Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of RossDraws and it’s officially December! Well December in LA is like, a hundred
degrees, so. Kind of like December. We have a really cool character design
episode today, we’ll be creating a brand new character for the channel! Frozen 2
just came out and Elsa just looks so cool freezing everything and there’s so
many great Disney Princesses, so why not we create a brand new princess for the
channel that really embodies what we’re all about. Maybe it’s just easier if we
turn Milo into a princess. Without further ado, let’s do it. These were some of the ideations for Faye, who’s a secondary main character in Nima’s story So we’ll be using this template again to design our
princess! Now we could do whatever we want. By the way, this template is free on
my website for anyone that wants to use it. You know, since I already have a
pretty clear idea about what she looks like, I’m gonna delete one. So when you design your own character you have two
routes, you know. Visual or story. And for me, I’m more of a visual person. Faye, that started as visual, I had a sketch of her and then I created a story around her.
Some people start with the story, they have a brief, and then they create a
character. For this princess we’ll do a little of both! So I thought of some
keywords that could help us design this character. My channel is all about
positivity, happiness, color dodge, and supporting role: Milo! For visual
inspiration, we have BLOOM! Bloom is the covergirl from our recent book that just
came out, let’s kind of uh sprinkle it in her character! In my recent episode I designed a color
dodge emblem, and maybe we can kind of uh- instill this on the earrings! Oooooo, nice! And then
I’m gonna repeat the shape and give her kind of like a shard-y crown. And since Bloom has kind of a salmon eye color pop, we’re gonna put this in our design as well. Oooohoohoo! Looks sweet! And I think uh, she’s gonna
have some color dodge powers on her arm. And now let’s add a spirit wolf for Milo! [HOWLING] I don’t really know how to draw wolves
so I’ll find reference to this later haha. Her whole palette is very cool, you know, I
love cyans and teals and then we have a pop of like, the salmon pink eyeliner,
there’s color dodge accents with the earrings, with the crown.. For fun let’s
try a new direction and see where that takes us. This one has more of a Nima vibe, this
one is kind of like a Faye vibe. What I think I did successfully here, is create
the essence for the character. And so when you do a costume change the essence
will still remain the same, it’s like Pikachu! Yeah, you can put like the cap
on Pikachu or a Santa hat, but Pikachu remains the same. Now since we have our
concept art thumbnail, let’s create a really beautiful character illustration and
bring her to life. Hey guys! Welcome back and here’s the
progress, and I thought of the perfect name for her. Give me one second, I’m
gonna shade this real quick- I made her hair a little bit more blue
because blue is a color of trust. While I was painting, I was thinking of her
backstory — I wanted her to really represent what my channel is about. She
loves helping people, she loves spreading happiness and joy and color dodge, and so
her name is Miracle! [GASP] Miracle! Yes, her name is Miracle because she loves creating
miracles for people and I think that’s such a beautiful name that fits her
exactly, and so everyone welcome Miracle! And whenever you guys are sad, just
remember that miracle is here to save the day. But there’s a lot to do so I’m
just going to work on it and I’ll check back soon. Yo, Miracle! It’s color dodge time! Here
we go- Oooohoohoohoo! [GASP] Miracle?! Miracle spark! Miracle arrow! Milo! Swipe! Alright, here we go buddy! Miracle beam! And now the ultimate! Color dodge. Hey guys, welcome back and I hope you
enjoyed the reveal of my new OC Miracle! We’ve built a family here and I wanted
to create a princess that really embodied the spirit and essence of my
channel. Miracle embodies everything that my channel is about: happiness and
joy, helping people, and color dodge! Let’s give a proper warm welcome to Miracle!
Princess of the Color Dodge Kingdom, [APPLAUSE] There’s
an epic holiday event happening right now, we reopened our store for Christmas
where Milo is Santa Claus this year! Yay! And then the free mystery print in every
single order. Milo made a whole bunch of new merch, including a new pin: the
Snuggles pin! A whole bunch of new art and deals, so please check it out at: rossdraws.com/XMAS. And if you’re interested in bonus content and video
demos, it’s my entire process on how I brought Miracle to life, please check out
my Patreon! And if you want to win a book or a print, this video’s question is: if
you could create your very own princess, who would she be? Oohoohoo! Like a fire
princess, an ice princess, maybe you love to eat so you create a princess that
loves to eat! Let me know in the comments below, and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. And
the annual Christmas video with my mom is coming up, you guys look forward to
this every single year so don’t forget to subscribe and remember, every day is a color
dodge day!

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  1. Everyone welcome our the Original Character for our Channel! I wanted to create a character that embodies everything that my channel is about, Happiness, Positivity, Color Dodge and Milo! Hope you enjoy our Princess Color Dodge 💠✨

    Whenever you’re feeling down, just remember that she’s here for you 💙

    🎁 We’re having an EPIC HOLIDAY SALE! 🎁

  2. I love the sakura tree and spring. So I think my Princess would be a kind and cheerful princess with pink hair and has the powers to make plants grow 😊🌸

  3. I would make a kirby princess because im unoriginal. Just put that mario crown on kirby and she will be the best thing everrr

  4. If I get to create a princess, she would have this magic to make people fall asleep every time she sings and she’ll have a bird companion

  5. if i could create my own princess, i would want her to be able to summon cats and and have all cats in the world under her command. she could command a cat army, as well as take in any abandoned/street cats and use them for a good purpose like therapy! that would be amazing.

  6. I would make a princess of relaxation, tea and loose doodles. She would be pastel yellow and very calm, like Luna Lovegood.

  7. You know it would be really cool if you got some voices for your characters- I really love their designs and a voice would be cool :0

  8. If I were to make a princess, she would be a dark princess, absorbing all the negativity in her kingdom. This, however, would cause her to constantly be suffering for the sake of her people.

  9. I would make a moon princess with light powers named Luna. She would have a spirit wolf too. Thanks again for the video Ross!

  10. I love your tutorial and the Question you ask at the end of it, so here is the answer for the question you asked in this video.
    "I would create a Elven Princess, she have a kind Heart and have the power to rid of Negative thoughts"

  11. Hey have you contributed to the Likee app? They used your drawings to promote it.

    Making it look as if the app can transform photos in to drawings.

    The add I saw was pretty shameless.

  12. If i could make my own princess!
    Her name would be Harmony!!

    Because i love music somuch and thats why thats her name

  13. Thankyou Mr. Ross Draw for shareing tutorial

    Princess what will i make: princess who has super strength endurance that protects and helps people, her character is closer to the shield, with a strong shield with sharp edges that are as sharp as swords and armor that are light but strong, and short hair.. Aww thats cute.

  14. Ross, this is so beautiful it made me tear up!! Never give up on drawing and making people happy!! I want you a lot of success in life because you really deserve it!! Keep us proud as always!!💞💞

  15. If I would make a heroine princess that’ll help other people and the world from poverty and climate change and animal extinction lol and maybe i’ll call her Soleil which is light in French bcuz she’ll be the light for all.

  16. I wood paint a princess which is one with the nature, she is most time lonely, but there are many animals which loves her. She is the princess of nature and her name would be Volia

  17. Amazing art as usual. ❤ if I could create a prinsess it would have to be a galaxy princess who loves mini little fluffy monsters. That snuggle when your down and brings your spirits up.

  18. I guess we really needed an original princess with such good vibes for the channel! Thank you Ross, it's fantastic!

    Edit : if I could create a princess, I would draw a princess with some kind of magical star/moon dust that would make dreams come true. She would be like the embodiment of determination and courage. As Miracle, her goal would be to bring happiness and avoid negative thoughts and insecurities.

    I would call her Dawn, as the dawn is the moment which separates night and day. It's only in the obscurity of the night that we can clearly see the stars and our dreams. So, when the day comes, the frail light of these stars becomes a full and strong sunlight that represents our dreams achieved. And that's Dawn who made them come true. 😊

    Forgive me if I did any mistakes in English pls I hope that what I wrote was clear and understandable though !

  19. My princess will be princess of zodiacs her name will be Sign she has a lot of personality she's very funny kind loving very powerful the words and Magic

  20. I would really go for an intergalactic princess, she has a body that is made from constellations, she doesnt have a tangible body because she's made from light. However she can be tainted by darkness if her emotional and mental state becomes weak with problems she might encounter some further more into the story ifireallymakeitintoastory 😆

  21. I want Disney to make a prince that goes through the same thing Disney princesses do, ie evil step mom, magical body part, trauma and the rest

    Answer: my princess would be married in and not born into royalty, and she would be in this elementalist-like world where royalty is the only non-elementalists, like a human (thus having clear judgement and no biases) and she would be the “last” wind elementalists who came from earth as this elementalist world is another dimension 😀 and yes she will go through a lot of trauma and everyone who knew her on earth would forget her even her parents but it would all be resolved in the end. Can you tell I have thought about this story for more than a year? I don’t expect to win though there’s a lot of comments hi random person seeing this

  22. I just really love the way you do your art with such entertainment, it really brings joy to me so thank you for doing what you love and being you! For my princess she would be a person that doesn't let labels project what she wants to be or who she is, a princess of equality. She lives in a world where everyone can love and be free from negative possibilities

  23. If i would be a princess theeenn i would have the power of loveee💕💖❤️💖💖💖 and bring people together and give love to those who need it

  24. A star princess her name is beaty but her personal will be kinda crazy and want to have fun everytime she's always smile and shine like a star in the darkest night

  25. If I could create my very own Princess…
    her power would be to turn invisible and her adorable animal sidekick would be a black fox. Her name would be Nyx, after the Greek goddess.

  26. wow so cool plz can u make sorta tutorial on skin painting ? i have some issues for skin paint it might help me if u explain bit detail plz

  27. Can u do a… drawing… about the song “porcelain face”.
    It’s about a manga where there’s a boy, who is scary, so he talks to the girl he fell in love with a copy where he drawed a smiley face.

  28. I would create a kind of Dragon-Princess, like a shapeshifter so she could turn into a dragon! I think it would be cool if she also had some dragon-ish features like scales or something in her "human form"

  29. 💙💎💙 I am designing a princess 👸 named diamond 💎 because it’s beautiful it shines and just is expensive to have as if happiness is expensive to have these days

  30. Ross ,I'm sorry but I think you should be aware. I just saw a Likee commercial where there were photos of you and the drawings you made of yourself. Is that stealing art or do they have your permission?

  31. I wish she is a princess with angel power with white hair mixed with light blue at the bottom and also with wings

  32. Im in the mood to create a Christmas princess. She would come out of her castle every december and spread the christmas spirit around the world. When Christmas is over she goes back in the castle to prepare and recharge for next year.

  33. Im in the mood to create a Christmas princess. She would come out of her castle every december and spread the christmas spirit around the world. When Christmas is over she goes back in the castle to prepare and recharge for next year.

  34. Nice video! And a nice dog.. hehe… If I will create a princess, that princess would be princess of harmony. Thanks for this video!!! Both inspiring and entertaining!!!

  35. I would like to create water princess because water gives life and i love the tosca – blue tone of the water 😁😁😁

  36. Seriously her name is really a miracle like what it is(。・ω・。)ノ♡
    She is so beautiful too, urghhh my heart (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و♡♡♡
    If I had a chance to create my own princess, she would be the princess of the plants. She would have a power to destroy all the trash and turn it into trees and provides oxygen to the world
    Better life and happier princess⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾

    YOUR THE BEST 😙💐😊🐕🍆🍑✨

  38. Princess Miracle is truly a miracle. She's so beautiful
    My Princess will be Princess of the Stars. I think she will be able to create her own constellation and make her people happy.

  39. This video made me cry. I am really thankful to be a part of this community and Miracle looks great! If i was to create a princess she would be the Princess of Love! Her closest friends and husband are always there for her and a smile alone can brighten up the entire kingdom! Have a good day! 😀

  40. Answer: A princess that loves spending time with her people, no matter who they are. Dancing with them and helping them in their homes. Loves studying /practicing what normal folk does and reciprocates them with various gifts. Her unique trait is spreading her willpower to others so that they can pursue their dreams. To use her power though she needs to befriend a person and make them believe she has such a power.

  41. My princess would be black and smart and have weaknesses that make her humain ❤️ Also she would be a water princess 👸🏾

  42. My princess would be more of a tomboy who loves to spray paint and dance. She would live on a dystopian planet where she would encourage people to have fun and let loose while also providing food and shelter for them.

  43. Answer:

    Maybe… Princess Leiya. "sá sem ræður yfir hafinu" means the one who controls the ocean (in the Icelandic language). Oh! Her hair is mostly black but with white, blue, green, and red stripes… White means light or surface, blue means the ocean, green means the flora, red means the fauna, and black means the depths of the ocean or the darkness of the ocean. I was soo inspired by you and Norse mythology and thought "I have an idea for a unique princess and I'm going to keep adding more to it".

  44. I'm floored how dope thus turned out, that honestly looks so epic Ross!

    If I had to create a princess of any kind, I would choose a more fighting/warrior princess. One that goes around and helps people from the shadows in her kingdom and catches evildoers. I'd take some inspiration from Merida from Brave because I love her design.

  45. My princess would probably have to be a baking princess. I enjoy the feeling I get when I bake something and surprise someone with it. Sometimes I just leave sweet packages for friends and they get it when they get home. I think it brightens people days. So I think my princess would have to be one of the people. Even though she may have people that work in the kitchen she goes down without her parents knowing and bakes… maybe goes on walks and delivery’s baked goods to people in the town just to brighten their days.

  46. media : '' the new Joker movie is gonna cause violence and destroy society''

    Joker movie comes out and nothing happens

    media: …

    *Frozen 2 comes out and litle girls riot with machetes in front of cinema''

    media: … ok , wtf!

  47. Hmmm. if I created a princess, she would be a dark fey with horns and wings, her name would be Emma, and she would have a pale purple-greyish skintone, same color horns, but a bit darker, cool purple hair and glowing eyes with no pupils. the eyes would glow white and teal, matching her teal glowing crescent shaped tiara with Crystal's hanging from it. her wings would be light gray and she would wear a long flowing light purple dress that looks like the clothes an ancient greek godess would have. Emma would be the princess of the moonlight elves and she would unite the elf kingdom and the fairyland

  48. My princess would have very "mother nature" and tree vibes. Big "bushy" 😉 green hair with flowers dotted all over. A tan/ dark skinned heavier set, motherly princess.
    Lots of greens, yellows, accented with browns and reds.

    Heck go the whole hog and have a subset of seasonal daughter princesses and they keep balance of the world under her guidance.

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