, the kids
are calling it Flesh-Mojis. When emojis form in groups of three to take over the flesh of
a character or creature. – [Jacob] Nathan, it’s
funny you should say that because that’s exactly the
challenge we’re doing today. – [Nathan] What? – [Julia] It’s Real. Watch out if your teens are doing this. – [Jacob] Your teens
are definitely doing it. It’s the emoji combo challenge. All teens love it. (laughing) – All teens love it.
– We’re gonna get we’re gonna get three random emojis and we’re using a random
generator from Byrd Seed. And we’re each gonna
get three random emojis and then we’re gonna have to combine sort of the feeling of those
three emojis into a character. – [Nathan] We were inspired
by the artists @nymria on Twitter. Their name is a bunch of Pretzel emojis. At the moment.
– At the moment. – At the time of recording.
– At the time of recording. They did this challenge and drew some really
cool-looking characters and then Victoria Wegman @vwegs, brought it to our attention. Asked us to do it. I think other people tweeted
at us about doing it as well. It’s a fun…
– But Victoria Wegman’s the
only one that matters. – Wow.
– The only one I care about. – [Julia] Wow. – [Nathan] Just so people know, we’re not claiming that we came up with this idea on our own. – [Jacob] No, we ain’t claiming. – [Nathan] No. We’ve never had an original
idea in our entire damn lives. – No, we need you.
– We need you to feed us. We hungry for ideas. – [Nathan] We hungry for
ideas, the dumb ideas. – [Jacob] The dumb ideas
for the dumb drawings and Nathan. – [Nathan] Yes? – [Jacob] Do you wanna go first? – [Nathan] I want emojis. – [Jacob] Why don’t
you roll up some mojis? – [Nathan] I got a happy face because I’m so happy to do this challenge. – [Jacob] That’s a really
cute thing you said. (laughing) – [Julia] Is that your
first emoji that you got? – [Nathan] No. – [Julia] Are you just saying that? Okay.
– I’m gonna… Here comes emoji. First emoji. – [Nathan] Fries. – [Jacob] French fries, good start. Second emoji. Airplane. – [Jacob] That’s a train, train plane. – [Nathan] That’s like a bullet train. – [Julia] That’s a monorail. – Plane train.
– That’s a monorail. That’s like a fancy, new,
good infrastructure train. – [Jacob] Listen, that’s your opinion. – [Nathan] And another train. (laughing) I got two trains. French fries and two trains. – [Julia] You got a monorail and a train. – [Jacob] All aboard of
the French fry express. – [Nathan] What am I gonna draw? Give me a second to think. – [Julia] Do you wanna re-roll? – [Nathan] No. – [Julia] You wanna draw
two trains and some fries. – [Nathan] I wanna draw
train fry man, train, fry. – [Jacob] Train fry. – [Nathan] I feel like, maybe just one more instead of two trains ’cause we’ve already got train. – [Jacob] Okay, so you
wanna just get an extra – [Nathan] Let me get a fourth. – [Jacob] an extra emoji. – [Nathan] Let me get a fourth emoji. – [Jacob] A spicy fourth. – [Nathan] Ooh. – [Julia] An O-nigiri. – [Jacob] A little rice bun. – [Nathan] A little rice bun, okay, so we got two foods two trains. Two foods, two trains. – [Jacob] The perfect combination, the golden ratio has been reached. – [Nathan] I feel like the
example ones are really cool. There was a lady bug person and like a cool, creepy, clown-vampire. – [Julia] You got two
foods and two trains. – [Nathan] I got two foods and two trains. – [Jacob] To be fair,
though, they’re already disproportionate number
of train and emojis. I don’t know why they think
we need to depict trains with such specificity. – [Julia] I really wanted
you to go to fourth train, or a third train as your fourth. – [Nathan] I feel like this is
like a Mech fighter, almost. – [Jacob] I think it
would have to be, right? – [Nathan] Yeah, I feel like we’ve got a, I don’t know if whether
this episode is coming out before or after Tramas the Trank Engine but if it’s not, you’re gonna be really
confused hearing that. (laughing) and if it is, then you already know. You already know what is is. – [Jacob] Nathan’s been
on train kick, lately. – [Nathan] I’ve been drawing the trains. This is a different train. This is a cool train. – [Jacob] Yeah, this is a
cool train that you like. – [Nathan] This is a
cool train that you like and wanna be friends with. – [Julia] This is a stapler. – [Jacob] This is a stapler. – [Jacob] You’re drawing a
stapler with a headlight. Are you trying to draw the
front of the bullet train? – [Nathan] I’m trying to draw
the front of a bullet train. I did a bad job. It doesn’t have a headlight. – Listen, maybe
(laughing) – [Nathan] It wasn’t even close. – [Jacob] Doesn’t even
have a single headlight. – [Nathan] It doesn’t have any. – [Jacob] Like a prospector’s cap. – [Nathan] Yeah, no, they don’t
need that on the new trains. – [Jacob] New trains can see in the dark. – [Nathan] New trains can see in the dark. You heard it here first, is it like this? – Yeah.
– We’ll make it like this. – [Jacob] Make it like that. – [Julia] It definitely
looks mech-adjacent now. – [Both] Yeah – [Nathan] Okay, so we’re gonna get a mech, but it’s gotta have fries. – [Julia] It’s sponsored by McDonald’s. – [Nathan] Yeah, this is… – [Jacob] Oh, it’s more
like a Mcighting sort of, you know, sport. – It’s Mcfighters.
– It’s Mcfighters. – [Nathan] McMex. – [Julia] McMex. – [Jacob] It’s also their Mexican food, a new line of products, McMex. They’ve got the McRito, – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] the McTaco – [Nathan] Sure. – [Jacob] And the Mc-a-lotta. That already exists. – Yeah.
– Yeah, that’s not a food. – [Julia] They all sound so disgusting but like Taco Bell already exists. – [Jacob] Yeah, it does exist. – [Julia] You know? – [Jacob] And I for one, love it. – [Nathan] Let’s shit on
every brand, just in case it. – [Jacob] I love McDonald’s
and I love Taco Bell. I’ll eat all of that shit
any day of the damn week. – Yeah.
– You want me to go now? Do you want me to go eat it now? – [Nathan] I’m putting
the headlight back on. (chuckling) This is the, ’cause it’s a Mc. – Sure.
– I’m taking some creative liberties. This is it’s eye. – [Jacob] The headlight blocks
a lot of the windshield view but, – [Nathan] Well, you
don’t need it ’cause it’s, this is a robot. – [Jacob] This robot
represents the intersection between American and Japanese cultures. – Yes.
– It’s a robot of peace. – [Nathan] This is a robot of peace. A lot of robots are robots of war, this is a robot of peace. – [Julia] Maybe he’s like the, instead of airdropping supplies to
civilians in hard hit areas, he walks in and hands out fries. – He hands out fries.
– And (mumbling) and you know? – [Nathan] Exactly, so this is… – [Jacob] And they’re like
Fry bot, we needed water. – This is
– We don’t… – [Julia] You wanted salty snacks. – [Jacob] Enjoy a snalty treat. – [Nathan] What did you say? Did you say snalty? – [Jacob] Don’t question me. – [Nathan] Don’t question Fry bot. – [Jacob] Don’t question Fry
Bot, enjoy a snalty treat, courtesy of me, Fry Bot. – [Julia] This is my one thing. I know snalty snacks when I see it. – [Jacob] He’s gone rogue. – [Nathan] So I’m gonna have
him sort of kneeling down to hand out the snacks. – [Julia] I mean, I
desperately need water. Snalty carbs. – [Jacob] Snalty carbs for you. Get those snalts. – [Nathan] What? – [Jacob] It’s part of
your daily intake of snalt. – [Julia] I’ve had so much snalt, please. Anything else. – [Jacob] You’re snalt
levels are dangerously low. – [Julia] Have some more snalt. – [Jacob] It’s not my
snalt levels, I’m bleeding. I need medical supplies. – [Nathan] So I’m just gonna… – [Julia] Patch it up with snalt. Shove some snalt in those wounds. God, it burns so bad! There’s so much salt in here. That’s what snalt is. – [Jacob] That means it’s working. – [Julia] That is the
magic, no pain, no gain. (chuckling) – [Jacob] He’s also
like, a no pain no gain, kinda-like gym rat type, huh? (laughing) – [Julia] Yeah. (laughing) – [Nathan] So I think, yeah,
I think it’s tummy’s like, or it’s chest cavity, hats like a heat, it’s got a heat lamp in
there because it’s just got – [Jacob] Oh, to keep
all the fries in them. – [Nathan] It’s gotta have
so many fries in there. – [Jacob] Yeah, sure. And kinda leans forward
and dumps them out. – [Nathan] Yeah, so they’re
just falling out I guess. I was gonna have it
sort of handing them out but you’re right, the way I have it. – I laugh she has like a little like glass pane in the front, you know? Like he rolls it off of, okay. – [Nathan] No this is better. – Okay.
– We’re just dumping out a bunch of – [Nathan] Just all these
fries just coming out. Special delivery, I’m
Onigiri, the Fry Bot. – [Jacob] Why’s your name Onigiri? – [Nathan] Because I also give out those. I also give out those just not right now. – [Julia] Only snalt. – [Nathan] Only snalt. – [Jacob] In the Pokemon Anime dub, O-nigiri are always called donuts. – [Nathan] Oh yeah, Brock’s
like, “who wants some donuts?” – [Jacob] who wants some donuts? I was just like, I just
always thought as a kid, I just thought that’s what
donuts looked like in Japan. I was just like, oh,
donuts look weird in Japan. As it turns out, those aren’t donuts. – [Nathan] They’re not donuts. – [Jacob] I don’t know why they
didn’t just say rice balls. – [Julia] Yeah, it’s really… – [Jacob] Did they think
we wouldn’t be able to figure that out? – [Nathan] Yeah, obviously. – [Julia] Hey, do you think it’s because of Onigiri, the snalt bot that you get just so
many fries at Five Guys, every time you get fries? Snalt, snalt, snalt, snalt. – [Jacob] Ongigeri demands it, more. – More, more, more.
– Onigiri, we filled up the whole container. What more do you want? “Fill up the bag.” – [Jacob] “Onigiri, you’ve done away with the concept of sizes. No matter what they get, you want us to fill the whole bag with fries.” – [Julia] “He asked for
a small cup of fries, give him like five.” – [Jacob] “Extra snalt.” – [Julia] “More snalt.” – [Nathan] More snalt. Okay, so I think,
obviously, one of it’s hands is a snalt shaker, so you
can get all that good snalt. – [Jacob] Well, it’s mandatory. – Yeah.
– Oh. – [Jacob] You have to get the snalt. – [Nathan] Okay, let’s… – [Jacob] Let’s figure
a better way to do that. – Yeah.
– Let’s make it not look bad. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] Let’s make it not look – [Jacob] Maybe, it’s like a snalt gun. – [Nathan] Oh like – [Jacob] With flavor blasts you’re fries. – [Nathan] No, I can draw a snalt shaker that doesn’t look – [Julia] You also don’t
need the shaker top bit. You can just have one of
those ones that you can turn and it has those different outputs of. – [Nathan] Yeah, you’re right. It’s just this. It’s just this. – [Jacob] And then put
some more dots in it. – [Nathan] Yeah, there you go. There we go, it’s like a diner. It’s like a diner snalt shaker. – [Both] Yeah. – [Nathan] There we go, there we fixed it. This just looks like a gun, now. It’s a snalt gun! – [Julia] It’s a snalt gun! – [Jacob] Don’t stand in
the way when he’s about to flavor blast those fries with snalt. – [Nathan] And then, yeah,
I guess he’s giving out Let’s make the shoulders the O-nigiri. Let’s get those in there. – [Jacob] Yeah, definitely. – [Nathan] Thank you guys for
know what those are called ’cause I would have
just said Pokemon donut. (laughing) – [Julia] I love Onigiri, it was basically my breakfast everyday while I was in Japan ’cause I was too lazy to go
make something for myself or find a place that
could properly feed me. – [Jacob] I was about
to say, why would you make something for yourself? You don’t have a kitchen. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] You’re in Japan. It’s not up to you to make the food. You eat the food. – [Julia] That’s a good point, that’s a good point.
– You eat the food. Onigiri, the snalt bot demands it, demands that you eat the food. – [Julia] This dude it
just the biggest enemy of slugs and witches alike. (laughing) – [Nathan] Do witches hate salt? – [Julia] Yeah, well, like salt circles. Isn’t that something that they do? – [Nathan] I’d keep (mumbles) – [Julia] To contain, well,
it’s to contain spirits or whatever. – [Jacob] Right. Right, so – [Julia] I am really good
at fries and Poltergeists… – And ants, and slugs.
– And ants. – [Nathan] Julia, I’m
sorry you’re gonna have to draw so many fries. – [Julia] Yeah you really cursed me here. That’s okay. I will say that when you got
your emojis, I had no ideas. You continued to draw
and I still had no ideas and I still have no ideas as to what I would personally draw for what you got. So good job.
– Yeah, you got a real rough
run a bit here, Nathan. But I think you’ve really come through – [Nathan] I’m giving it
some train track to sort of – [Jacob] A character
that makes a lot of sense. – [Nathan] The snalt bot, wait. You guys helped develop the snalt bot and it’s just gonna be
very tenderly giving out just a regular sized, I
guess, it’s still pretty big. It’s pretty big. – [Jacob] It’s pretty big, yeah. – [Nathan] It’s a pretty big just tenderly – [Julia] Can I just please
have like one vegetable, please? what is vegetable? Only snalt. – [Nathan] Snalt. – [Jacob] No one knows who
made the snalt bot also. – [Nathan] Yeah, it just showed up one day – [Jacob] And no one knows
how to get rid of it. – [Nathan] No fast food company
wants to take credit for it but they’re all happy that it exists. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s making
people eat a lot of fast food. – Yeah.
– By force. – [Julia] I was made to
either by or for Big Brands! (laughing) – [Nathan] Brands love snalt. – [Jacob] I think that he was, he would have been a good robot but whoever programmed him
misspelled salt in the code and it totally just
sent his brain haywire. His robo-brain. Snalt was the basis for this crazed robot. – [Julia] Snalt goes into,
or the O-nigiri robot goes into health classes
all across America and just sees that new food pyramid thing and he’s just like, where
on this graph is snalt? Should be entire pyramid of snalt. Where is snalt? Snalt please.
– I will construct a pyramid of snalt. It is my fortress of solitude. – He just buries.
– Snalitude. – Snalitude.
– Snalitude. He just
– No one snunderstands me. – Snunders, (chuckling) he just buries the school
in a pyramid of salt. – [Nathan] Children love it. – [Julia] Children love the snalt. – [Nathan] Children crave snalt. – [Julia] My tongue is
falling out of my mouth. It’s just so dry, please,
like any sort of liquid. Snalt water? – [Nathan] Snalt water. – [Julia] Snalt water. Walter? – [Nathan] Snalt Walter,
delivering snalt Walter. – [Julia] That’s his little friend bot that comes up to help. – [Nathan] Do I need to draw snalt Walter? – Yes, yes.
– no. – [Jacob] Absolutely you do. – [Nathan] Okay this is… – [Jacob] You know, very quickly but. – [Jacob] This is Snalt
Walter, he’s a little drone. – [Nathan] He’s little drone. – [Julia] He delivers salt water. – He
– Snalt water, snalt Walter.
– He delivers snalt Walter – [Julia] This entire episode, so far, has just been going off of
flubs and I’m here for it. Welcome to The Drawfee show. – [Jacob] Onigiri, the
snalt bot and Snalt Walter, his little friend are here to make sure no one is well hydrated ever again. – [Julia] The people complained that they were not well hydrated. Well, I have found solution, Snalt Walter. – [Nathan] Snalt Walter. – [Julia] Is this just filled
with, is this salt water? I’m losing my – [Nathan] I literally
just said Snalt Walter. – [Julia] My family is like
hallucinating from this. What are you doing? – [Nathan] Snalt Walter. He’s full of Snalt Walter. (laughing) – [Jacob] You heard it here first folks, Snalt Walter is full of snalt Walter. – [Julia] That’s his
catch phrase on posters. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] This is the emoji challenge, I did mine. Someone else go.
– You did yours. It’s the perfect, the perfect robot. A robot of peace. – [Nathan] Piece of potatoes. – [Jacob] Let me yeah, I’m Jacob and it’s time for me to draw. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] Let’s see what mamojis I get. My first emoji is Oh, it’s a ram, ooh. A dead face. (laughing) – Surprised dead face.
– No. – Surprised dead face.
– Surprise it’s ram. – Oh.
– And meat. Oh no. – [Jacob] Oh no, this tells a dark tale. (laughing) – [Nathan] The story about an adorable ram that got surprised and then became meat. A chicken, a drumstick, meat. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s
weird how that worked out. Okay, let’s consider some
options here I guess. – [Nathan] Are you, it’s like a meat. It’s either, either the
ram surprise kills people and turns them into meat
or it’s a ram of meat. – [Jacob] It’s a ram of meat. – [Julia] Or maybe it’s like a ram herder. – [Nathan] Oh yeah. It could just be like
a guy, like these are, you know, you don’t have to, ooh. – What if it’s?
– Sentences. – You don’t have to. – [Nathan] You can use the prompts. You can use the emojis as
like jumping off points too. Like mine. – [Julia] What if it’s
a dude with rams horns that sneaks up on people and clubs them with the big haunch of meat. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s fun. – [Jacob] No Julia, I
feel like you’re headed on a direction I’m liking here. – [Nathan] Yeah that’s fun. – [Jacob] I like a little
ram gremlin who sneaks up on you and hits you with meat. – [Nathan] Hits you with his meat. – [Jacob] Hits you with his big meat. – [Nathan] That’s great. He doesn’t
– Don’t say that please. – [Nathan] He hits you with his big meat. – [Jacob] That what he does. – [Nathan] That’s just what he does. You describe it better. – [Jacob] Yeah, you said it. – [Julia] I hate this. – [Nathan] Do you wanna go back to snalt? – [Julia] No. – [Nathan] Your meat does
not have enough snalt. – [Julia] Add more snalt. Keep well preserved. This is a dumpy jalapeno. – [Jacob] This is my new character, Dumpy Jalapeno. No he’s, this is how he comes in. – [Julia] Oh, okay. – [Nathan] He comes at ya. – [Jacob] This is how he sneaks
in and like he’s gonna be, you know, creeping. Creeping on, keeping on creeping on. – [Julia] Keep on creeping on. – [Nathan] He’s real thick. – [Julia] Yeah he’s thick. – [Nathan] He’s thick but he’s sneaky. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] That’s great. – [Jacob] Well, he has strong legs (laughing) – [Nathan] As you erase. – [Jacob] They’re not like
so strong, it’s more like that kind of like functional
strength, you know? – [Nathan] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] You know? – [Nathan] They’re not
toned but they could do some good kicks if they needed to. – [Jacob] Yeah, and he’s gonna
be like creeping in here. – [Nathan] A lot of good leg positions. – [Jacob] There you go. That’s a creeping leg. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] That’s a creeping foot. When you’re creeping, this is how you want your foot to be back there. – [Nathan] This is the Sheeper Creeper. – [Jacob] This is the Sheeper Creeper and he’s gonna come
hit you with some meat. I don’t know what his goal is. – [Nathan] I think he just
wants to hit you with his meat. (laughing) – [Julia] Don’t. – [Jacob] Well, if that’s his goal, then more power to him because
I think he’s achieving it. – [Nathan] You know, the snalt bot is what did, did we come up with a name for? – [Julia] I thought he was Onigiri bot. – [Jacob] Onigiri the Snalt Bot. – [Nathan] Onigiri the
Snalt Bot, excuse me, wants to give out food. This, the Sheeper Creeper just wants to hit you with his food. – [Jacob] Yeah, yeah, that’s
kinda what he’s about. – [Nathan] They’re sort
of like, they’re not diametrically opposed but they represent two opposing views of how
to force food upon people. – [Jacob] Yeah and it’s
one of those things where I think the Sheeper Creeper is more of like an urban legend figure. – [Nathan] Uh-huh. – [Jacob] Where it’s like,
“I was out in the fields and next thing I knew, I was
waking up with a headache and meat juice all over my head. – [Nathan] Yeah, just
delicious salty juice. – [Jacob] Nothing was stolen. I don’t know what, I don’t know why. I guess what I’m trying to ask is, why? Why did this happen to me? – [Nathan] There’s no way to describe meat without sounding gross. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah. – [Nathan] Delicious salty juice was a bad combination of words. – [Julia] It certainly was. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s
not my favorite combo. – [Nathan] But that’s what’s on meat. That’s what’s on meat. – [Jacob] That’s what’s on meat. If a meat is cooked good. – [Julia] That’s what’s
on meat and that’s what, that’s on me. – [Jacob] That’s what will be on you when the Sheeper Creeper finds you. – [Julia] No. – [Jacob] And hits you with his big meat. – [Julia] No, I hate this. (snickering) – [Nathan] I think everybody
watching it does too. – [Jacob] Well, we won’t
know that for a while. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s gonna
be one of those things where we send this episode to be ingested – [Jacob] by the content machine. – [Nathan] by the content machine and then it comes out one day and we’re just gonna be inundated with Tweets like, “why
have you done this?” – [Jacob] Yeah, if you
were gonna be tweeting at us being like Walter
Snalter, and I’d be like, “what the fuck are you talking about?” Snalt Walter.
– Snalt Walter. – [Jacob] People are just
gonna treat the word, treat? People are just gonna treat me to a tweet with the word Snalt Walter in it and I’m not gonna know
what the fuck is going on. – [Julia] Snalt Walter. – [Nathan] I love Snalt Walter. – [Jacob] Okay, I wanna get like a head. – [Nathan] Snalt Walter is the
only good thing we’ve done. – [Jacob] Ever? – [Nathan] Today. – [Jacob] Maybe ever. (chuckling) Let’s get that down there. – [Julia] Aw, he’s got a tiny head. – [Jacob] Yeah, I want him
to have like a little head. – Aw, man.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] And I want him to be… – [Nathan] I’m so
interested to know how big this while creature is in relation to… Is that to scale? Is that a regular sized
chicken leg he’s got? – [Jacob] Unclear, okay. – [Julia] Is it like a monster? – [Nathan] Yeah I don’t know, I need to know how big this creature is. – [Julia] His arms would touch the ground. – [Nathan] I need to know how
big this creature is Jacob. – [Jacob] You need to know? – [Nathan] I need to know right now. I’m scared. – [Jacob] Well I mean if you… No one knows, is, I guess
what I’m getting at here. – [Nathan] You gotta curl those horns or else you’re gonna get a buffalo. – [Jacob] Oh my god. – [Julia] Curl them horns. – [Jacob] You’re right,
you’re right, I’m sorry. – [Nathan] You didn’t get a
buffalo emoji, you got a sheep. You got a ram, you got a rambus. – [Jacob] I gotta figure out how to make this the hair do that I wanted to do. – [Nathan] You think Wooloo’s gonna evolve into a beautiful rambus? – [Jacob] I think Wooloo is gonna evolve into the Sheeper Creeper. – [Nathan] This is our prediction
for Wooloo’s evolved form. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s not… – [Nathan] By the time
this episode comes out, there’s a decent chance it will
already have been revealed. – [Julia] Imagine your
Pokemon is the cutest most adorable thing and then
it evolves into a human man. – [Jacob] You imagine that. That’s what you draw every Pokemon as. – [Julia] Yeah but I never start them off. – [Jacob] That’s clearly all,
that’s all that you imagine. – [Julia] Yeah, I think
that would be very funny. – [Jacob] Okay, curved – [Nathan] Curved horns. – [Jacob] Curved horns. How do you do one from this perspective? – [Nathan] You got it. – You got it.
– Yeah like that. And then bring it up, yeah. Ooh
– Ooh. – [Nathan] That’s fun. – [Julia] Some rolling back action, yeah. – [Jacob] So we’re going with
full curves, full twists. A full chameleon twist. – [Nathan] This is like
what the lich turns into after he gets the stuff happens to him and he becomes sweet pea. – [Jacob] Do you intend to say anything that I recognize or – [Julia] What is, what
are you talking about? – [Jacob] is it just
all words I don’t know? – [Nathan] In Adventure Time. – Oh.
– Adventure Time. – [Nathan] This looks
like Sweet pea, kind of. – I don’t know.
– It’s reminding me of Sweet pea. It’s no longer reminding me of Sweet pea. – [Julia] Well, he’s got
one of those goat eyes. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s got a goat eye. A goat eye and a strong
brow and a sausagey nose. – [Nathan] Oh, more meat. So it’s real Muppety. So what does the Sheeper Creeper want? – [Julia] We don’t know. – [Jacob] Nathan that’s
what, I literally said this. No one knows, that’s the problem. That’s why the Sheeper Creeper is so scary ’cause we can’t comprehend its motives. – [Nathan] I wanna know , though. – [Jacob] I wanna know too,
everyone wants to know. – [Nathan] Do we know
where the Sheeper Creeper likes to hang out at least? Like are there certain
terrains that we can? – [Julia] Fields? – [Nathan] Fields. – [Julia] Rocky fields. – [Nathan] Rocky fields. – [Julia] The sides of cliffs. – [Nathan] Okay, so I’ll avoid those. Oh, why is he, now why is that? Why have you made this decision? – [Jacob] Well this,
when Sheeper Creeper’s creeping up on you, it requires a lot of energy to remain this still and silent. – [Nathan] So, okay. – [Jacob] So it’s sweating, it’s nervous. What if this is the time
Sheeper Creeper gets caught doing whatever they’re doing? – [Nathan] Hitting you with… – [Jacob] Definitely
hitting you with meat. That’s the one thing we know for sure. – [Nathan] I still wanna know
how big Sheeper Creeper is. – [Jacob] Big enough to get the job done. – [Julia] Is Sheeper Creeper clothed? Okay. – [Nathan] Well, let’s see. – [Jacob] I want like
a furry sort of bracer or like a wrist band is what I’m thinking. – [Nathan] Sure. – [Jacob] I’m going through
the character design process, okay.
– Yeah, no, we’re getting it. This is good.
– Do you understand, Nathan? – [Nathan] I’m just, I’m just terrified. I thought the thing I
made was pretty scary but – [Julia] Did you ask for snalt? – [Nathan] You see it coming at least. You can get away. You can try and get away. You never even know
when the Sheeper Creeper is gonna be upon you. – [Jacob] No, the only way to know is if you’ve woken up covered in meat juice with a headache and then that an evidence that
Sheeper Creeper was there. – [Nathan] Yeah, the
Sheeper Creeper got you and maybe it’s just
for the Sheeper Creeper it’s just like the thrill. – It’s like
– It’s the joy of the hunt. – [Nathan] Where the cows
and it’s just out there there’s like a whole
society of Sheeper creepers and they like to go around doing this as sort of a youth activity. – [Jacob] Could be. – [Nathan] We don’t know, we don’t know. – [Jacob] We don’t know. – [Nathan] We don’t know,
we have limited information. – [Jacob] We’re just working
with what we’ve got here. – [Nathan] We’re working
with what we’ve got. – [Jacob] And it’s not
much and it’s not enough. – [Jacob] And it does
have a big diaper of fur. – [Julia] Of wool, fur? – [Jacob] Yeah, like a lamb’s tail. – [Julia] I wanna see
this guy making this face on the side of a mountain
like he spotted him and he does – [Jacob] He’s frozen? – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia] One of them ram
jumps like up the side of a cliff but he’s
still making this face. – Oh, he’s gonna have hoofies. – Hooves.
– Hoofies. – [Jacob] I think definitely hooves. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Jacob, this is a good drawing. – [Jacob] Thank you, Nathan. This is the Sheeper Creeper. – [Nathan] This is the Sheeper Creeper. Oh, he’s git a little pit stain. Oh no.
– A little armpit hair. – [Nathan] Oh okay. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s
just a little more hair – [Nathan] to soak up. – [Jacob] Yeah, I mean it’s
fur has developed in such a way as to basically be sweat bands for it. – Yeah, I wanna kind of obscure So we’re not sure of human ears. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Could be. – [Nathan] Could be, we don’t know. – [Jacob] Could be, we don’t know. Definitely rams horns. – [Nathan] And we’re not gonna
get a person from scale here. It’s gonna remain a mystery. – [Jacob] It’s gonna
remain a mystery, yeah. No one has spotted one yet. This is an artists depiction
of what it might look like, based on the evidence we have but
– I love it. – [Jacob] no one knows for sure. – [Nathan] I love it and hate it both. – [Jacob] This is the Sheeper creeper. – [Nathan] This is the Sheeper creeper. – Julia.
– Me time. – [Jacob] What if you draw? – [Julia] Yeah. Y’all, I’m excited to get three trains. – [Jacob] The triple train challenge. – [Julia] The triple train challenge. Love drawing trains. – [Jacob] Do you dare take it on? – [Julia] All right, let’s roll. Mouse.
– mouse. Oh scared, scared of mouse. (laughing) – [Nathan] Fishing, gone fishing. – [Jacob] I’m scared when
the mouse is fishing. – [Nathan] I’m scared to catch
a mouse when I’m fishing. – [Jacob] I’m scared of the mouse fish that lurks in the bottom of the sea. – [Nathan] Maybe the mouse
is scared to go fishing. Did we say that one already? – [Jacob] We’ve not said that one. – [Julia] I think he’s gonna
be a scared mouse fisherman. – [Jacob] So it’s a person
who fishes for mice. – [Julia] No, it’s gonna be a mouse. – [Nathan] No, this is
a mouse that has a job as a fisherman but they don’t like it. – [Jacob] Okay, I see. – [Nathan] They have to go out. It’s basically, it’s the
plot of a perfect storm but it’s a mouse. – [Jacob] It’s a mouse and they’re just in like a little puddle. Anything gets a big ocean
’cause they’re so tiny. – [Nathan] You don’t know
if there’s like a mouse cracking in there. – [Jacob] They’re itty bitty. They don’t know. – [Nathan] They don’t know. – [Jacob] Maybe this is the
world’s first mouse fisherman. – [Nathan] Oh, so they’re
scared of the societal pressure to do a good job because
they’re representing all mice in this field? – [Jacob] Yeah, trying to bring mice into a new era of food gathering. – [Nathan] That’s a lot of
pressure to put on anyone. – [Jacob] You know, becoming a fisherman, they said it couldn’t be done. – [Nathan] It couldn’t be done. – [Jacob] Most fish are
much larger than mice. (laughing) And so it seems reckless. – [Nathan] Yeah, it seems reckless. It seems like a bad, it
seems inefficient for sure. – [Jacob] Yeah if almost any fish bites on that line, you’re getting pulled in. – [Nathan] They call
him the Inner Fisherman. – [Jacob] The Inner Fisherman. – [Nathan] And he hates joke, he hates that joke. – [Jacob] It’s not funny. – [Nathan] It’s not funny at all. – [Jacob] But he is scared. – [Nathan] And the mouse is just like, I’m just following, I’m
just following my passion. – [Jacob] Maybe scared
but determined, you know? Scared but determined,
like I know I can do it but if I fail, – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] This is the
only sympathetic character we’ve gotten to do. – [Nathan] I think the Sheeper Creeper. – [Jacob] We don’t know. Could be,
– I think, yeah. – [Jacob] Maybe they have a good reason. – [Nathan] I mean if
you identify with either the Sheeper Creeper or Onigiri,
the Snalt Bot, that’s cool. But I think, I think this mouse this mouse is definitely hashtag relatable. – [Jacob] Sure, I mean
everyone knows something about, – [Nathan] everybody has had
to deal with the pressure of adult-ing.
– Yeah, family, Society, – Jobs.
– Doing something that society doesn’t want you to do. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] And it’s like, but
I’ve gotta be true to myself and that’s being a
fisherman, a fisher-mouse. – [Nathan] A fisher mouse. – [Jacob] This is
Clause, the Fisher-mouse. – [Nathan] Clause the fisher-mouse. Julia, re you okay with this
mouse being named Clause? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Okay, thank you. – [Julia] I like it. – [Nathan] Clause is the name
of the fish in American Dad. Just in case anyone was wondering. – [Jacob] I was really curious about that. I just thought I’d, it was weird because I was like, for some reason, I really wanna know what the fish from American Dad’s name is right now. and like I didn’t know what is was. – [Nathan] It wasn’t,
that’s what (laughing) It’s not, oh I wonder
what other characters are named Clause since we just named – [Jacob] No I just thought
that’s a crazy coincidence. – [Nathan] That’s a crazy coincidence that that just popped into your head. – [Jacob] So it’s like
what if this is related to something we’ve been talking about? Wouldn’t that be crazy? And then it was. It’s a wild show. The things you get here on this show. (laughing) I’m getting Kermit vibes from these legs. (laughing) – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I also don’t know how I feel about Clause’s very human chest. (laughing) – [Nathan] This is, you need to have a strong chest for fishing. – [Jacob] It doesn’t
look strong to be clear. – It does
– It just looks like a human chest and stomach. – [Nathan] Humans have
the strongest chests of the animal kingdom. – [Jacob] Is that true? – [Nathan] I don’t, probably not. (laughing) – [Nathan] Rarely, what
I say is true or correct. – [Jacob] I would imagine gorillas probably have pretty strong chests. – [Nathan] You would think so but their strength, it
all comes from the groin. – [Jacob] Theirs comes from the groin? – [Nathan] Yeah the chest is more for show but if you actually look at
how a gorilla does stuff, it’s all of that power – It’s groin power.
– It’s groin power. It’s really straining
that groin, the glutes. – [Jacob] Well, see here’s a real fact. – [Nathan] Uh huh? – [Jacob] Humans have the
largest genitals compared to their body size of any animal. – [Julia] Is that true? – [Jacob] I think that is true. (laughing) – [Jacob] I think I’ve
seen that somewhere. (laughing)
– I wish. – [Jacob] It’s definitely,
humans have the largest genitals. – [Nathan] That pregnant pause you took. – [Jacob] Yeah, (laughing) It’s definitely compared to gorillas. – [Nathan] Compared to gorillas – [Jacob] They have very small genitals and they’re very large.
– I see. – [Jacob] And we’re much smaller and then we just got big old genitals. – [Nathan] And then horses,
they’ve got big genitals but they’re also
– They’re also really big. – So,
– I think I’m right. I think I’m right on this one. – [Nathan] Okay, so humans (laughing) you heard it here. (chuckling) Humans have the biggest
genitals so get off my case about it.
– Get off my damn case, dad. – [Nathan] It’s still
pretty, it’s you know, it’s not about the size. It’s about what you do with it. – [Jacob] It’s about
humans are number one. – [Nathan] It’s about
humans are number one. (laughing) about how big the
genitals on the sheeper creeper (laughing) We don’t know. – [Jacob] No, we know that
sheeper creeper’s got big meat. – [Nathan] We know that it’s got big meat and we know it’s got a
big sort of wool diapie. – [Jacob] Yeah, but what’s in there? That could be anything. – [Nathan] The look on Julia’s face. She’s just trying to draw this good mouse. – [Jacob] This bad mouse on a bean bag. Chair, fishing, I guess. – [Nathan] Is that his fishing gear? – That’s like his
– bag. – [Julia] No, that’s, his
sitting on a marshmallow. – Oh, Julia.
– Oh. That’s really cute. – [Nathan] That’s really cute. – [Julia] I’m trying to
figure out why his scared. Is he scared because the
fish he’s trying to catch is big or because there’s
some high stakes or? – I think we discussed his
– We offered you, we offered you some options but yeah, I think we possibly, the societal pressure being the first mouse fisherman. It could just be he’s scared of fish. – [Jacob] I mean, we said
both things, you know. It’s like if he fails, his his – [Julia] How do you want me
to draw existential crisis? – You’ve done
– He’s looking like he’s having one.
– You’ve done it. I thought you captured
that perfectly in the face. – [Jacob] I thought he was gonna
set a scene of him fishing. – [Nathan] But if you wanna
also put a big scary fish in there, I wouldn’t be opposed. – [Jacob] Yeah, I mean, you
can do whatever you want. – [Nathan] But if you just wanna make it just a nice scenic.
– Sort of a thoughtful drawing.
– Yeah, I don’t, I’m always excited to see
the direction you take these these drawings in Julia,
’cause they always look real nice, real atmospheric. They convey big mood. – Big
– The fact that he’s sitting on a
marshmallow is just the best. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s already
just a treat and a half. – [Nathan] That’s really good. – [Jacob] I think the
detailing on his boots is what we really need. – [Nathan] Yeah. (chuckling) – [Julia] I’m stalling for time. Originally, my plan was a big scary fish. – Then,
– Then do that. – Then do that. I wanna see a big scary Julia fish. I think we all do. – [Julia] Okay, okay. – [Jacob] Is he fishing
in like a swimming pool? – [Jacob] Is my favorite part
of any Julia drawing where she just stops responding. (laughing) – [Nathan] She’s focused. – [Jacob] And all you
really get are just like little whispers of
– Yeah, – [Jacob] Of what she’s doing. – [Nathan] I, it’s it’s the process. We know, we know that
this is to be expected. And I, we turn into sort of commentators. And we’re just sort of offering offering our best guess. – [Jacob] Our best wisdom. – [Nathan] At what we’re getting. – Yeah.
– Is it? Or maybe it’s like this
– Is that a book? – [Nathan] It may be like
the sight of a sink, perhaps. – [Julia] I think what
he’s doing is that he’s fishing in the, like maybe he’s a pet. – [Nathan] Oh, this is
the, this is the aquarium. – [Julia] Yeah, maybe
this is like the fish tank that the family has. – [Both] Oh. – [Jacob] Oh, look at this. Now, we’re into some business. – [Julia] Because maybe – [Nathan] This will little
whole book marshmallow seat that its on is so delightful – [Jacob] Yeah and he has
this whole look on his face like, am I just being an idiot? – [Nathan] I getting, I’m getting
some real borrowers vibes. – [Jacob] Is this stupid? Was my dad right? – [Julia] Should I not be a fisherman? – [Nathan] Should I not be trying this? – [Julia] He has some big stitching. – Oh yeah, he’s gotta be.
– This was like one of the chapters in Stuart
Little that they did not include in the movie adaptation. Like, and then Stuart Little
just went and tried fishing in the family fish tank and
no one really understood why he was doing it. He didn’t look like he
was enjoying himself. – [Jacob] No, he looked
miserable and he came back and he never talked about it again. – [Nathan] He was oddly quiet about it. – [Jacob] Yeah. I think he reached some
sort of conclusions about himself there in that fish tank. – [Nathan] Bloop! – [Jacob] Oh, that’s a fun little fish. Little gold fish. – [Nathan] Ooh, that
fish isn’t scary at all. – [Julia] Yeah, I decided to
keep the existential crisis angle, I think, because
there’s not enough room to draw a big monster fish. – [Jacob] I like the existential crisis – [Nathan] And I like this
fish you’ve drawn also. ‘Cause it looks like now but
he’s looking down at the fish he’s about to catch and
being like, this is stupid. This is dumb. – [Nathan] This is dumb. I don’t know – [Jacob] I don’t know what
I though was gonna happen. – [Nathan] I was, I think I
was just mad about other stuff and I stormed out and I said some things. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] And I should just
go apologize and go back to being a regular mouse. – [Jacob] Looks like the
fish has a mustache now. (laughing) – [Julia] A little bit. (laughing) Which would be – [Nathan] The fish is missing the hook. It’s gone for the – [Julia] Maybe he’s just looking. – [Nathan] Oh, and got a wormy? – [Julia] Yeah. (laughing) Let’s not put a face on the worm. (laughing) – [Jacob] Worms aren’t
people but mice are. – [Nathan] Mice are, fish, maybe. Worms, definitely no. – [Jacob] Yeah, worm definitely no. – [Nathan] This is where we draw the line. – [Jacob] Worms poop out of both ends. And they eat on both ends. – [Nathan] Is that true? – [Julia] This has been
animal facts with Drawfree. – [Nathan] We really have all
sorts of good animal facts coming at you. – We definitely
– That may or may not be true. – [Jacob] We’ve said a
lot of things, though. I think that there’s one thing people – [Nathan] Humans have
the biggest genitals. – [Jacob] Humans have
the biggest genitals. Worms both eat and poop out of both ends. (snickering) And fish are not people but mice are. – [Nathan] Worms eat and
poop out of both ends sounds like something
someone in elementary school would tell me. (laughing) Like, did you know worms poop in poop (mumbling) both ends? Also, my uncle worked for Nintendo and Sonic’s gonna be in Smash. – [Jacob] They were right. They were right, dude. – [Nathan] Sonic wasn’t in melee though. – [Jacob] But eventually. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] Maybe they’re uncle
was way ahead of the curve. – [Nathan] Sonic’s unlockable in melee. – [Jacob] I remember that, that one. – [Nathan] You had to be
like the insane Smash mode or something. I definitely tried to do it. It was too hard and I got real mad. – [Jacob] Your like,
I’ll never get Sonic now. – [Nathan] Yeah, and tails. They said Tails as well. – [Jacob] Yeah. Tails isn’t in Smash. – [Nathan] No. – Anyway
– When are we getting Tails and Smash? – [Julia] Hey Nintendo? When are getting Tails and Smash? – [Jacob] Hey Sakurai, when are we getting Clause
the fisher mouse in Smash? – [Nathan] When are we
getting Claus the fisher mouse in Smash? – [Jacob] I think it’s
what the people want. – [Nathan] That’s what I want. I don’t want him in Smash. I just want him to be happy. – [Jacob] I wanna make
a Drawfee Smash game with just Drawfee characters. – I want him to figure out.
– I think he needs like a little bucket hat. – Yeah.
– It couldn’t hurt. – [Nathan] I was waiting
for you to add that. I didn’t wanna, I didn’t
wanna call you out, but yeah. – [Jacob] I thought you were a
fake fisher fan for a second. And now I know you’re true blue, baby. (laughing) This is a great drawing, Julia. – [Julia] Is it? – Yes.
– It’s really good. It’s really really nice. – [Jacob] It’s a delight. He’s it’s so dark in the house. – [Julia] Well, it’s night time. You gotta sneak out of his crate. – [Nathan] Doing some night fishing. – [Jacob] Well, those are our characters. Those are our emoji characters. This is really fun challenge. Definitely encourage
people to do it themselves. Send us your versions of this. I always love it when we
do a challenge like this and then a bunch of
other, a bunch of people tweet us their own drawings. – [Nathan] It’s a delight. – [Jacob] It’s a delight,
it makes me happy. – [Nathan] Thanks for watching. Check us out on Twitch. We’re streaming on
Friday’s and Monday’s now. Friday’s at the regular
time, three to five. – PM Eastern Standard Time.
– PM Eastern Standard Time. And Mondays seven to nine
PM Easter Standard Time. – [Jacob] PM Eastern Standard Time. – [Nathan] So, good stuff on there. – [Jacob] Get at us. – [Nathan] Get at us. Subscribe. Check out Dropout. – [Julia] Follow us on Twitter. – [Nathan] We’re sorry. – [Jacob] Sorry. – [Julia] Sorry. – [Jacob] We’re snorry. – [Nathan] Snorry.

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