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I, Lord Vinheteiro, started having piano lessons in the 80’s When I was just eight years old, with a little old lady, Her name was Lourdes. My greatest influence was the Woody Woodpecker, that frequently displayed great piano skills in the cartoon. But in those times, I was still appealed by hobbies more interesting than the piano, like the playmobil. By the end of the 80’s, the tiny little Lord Vinheteiro, delighted by Woody, decided to learn piano with the teacher and his sister. But I was too young, only 5 years old, so the teacher didn’t have the gut to teach me music. 7 years old, I got a teacher with enough patience 7 years old, I got a teacher with enough patience, that would endure me that way. And so, just like that, I was having piano lessons. And so, just like that, I was having piano lessons. She was a very old lady, patient like a monk She was a very old lady, patient like a monk She was a very old lady, patient like a monk Or maybe it was the money of her very expensive lessons that kept her patience so steady her very expensive lessons that kept her patience so steady. ((yes, he is a time traveler)) The itty-bitty Lord Vinheteiro liked her very much The itty-bitty Lord Vinheteiro liked her very much, so he could learn the instrument very quickly so he could learn the instrument very quickly And in just three months, three months! I was able to HUMILIATE all the junior pianists, and even the adults HUMILIATE all the junior pianists, and even the adults that were around me by the time. But, The entertainment provided by the toys of the time, The entertainment provided by the toys of those times, The entertainment provided by the toys of those times, like playmobil, the G.I. Joes and Rrrrambo action figures, would almost always steal my focus. would almost always steal my focus. The entertainment of those amazing period toys The entertainment of those amazing period toys sided with the bad influences of my 8 years old little friends sided with the bad influences of my 8 years old little friends sided with the bad influences of my 8 years old little friends, made it so that I would never study piano. And for only three months, the teensy-weensy Lord Vinheteiro wasted foolishly the money invested by his parents in a prodigy the money invested by his parents in a prodigy and sloppy kid in the studies of such a complex instrument. and sloppy kid in the studies of such a complex instrument. The conflicts with his mother were inevitable. But she always insisted he would continue with his lessons. But she always insisted he would continue with his lessons. BUT Around 1989, I fell in utter disgrace Around 1989, I fell in utter disgrace when I updated my MSX 1.0 computer board when I updated my MSX 1.0 computer board to the MSX 2.0, becoming a complete addict in video games. a complete addict in video games. Losing completely all of my pianistic knowledge, and suffering a inevitable process of alienation. The hands that could play Bach, Mozart, Chopin The hands that could play Bach, Mozart, Chopin were now sorting troops and facing bloody battles in computer games. that wouldn’t get me anywhere. And thus, I paid a heavy toll And thus, I paid a heavy toll for the sake of the immediate pleasure I could get with games. for the sake of the immediate pleasure I could get with games. I lost all my dexterity on the piano. I lost all my dexterity on the piano. By the beginning of the 90s, I got myself as a teacher a relative of João Carlos Martins, who proceded to teach me everything from the beginning. Me, that could play La prière d’une vierge was instructed to redo the wearisome Leila Fletcher and A Dozen a Day methods uhh!? In 60 minute lessons in which 45 minutes would be dedicated to stretching! 10 minutes to dedicated to concentration! And the remaining applied in ridiculous pieces of the mentioned books. That meaning, It was so boring! An unbearable lesson! That was, without a doubt, the worst phase of the pianistic life of Lord Vinheteiro. That gave up on the instrument And went years without laying a finger on a piano. This trauma for keyboard instruments lasted 7 years. In 1993, the young Vinheteiro moved out of his beloved house teeming with gardens and woodwork and building tools, his past love, to a puny apartment and his mother gave up on wasting money away on that vagabond youthling. For years, The juvenile Vinheteiro didn’t play And only in 1997 he decided to scratch an instrument again. Those were hard times. I was about to fail in my high-school sophomore year And the only way out to not studying the insufferable Portuguese literature the useless logarithms and the tedious perfect square trinomials, was playing piano. And thus The lordling bought a Chopin album and a Well-Tempered Clavier for he loved only the fugue no.2 in this last book. Which he used to try and learn the pieces on his own. They were way above his intellectual level. And also, he didn’t get the proper teachings from pseudo-teachers he had during his suffered battle for learning. But sweat and persistence (and hu3ling routine) rewarded him with good results. He was convinced that he could do well alone for some time. But in 1999, he took the entrance exams to the University of São Paulo And with proper commendation reproved! Dropping the instrument yet again. For years. Adopting instead ethanol this time. Adopting instead ethanol this time. Once again the replacement of a long therm hobby Once again the replacement of a long therm hobby for the fun of a immediate pleasure. But this time, appealing to the numbing. But this time, appealing to the numbing. In 2006, his metalhead friend Duzão, In 2006, his metalhead friend Duzão, favored by God with a big nose was made aware of a website known as eMule where Lord Vinheteiro had the happiness of finding sheet music for absolutely everything he had ever dreamed to learn, but his teachers never encouraged him to. He then went on an epic mission for a music school to learn the art once more. And so he ended up in this music school, where he was offered a teacher in much similar to Ludwig van Beethoven. Not in her ability to play. She was 240 years old had arthrosis, was deaf completely gaga and not able to understand the words of our Hero of the Keys. But Vinheteiro liked her very much. For she was plainly full of good intentions. Different from previous creatures that showed up in his journey at the college of music which we will talk about later. Vinheteiro was presented with a few pieces, and in a few moments, he thought he was not learning a single thing. But as the innocent boy he was, with a history of countless teachers above the age of 80, his maidenlike way of thinking showed him that was the correct thing. Ancient teachers seemed to BE THE ONLY WAY of learning the art. Notwithstanding, in a certain day young Vinheteiro decided to have a talk with the owner of the place. For he realized he was only being charitable. And that he couldn’t learn a single thing with the lessons of an unprepared old lady Knowing that the owner was the most reputable teacher of that school He asked to be transferred to having lessons with her. But the worthy master denied him. And made him have lessons of popular piano with a random teacher. Lord Vinheteiro, That by the time could play the Études of Chopin, Polonaises and other complex works that he learned on his own Had just a single lesson with this teacher that once more brought him back to zero, designating him Beringer’s no.1 piano exercise and a ridiculous minuet from Bach Studies that befuddle Lord’s head to this day, for they seem to be absolutely unnecessary to be taught to a student of that level. Recede a student in 10 years and forbid him to play another pieces could be only to make more money, with more lessons? Or maybe that was inability to teach an advanced student? There is a famous pianistic myth that say “Professors do not play in front of their students so as not to embarass them” Overturning the myth: Pianists are exhibitionists. And which student wouldn’t be interested to hear their teacher playing advanced pieces? Translating in minutes: A teacher that doesn’t play in front of his student doesn’t do it because he can’t! In a certain day, My friend Luciana recommended me a new teacher called Ana Maria. This one, a real teacher. She knew what she was doing. She wasn’t deaf, or a half-wit. She knew how to play piano. And no arthrosis. She would play demonstrations and could read sheet music. She also wouldn’t discourse on banal things for 40 minutes of lesson. However she had a severe flaw. The price of her lessons. I could afford 2 months of lessons with this new teacher. And once more I dropped the piano. This time, for higher power reasons, I had to be away from it for 6 months. I went back to her after that time, by July of 2007. A few days in, I heard a friend of mine, a terrible pianist, not an ounce of talent bad as the devil and FILTHY ear Would take the entrance exams for music in the University of São Paulo So I decided to do it too. But it was too late. I could only get a guide for the State University of São Paulo And only two days left to the subscription I bough the guide and made the deposit in the governamental accounts. A new dor was opened in my life when I made it to the Music College And therefore, I ceased the lessons with my good teacher. For now I had free lessons in a public institution. By that time I was already quite an elderly And looked like Don Ramón in the classrom. Where tiny little prodigies would exhibit their skills in diverse instruments executing pieces of insufferable composers, like Dinastera, Villa-Lobos, Béla Bartók, Schoenberg among other composers considered to be geniuses, that composed music solely for themselves. Taking advantage of the exhibitionism of my colleagues, I would execute pieces from Chaves del Ocho, Cartoon soundtracks, movies and sound effects on the piano. Those moments were despised by all. My silver tongued colleagues said those pieces werefeeble and the females would withdraw at any sound I made. They said I had no… …touch. My talent to bring important and consecrated cartoon and video game music television news and even mobile phones was absolutely uncomprehended and unaccepted by that nerd and scholar thought of those depressing, pseudointellectual beings, followers of Schopenhauer and ???? Receiving prestige by only a few that could admire his ease to transcribe soundtrack, jingles, and sound effects (Vinheteiro=Jingleteer). In a beautiful day My new professor at College asked me to execute the program, she had ordered herself. 4 students watching me, as usual. With a gigantic smile on my face I played all the repertory asked from me And in front of the 4 students She told me I couldn’t do music. My little colleagues broke out laughing and mocked me a lot A striking moment that led me to depression. I had discovered the scholar(classical) medium. A loathful world, disgusting. Full of intrigues, bad smells and envy. It was then, around 2008, that one of my most faithful soldiers, the German, suggested I posted in the famous website YouTube, videos of me playing a few songs. That I did, and got some audience. And it was then that it all begin. It will continue in episode 2. If this video gets me more than 50 likes(sic) I will do one of those with more details. Talking about things beside music. Showing you the general Epic… … of Lord Vinheteiro, the Master of Champoulas(earrape incoming) SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL, NOW!

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  1. this dear man should meet TwoSet Violin and see how REAL Classical musicians should and do behave. They would really understand.

  2. You’re an amazing piano player…. but this video was boring AF! Haha…. keep going with the music…. that’s your strong suit!

  3. My man, to me you are a real genius. Not only my friends, even my mother, a classical music lover, enjoys your videos. Only a genius could play Figaro with a chicken. Glad that you are on here. Cheers from Mexico. 👍

  4. OMG I started programming on a Toshiba msx!!!! we have the same age… so I am a pianist too!! oh no well … no 🙁
    so cute: the person drawing has no clue about msx computers ^ ^ probably he or she is too young
    When I was a teenager I was considered talented in music, I was into rock and metal music – I'm still into actually but not only that – and I used to take lessons at electric guitar and canto. A friend of mine was into classical music and tool lessons of classical guitar. What I got by what he used to tell me and from other people I met in my life, classical music schools are fool of stupid arrogant and envious people because after all it's a world much more limited by academic judgement and omologation. It's intrinsic when the best you can do is interpret only things played million of times by others and composed in the very past. There's so little room for freedom of expressing oneself. Only very few people succeed and even fewer become composer. When you play rock you are required to be more creative from much earlier. So I met some people who really love classical music but got sick of that ambient and quitted their classes. It's not something that doesn't happen in modern music either but if you wanna become a rock musician you are less tied to a school degree than a classical musician is

  5. A fan of Walther Lanz's Woody Woodpecker and Scott Joplin well it explains 5 million + subs ib on youtube. I love Woody Woodpecker, one of the cartoons of my youth. I am at age 65 learning to Read Speak and write in Russian. Today's lesson kicked my butt and then some. Worst grade so far in the 106 days I been at it in an online course. but I know 100% more than I did 106 days ago, my guess it's like that with the piano. As for your English its a lot better than my Russian.

  6. I went to art school for a master degree, it was terrible, so sad to see that the same elitist contemporary trend is going on in music as well …

  7. Sometimes your destiny is to bring your knowledge and skills to people outside of your professional world. Bring it "outside the box" in other words. You are a success because you did not conform to their small world.

  8. I took piano lessons for a number of years, and got into programming music on computers such as the Commodore 64, etc.  But what I was never being taught in piano lessons were things like music theory and chord progressions, etc., things that were using for composing music.   You see, learning piano isn't being taught how to be an artist, and THAT is what I really wanted to learn.

  9. This video was great! It’s interesting to know your history. It’s inspiring to see how much you’ve accomplished even though you had discouraging circumstances. We should all keep trying to follow our dreams no matter what people around us say.

  10. I feel there's often 2 ways to learn piano to entertain a group of people. Either years of lessons, or years of self-motivation/curiosity and self teaching. Some wish to create music, others wish to have the ability to play their favorite songs from classic games/movies/shows, to feel good about creating that tune, themselves, and have others hear and enjoy it as well. I've met people who play very well and they never once had a lesson, just years of self-teaching. I've always been afraid to take piano courses, as I've heard the common rumor of most music teachers just want $$$ and never offer to show their own ability. Like if they're hiding the lack of ability to play, and just instruct you to play some basic repeats. Then you're lucky to walk out knowing how to read sheet music, and just know how to play the same repeat tunes you practiced 500 times. Not everyone is interested in making their own music. Some, just want their fingers to dance on the keys and create their favorite tunes. Feels great

  11. The formal education for music always use the old methods,they usually don't grow with time,since they think the old ones is the best and never adapted with people taste

  12. Great video! You had so much bad luck. I failed at piano lessons as a child, switched to guitar with much success, then started piano again with John Schaum books at the age of 43. Sometimes when I play, it sounds like Bartok, then I realize I forgot to check the key signature – so Bartok was never needed – his kind of music is heard when we forget to check the key signature! I also went to music college and all the pianists played atonal music – it was ridiculous. I predict music is going to be great in the 2020s thanks in large part to YouTube.

  13. i’ve been watching your videos for years and always wondered how old you were. you look young but you’ve been playing the piano for as long as i’ve existed, and actually even longer considering the initial truma(s). you, sir, are a vampire and now i also understand why you like to stare deep into our souls

  14. You are a gifted and intelligent person. Your fate is too common with those who shine too bright. Find your tribe and find yourself.

  15. Lord, senhor dos pianos mais infadonhos deste universo pianista, sua vida foi cheio de reviravoltas. Eu assisti com toda atenção que pude e devo dizer de modo respeitoso que foi sensacional a sua jornada, no sentido de ter conquistado depois de diversas batalhas com essas pessoas que não acreditaram no seu talento. Meus parabéns e estou ansioso para ver a segunda parte desta maravilhosa obra que chama-se "Lord Vinheteiro".

  16. His english is good even his pronounceation is also good but he says with my poor english. Well I dont Think his english is not as poor as you think! He is also a good Artist with the Cartoon. I am draging it out sorry Guys! He can draw good. He can draw better then me!! I am jealous of him!!

  17. O cara tem que postar em inglês no canal principal. Porque brasileiro na sua grande maioria, só consume merda e não dá Ibope para cultura, para coisas boas… Fiquei envergonhado, de verdade.
    Mas fazer o que, o Lord está certo.

  18. The most disappointing thing about my time at college [for computer science] was discovering that the teachers never talked about their professional careers. No real-world experience or stories to share, only textbook lectures and endless piles of homework. Worthless. Well, except for that one art teacher I had who did 3D computer graphics for a living, and always told us GREAT stories about working with clients andother friends in the business, and how to deal with customers as a freelancer. It was the most insightful college class I ever took. Bless the 1% of teachers who actually put in the effort!

    You are part of that 1%, Lord Vinheteiro. 8)

  19. It's a wonder you learned piano at all! I think it was age 5-7 that did it. The rest was just technique and setbacks.

  20. Acabo de ler o que você publicou no Twitter acerca dos pobres e me desuscribí do seu canal. Você pode tocar muito bem os instrumentos mas eu não vou apoiar alguém que critica as pessoas pobres. Você pensa que todos os seus seguidores são ricos? Não cuspa no prato onde come!

  21. So… If you want to make music just try until you achieve your goal just like daft punk
    They were refused on their first band project then switched into the electronic music which they enjoyed listening to and they achieve it

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