Hey guys, welcome to the annual Christmas video! Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of RossDraws and welcome to
the annual Christmas video with my mom! Hi everyone!
[ROSS] Yaaay! Mom! So- Mom, come! Come back here lol
[MAMA TRAN] Oh, sorry. These kids look like they’re dead!
[MAMA TRAN] No! No! You
know, they lay down in the Sun Looks like they dropped from the sky and they landed on this snow slope.
[MAMA TRAN] When you go skiiing, you will see some people enjoying-
[ROSS] When I go skiing, there’s gonna be people dead on the snow [SCREAMING] I look forward to this video all year, I
think it’s super fun and a perfect way to end the year. So mom, you ready?
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah! RossDraws! With mom for Christmas! Mom! I think last year you drew your
character named Miley who’s a half light half dark angel, right?
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah! Oh, I just had a dream of her [ROSS] What?
[MAMA TRAN] I just had a dream and in my dream, I saw her. WHAT! You had a dream of Miley? How about you draw your dream?
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah, I can do it, okay. [ROSS] Here, yeah, here- just just draw your dream whatever you’re envisioning, okay? I saw Miley in the nice day- and she was Santa Claus. [ROSS] Miley was Santa Claus? [MAMA TRAN] Yees, we have a hat- [ROSS LOLS] And she has long hair Beautiful, beautiful long hair. And now-
[ROSS] Okay [MAMA TRAN] she have a cape. She has a candy cane. [ROSS] Oooh, she has a candy cane and she’s Santa Claus?
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah Milo always with her. [ROSS] Aaaw-
[MAMA TRAN] Let me draw Milo. It’s hard to draw Milo! [ROSS] Where’s his eyes? [MAMA TRAN] Eye’s right here. and also she have owl on her shoulder.
[ROSS] Oooo- It was snowing!
[MAMA TRAN] Is this okay? Can you get eraser for me? I wanna fix the face.
Erase the face – okay – I see her look this way now you can do transforming for
[ROSS] Mom, this is so hard! [MAMA TRAN] Well, I send you to school for that! [ROSS] This was your dream?
[MAMA TRAN] Yes, in my dream I saw Miley – okay – and she was Santa Claus, she had a cape, a candy cane, Milo with her, and owl on her shoulder. She have very, very beautiful long hair. It was snowing, too. Transform it to
the nice picture! [ROSS] Alright, alright. See what we come up with. [QUEUE SMOOTH JAZZ MUSIC] What do you think so far?
[MAMA TRAN] I love the hair,
long beautiful hair.
[ROSS] Mhmm- but I don’t see snow, I don’t see Milo,
I don’t see owl! [ROSS] Mom, I just started like ten minutes ago!
[MAMA TRAN] Okay, I’ll wait.
[ROSS] There’s a lot to do, so I’m just gonna work on it and I’ll
check back soon. Alright mom, here’s the progress of the piece so far. And to be honest, I’m kind of struggling a little bit! It’s hard. [MAMA TRAN] What! What’re you talking about? What I send you to school for? I still don’t see Milo, owl, or snow.
[ROSS] What, well there’s some snow here! Right? [MAMA TRAN] Uuuh, is this snow?
[ROSS] Yeah. There’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5- There’s six snows!
[MAMA TRAN] Ah, alright, I get that. This can be a true
collaboration, I can just-
[MAMA TRAN] Really? Did you get my Milo?
[ROSS] I’m gonna put your sketch
in my painting lol [MAMA TRAN] Are you serious?
[ROSS] Yes. I’m gonna get some reference for you, and you’re going
to draw an owl. Is that cool? [MAMA ROSS] Yeah [ROSS] And so now it’s a true collaboration. So here’s
your reference, and you’re gonna draw an owl right here. Okay?
[MAMA TRAN] Alright. Wow, so pretty mom!
[MAMA TRAN] Yeah? [ROSS] Wooow!
[MAMA TRAN] I can draw. Mom, you can draw!
[MAMA TRAN] I think so- [ROSS] This is crazy! Mom, you should start your own YouTube channel.
[MAMA TRAN] Lol I’m gonna have 2 million subscriber-
[ROSS] WOAHHH [MAMA TRAN] If I have my channel, you only have 1 million Yaay! Wow! Oh my gosh, mom! How’d you do that? and this is the magic of using reference! [MAMA TRAN] Dadadada-
[ROSS] What? Yay! [CLAPPING] We have Milo, we have the owl, and then we have snow! Six snows.
We’re almost done with this, right? I’m just gonna try to wrap it up, and I’ll check back soon. What time is it?
[MAMA TRAN] It’s color dodge time, right Milo? Oooh man, here we go! Here we go! Ooooohooohooo! Alright mom, your turn! [MAMA TRAN] Ok. My owl- Yay, oh my god, beautiful~ More beautiful than Ross did. Where’s Milo? [ROSS] Huh?
[MAMA TRAN] Where’s Milo. Ooo Milo, Milo. Colordodge, colordodge you okay? Ooh beautiful, but I don’t see Milo anymore! [ROSS] Thanks Milo! It’s color dodge time! Christmas tradition, you
know, I come home. We create a drawing together, and this one was hard.
This one was harder than I thought. Man, but- [MAMA TRAN] Maybe your talent get worse. Your owl was great,
maybe you should start your own YouTube channel. [MAMA TRAN] If I start-
[ROSS] Yeah- have 2 million subscribers by now.
[ROSS] Oh! 2 million by now? Do you want 2 million people
watching you draw owls? There is an annual holiday event
happening right now on my store, bigger and awesomer than ever. There’s a free
mystery print in every single order, this event lasts till all the way at the end
of the year, so make sure you check it out And if you’re interested in video demos and bonus content, it’s my entire process on how I bring these
pieces to life, please check out my Patreon. If you want to win a book or
print, this video’s question is: what is the beautiful dream that you always
remember? When I was in nature I always dreamed that I was in water, a lot
of water, deep in ocean – yeah – like mermaid. Wow you dreamt that you were a mermaid?
That’s awesome! How about you Milo? Huh? What’s your most beautiful dream? Let us
know your dream in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. That’s the last video! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for 2020 – the year of NIMA! My book
is finally coming out, I’ve been working out for four years and so many awesome
things are happening, so I’ll see you guys next year. Don’t forget to subscribe and
[MAMA TRAN] Every day is a color dodge day!
[ROSS] Mhmm And happy holidays and good luck to everyone
next year. [ROSS] Mom! these-
[MAMA TRAN] Boy, girl- [ROSS] These kids look dead!
[MAMA TRAN] No! They like, enjoy lie down in snow and enjoy the sun- [ROSS] Mom, they look dead! Lol [MAMA TRAN] Dead? No! [MAMA TRAN] When you go to ski, you sit down

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  1. IT'S HERE!! I look forward to this video all year haha. Hope you guys have a fantastic super amazing color dodgin holidays with your loved ones. Remember, it's all about good vibes, love, and forgiveness ❤️

    MOMMA DRAWS!! hahaha

    🎁 ALSO Our Epic Holiday Event is going on until Dec 31! Can't wait to send you some gifts 🙂


  2. I remember dreaming about me and my friends all playing around with the clouds and riding them and flying around the word. The view was so beautiful ☺❤

  3. Can I please ask what is all the tech that you use
    By this I mean the screen that you draw on and and the pen and all the apps or applications that you draw on

  4. A Dream I used to always hav was me in another dimension and then I would have to find a key in order to get to another dimension. It was always really confusing but the dimensions were always so bright and colorful and cool!

  5. I dream a lot with my grandma's house. I'm in a total random adventure and it always takes place there!

    For example once I was kidnapped by two guys and their secret place was that house. D: And I managed to tweet that I was fine because I did not want to make anyone worry about me, haha.

  6. I dream I'll always remember is 6 years old me staring at a river of stars at the sky and no matter to which direction I looked, it would never end =)

  7. Most of my dreams are weird. If I remember correctly I did have one where I was drawing and painting for these kids at a park and I love seeing them laughing and smiling.

  8. I dreamt, that my OC Tessa came to life like a 3D character and she had the power of seeing in the future by 10 seconds to help people not to make the mistake they would have made if Tessa didn't save them.

  9. I’ve always had this dream about what my mom would look like. It sounds kinda strange to put it that way but long story short I officially met my mom when I was 10 but like before I used to have dreams about what she would look like and how much fun we would have

  10. Answer: In my most beautiful dream I was in someone else's body but it didn't seem like many people liked them so I tried to make as many good relationships as I could so people wouldn't treat them as bad. Apparently that person was my soon to be irl friend lol
    I'm so glad I met them!

  11. Hey Ross, really enjoy your vids!
    Planning on ordering some posters and was wondering if they’d be fine if I laminated or framed them

  12. Well my most BEAUTIFUL dream is about me trapped in the apartment and the apartment by a men wearing yellow,red eyes,sharp teeth and he is on a yellow volkswagen.

  13. Ross: we usually do this every year but this one was actually hard.
    Ross' Mum: maybe your talent got worse…
    Me: jumps off the nearest ledge.

  14. My dream that I always remember is one of an old-fashioned lighthouse. I would sit with my back agaist the wall as I watched boats go in and out of the harbour. the lighthouse is abandoned, so it is a bit banged up, but its bricks have stayed smooth to touch so its very relaxing.

  15. Once I had a dream that I was at school and then It suddenly appeared wings on my back then I started to fly ….Hahah it was an amazing dream.

  16. When I was 15 I dreamed that there is a girl who has beautiful green eyes that shine and all that I look up to. I feel that my soul is in peace and after that a person stabs her from behind and disappears those beautiful eyes and becomes a vacuumThen I felt a tightness in my chest and a feeling of fear and then woke up

  17. I remember I had a dream, where I was upset in m room one night. I looked out the window, and I saw Haku in his dragon form (Spirited Away) and I rode him into the night sky. It was beautiful. When I was in the sky, above the clouds, the moon was full and there were stars and galaxies everywhere I looked. I could feel the wind blowing in my face. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, and then I woke up. :,) it was definitely my most beautiful dream ever. Awesome art Ross!!

  18. I like how they messed around so much in the video that when they got to the color dodge part, he only had the sketch down and a few base colors. The drawing was barely even finished. Too funny!

  19. I had once a dream that i'm still not sure if it was a dream or not, but my dad passed away just a few months at the time this happend.
    Well i dreamed that i woke up in my bedroom like if i had a nightmare or something and my dad putted his hand on my shoulder saying that everything was alright….
    The next morning i woke up like happy and sad at the same time, but it's something that i'll never forget😪.

  20. When I was a child, things were bad. (Not anymore lol) During especially bad times, I dreamt what death would be like. It was peaceful and beautiful. As soon as my spirit would "leave my body", I would see myself just lying there; I looked like I was sleeping. My "spirit self" was weightless and glowed so many pretty colors. The rest of said dream would be spent flying around, leaving a trail of sparkles. LOL

  21. Most beautiful dream I remember was:
    Myself in isolation
    Floating in darkness; weightless
    Only source of light were lil color glimmers

  22. My dream that I thought was beautiful was when I met my guardian angel.
    It all started out as a sleeping paralysis and it was pitch black dark but I had a 360 view of everything. I just can see these dark figures behind me coming closer. I close my eyes shut just hoping to wake up. Then I open them and see this boy. He had brown hair and blue or green eyes I think 🤔 but anyways I was surprised to see him then he just yelled my name to wake up and next thing I know I woke up and I’ll never forget him and hope I see him again 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  23. The most beautiful dream I remember was when I was 8, open my eyes and I was standing in an white, large, empty room, but it didn't scare me, I begin walking around, just to see what I can find anything, I eventually found a stick, with a point like a pencil, I pick it up and put the end pointed end on the floor hoping to draw with it and excited when I found out that I could, I was also able to change the color of ink depending on what color I was thinking of, by the time I started waking up, my hands, knee and feet were covered in colors, I scrambled all over the floor, it was covered in colors, my foot prints and hands prints

  24. Your mom's funny Ross . What did she send you to school for 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍. I sure would sub to Mom's Draws

  25. I just adore how involve in her art his mom is. Lovely video.
    My most beautiful dream was when I was a kid santa never gave me anything right so I dreamed that I lived inside the toy section of our local store and I would play in there by myself. Good old dreams that never came true. Eventually I stopped dreaming now I got nightmares. Adulting 😂

  26. All of my dreams are weird, but my most beautiful dream was, when I was in elementary school, I dreamt that I was a black panther, my brother was a tiger, and a random woman between us was a cheetah (don't ask how I knew who was who, I just did). The dream started with us all running through a dense jungle (I looked to my right and they were there because it was first-person) and I looked forward to see the jungle ended at a large rectangular entrance into some sort of ancient dark temple. As we entered, we all suddenly shape-shifted back to human form and we were all panting and tired. The woman came over and asked me if I was okay (I guess I was injured or something), and in a voice that was too deep to have been mine (at the time) I said "I'm fine let's keep going" (and the weird thing is I literally said this in my head, that is to say my mind was fully immersed and I actually THOUGHT these words). And then we all (still in human form) ran into a smaller entrance past the first that was pitch black. But as we ran towards it, it lit up with bright white light. The light flooded my vision filling it with white, and then I woke up. Again, all of my dreams are weird.

  27. My dream takes place at a school for mystical people. The students have different abilities ranging from magic, shapeshifting, and more. I finally got accepted there and was training to become a witch. There was a big competition and for one of the events you had to bake a cake, so you had to find all of your ingredients and create something wonderful. I ended up choosing a weird berry that ended up changing a lot of people into werewolves. There ended up being a werewolf hunter there and he began to hunt the students. Getting cornered by the hunter, something strange happened and we were mated. He helped me turn back human and we won the cake competition. >.>……. XD

  28. I dreamt of a beautiful girl and we were so happy together it felt so real

    then I woke up realizing she doesn't exist

    happened a few times in my life 😆😆

  29. I have a dream, I went to the old house no one live in there and I saw a handsome mysterious devil boy , I ask him to become my friend and he said "no" but I still wanna be his friend. My sister and her army want to destroy him because he is a devil, so I protect him from my sister and their army but I failed, I can't protect that devil guy so he died.i went to a tree and eat a lunch then I found a mysterious portal and I go in, then I see him again but he change into an angel, I'm so happy

    The end
    I wish I can dreamd about that him but it never happened, its just once :')

  30. A beautiful dream hum ?
    I always dream that i'm travelling somewhere in a beautiful landscape and i met a creature which became a good friend, and it's really cute, cosy and have a lot of fun ^^

  31. I dunno why but i always dreamt of being a fairy ahaha especially every christmas where we would put a christmas tree and i will lay down under it. It was really fantastical seeing the inside with the christmas lights glowing and then i would dream of me being so little and that I'm a fairy living inside of that Christmas tree 🎄 weird but yahh I really love magical things up until now. And that is why I love seeing ross and his mom draw seeing the process and the outcome is really magical.

  32. The dream I would remember is me becoming my OCs in the world I created for them. Still need to put them onto paper tho xD

  33. My beautifull dream…. hmm… yeaa… when I meet my idol, Donghae and Kyuhyun from Super Junior,.. ^^ I can talk with him, hand shake and hug him in my dream.. haha I'll never forget it.. 😀

  34. my dream is that I was very rich and I got all the candy and all the money in it to me and I got $2,000,000 and five and I have Dillion bucks it was the best dream I ever had

  35. I swear, all of your art just seems like it tells a story that I've never heard before, but is somehow familiar. It's so nice and bright!

  36. Hope you have an amazing christmas/holidays to you and your family ross!! As always your drawings are just absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Truely something to just rest your eyes on for hours, I love the colours and everything about it! Your mums drawing was so adorable 😍 Thank you for being such an inspiration Ross, I wish you luck on your art journey ❤️
    Ps. after watching this video I’m so excited to draw today, your videos give me motivation to improve every time I watch them. So I sincerely thank you for being someone I’m able to look up to. ❤️❤️ Sending good vibes your way!

  37. Im gunna be one of those comments: those 9 dislikes are feom the people that are jealous of how cute milo is in that sweater!!

  38. I had a dream where my mom was Fiona from Shrek and these guys were trying to capture her and I had to save her from them.

  39. My beautiful dream (to me) is when I’m light on my feet and I’m kinda floating where ever I go, and I just feel free.

  40. The most beautiful dream I ever had was when I was a kid like 6-7 yr old and in the dream I'm wearing a white dress and floating over this huge city by the seaside. The moon is full and looks really big in the sky. It was like a magical night scene and that's one dream I hope to never forget.

  41. Because I am Batman I am great at drawing but you are amazing at what you do keep up the good work. I love your work

  42. I feel like if Mom-Ross has a YouTube channel, I’d watch it… I had a dream once tho, where I was running down a gravel road with the water that I was running next to was shimmering with the light from the sun… i then ran to a house that had a secret tunnel to a beautiful meadow overlooking a lake and a mountain, it was peaceful.

  43. When I was younger, I dreamed I was walking to the kitchen to get something I can't really remember (I'm assuming food for a late night snack or other weird dream reasons) and the ceiling turned into water and colorful beams of light were shining through the water before Lugia suddenly appeared which was both awesome and kinda intense since my kitchen ceiling wasn't that high in comparison to Lugia's large size, so he was practically a foot or two away from my face. Then I woke up, not really sure what was going through younger me's head (maybe I watched Pokemon 2000 recently, who knows?)

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