Doodle Doods Ross: Hi, welcome to Doodle Doods Ross: This is the first, maybe one of the first episodes, hi Ross: So I’m joined with Arin Arin: Hi, I’m Arin Ross: And Chris
Chris: Hi guys Ross: You probably know Chris as Oney and you probably know Arin as Ego
Chris (in silly voice): Chris O’Neill Ross: Or probably just Arin because you watch Game Grumps Ross: Anyway, hi, welcome, so we’re gonna be drawing and just shitting around and doing our thing Arin: Shittin’ around?
Ross: Yeah Chris: All right
Arin: Let’s do a warm up Ross: Yeah ok, so I’m gonna draw Arin, Arin you’re gonna draw Chris, and Chris you’re gonna draw me Chris: Ok, all right
Ross: Don’t be mean
Chris: I won’t Ross: Ok, so Arin, let’s think, how do I draw Arin? Ross: Oh my god you look such a mongoloid Arin: What the fuck?
*Ross giggles* Arin: I gotta draw Chris Chris: Be nice, you fucking asshole Arin: You always draw yourself like a disgusting slob Chris: Yeah well, that’s me ok? Ross: We’re drawing ugly each other, we’re doing a thing, here we go Arin: If you’re wondering why there’s a weird cut, Chris didn’t want us talking about stuff Ross: Because he’s a fucking baby Ross: Chris-
Chris: I don’t like you talking about your mom like that, ok? *laughter* Arin: Um, I don’t know why I’m putting so much detail into your beanie Chris: Oh yeah, I forgot Arin: Yeah I’ve gotta like warm up or something because you guys are all loose and- Chris: Ross I’m being mean, you can be as mean as you want Ross: I’m not drawing you, I’m drawing Arin Chris: Be mean to me, Arin Arin: Ok, I’m just like, drawing what I see Ross: I’m just- I’m not even looking at Arin, I’m just kind of making it up Chris: Ross, what should I put in your hand? What is something you love? Ross: Dick
Chris: Hmm, I don’t think Youtube will allow that Chris: I think I might put in your wife Holly Ross: Put in… uh… put in a uh… hmm… I don’t know- what do I love? I love dinosaurs Chris: I put in Holly Ross: I love dinosaurs
Chris: Ok, I’ll put in a dinosaur Chris: It didn’t look like Holly Ross: Can I see?
Chris: It’s gone Chris: It was just a stumpy little gnome
*explosive laughter* Ross: That’s actually really funny because Holly would call herself a gnome sometimes Arin: I’m drawing Chris like a meathead
*laughter* Ross: I’m gonna give Arin tiny-
Arin: Meathead. I’m gonna make you jacked Ross: I’m gonna give Arin tiny ears, make him look like a like a gibbon Arin: Yeah
*phone chimes in background*
Ross: Turn your fucking phone off! Chris: Well fuckin’ if Suzy didn’t fuckin’ text me fucking during this squad of doodles *Arin laughs* Arin (in silly voice): The squad of doodles! Arin: Oh we fucked up, that’s what this show should be called Ross: Squad of doodles?
Arin: Forget Doodle Doods, dude Ross: Fucking ruined it, we already got the logo made Chris: What was that other name we had earlier for the let’s play? Arin (stuttering): Oh g- gamebo?
Ross: Gamebos Chris: Gamebos
*Arin laughing* Ross: You were saying we should have called it Oney Plays Gamebos Chris: Guys go to
*laughter* Chris: It’s my new website
Arin (in silly voice): *Chris makes weird noise* Arin (laughing): This looks nothing like you
Chris: This looks nothing like Ross Ross: Is that, wait, oh-
*laughing* Ross: I forgot we can look over there Ross: We have a, we have a screen that will actually um Ross: show each other what we’re drawing as we talk Chris: Only if we talk loudly
Ross: Only if we talk loudly enough Chris: Oh baby
Arin: This is horrible Chris: This is not epic
Ross: It’s good, it’s epic, shut up Arin (in low voice): I am Chris. I am Christopher Chris (in silly voice): Christopher Oney Chris: Ross, look on the screen, look on the screen Ross: Fuck, what are you doing? Did you draw my butt out?
Chris: That’s you *laughter*
Ross: Whatever Ross: Whatever
Chris: I’m sorry Ross Ross (in silly voice): You’re real mean, Chris! Ross: I feel like I’m drawing a not that mean Arin, I kinda need to go further with it Chris: Yeah
Arin: Mine’s not that mean Chris, it’s just a horrible rendering of real Chris Ross: Can I- it is kinda terrifying Arin: Hello! It’s me! Hello
*Arin and Chris laughing* Chris: You gave me a fucking tiki head *laughing*
Ross: Tiki head? Chris: He gave me an Easter Island brow Ross: Oh my god, Chris Arin: Maybe that’s how I see you, maybe I see you as a strong, independant woman Ross: Strong independent Easter Island statue? Chris: *groans*
Arin: Who don’t need nobody Chris: Yeah cause they don’t have one
Arin: They do Ross: They do actually, it’s under the dirt, stupid Chris: Yeah well, I haven’t been (unintelligible) Chris: It’s ok
Arin: I gave you a giant- I don’t want to give you such a huge chin Chris: It’s because I’m a huge chin young man
Arin: He’s just like, “Hah” Ross (in silly voice): It’s cause Arin has a fortune! *laughs* Ross (in silly voice): Remember that, when people- say that… Chris: I got the George Lucas goit going on Ross: The what- the goit?
Chris: Yeah *Arin laughing*
Chris: His toad head Ross: Actually I’m gonna make Arin’s neck bigger, it’s not big enough
Arin: Yeah there you go Chris: Fuck, I fucked up my line like a fool Arin: You used to draw me like an earthworm
Ross: Oh that’s right, I forgot about that Arin: That was your jam
Ross: Yeah I used to draw Arin as an earthworm Ross: That was actually really fun Arin: That was back when like the neck thing, or the chin thing was like at it’s peak Chris: Oh yeah
Arin: And now that I’ve had a beard for like 3 years, 4 years Ross: It’s been covering it up?
Arin: Everyone’s still like (dumb voice) “It’s chins!” Arin: and it’s like, you can’t even see them Ross: Yeah well that’s your own doing Arin: That’s because yeah, because I wanted to have a chin so I have a beard Ross: Is that really why you have a beard now? Arin: Well it’s also because of my scar Ross: Can you grow facial hair, Chris?
Chris: I cannot
Ross: Yeah I can’t really either Chris: I can grow a fucking filthy neckbeard Ross: I can grow a little goatee, I can like get the Doctor Strange thing going on but that’s about it Chris: The Doctor Strange-
Ross: You’ve never seen Doctor Strange? Chris: I saw it
Ross: Oh ok
Chris (in squeaky voice): It was pretty funny *Arin groans*
Ross: I liked the- actually I really liked the special effects in Doctor Strange Chris (laughing): What was with that anime noise you just made? *Chris groans*
Arin: Because it’s what you were doing Arin: Like look at you, you’re like OH! Arin: Hold on dodododododo OOOH Ross: DOO!
Chris: Duuh Chris: It’s like a Vegeta impression Chris and Ross (imitating Vegeta): OOH KAKAROT Arin: We should do Dragonball characters next Ross: Oh my god fuck yeah let’s do it Arin: Well I’m done with yours, mine’s- mine’s uh- pretty proud, honestly Chris: I miss gnome Holly Ross (laughing): I can’t wait to see it on the footage
Chris: She’s gone Ross: No!
Chris: You wiped her Ross (in silly voice): I wiped my wife
Chris (in silly voice): I wiped my wife Chris: Let’s start the reveal from here, yeah? Chris: Ok so here’s Arin’s *All laugh, make weird noises* Chris (in dumb voice): Uh, my name is Chris Ross: I really like that one
Chris (in dumb voice): I like making videos Chris: Here is mine *laughing* Ross: What’s the dinosaur?
*chris makes noise* Chris (high squeaky voice): I love you father
*laughing* Ross: It just looks like a fucking dragon or something Chris (as dinosaur): Your (unintelligible) hair looks appetizing, ahaha Chris: I gave you sideburns dude Chris: Ok
Ross (as dinosaur): I love you father
Chris: And here’s yours Chris: It’s beautiful
*Arin and Ross make weird noises* Arin (in silly voice): I look good
Chris (in silly voice): I’m beautiful Ross: I think it’s the pretty eyelashes that make you look like a handsome boy Arin: Cool, thank you for making me look like a handsome boy Ross: All right, so what do you want to do next? Chris: Each other, I mean, let’s do Dragonball Arin: Ok yeah so dragon- dargonballs Ross: Uh so, without reference?
Arin: Yeah so, uh… Arin: Yeah we gotta do-
Chris (in southern accent): Can I draw Vergeter? Arin: 30 seconds of Vegeta starting… Ross: Wait hold on, I’m changing pen, I’m changing pen hold on hold on Arin: Ok, let me know when you’re ready Ross: Ok I’m ready to go- now Arin: Starting now. 30 seconds. Draw Vegeta Chris: 30 seconds?
Ross: That’s like a life drawing Chris: This is bullshit Chris: Fuckin’ shit Ross: I’m trying to go as fast as I fucking can! Chris: This is hard
Ross: This is hard, I’m bad at this Chris: Do we have to do their whole body? Arin: Uh no, just as much as whatever you can
Chris: Ok *Arin makes weird noises, laughs*
Arin: All right stop Ross: Aw, I got the fucking head *laughter, Chris makes weird noises* Arin: Wow dude
Ross: I couldn’t do it Arin: That’s Ross? Wow
Ross: Can I keep going while you guys are showing off yours? Chris: Ok, here
*Arin laughs* *Chris and Arin make weird noises* Chris (squeaky voice): AHHHHH Ross: Man Arin, you’re fast Chris: Yeah that one’s pretty- yeah good job Arin: Well its- eh…
Chris: Now what do we do? Arin: All right so, uh, let’s see Arin: We can do 30 second Goku Chris: Goku, ok. One, two, three? Arin: Well, let’s start on this so I don’t have to do math in my head Arin: Uh, all right, 5 seconds Ross: Five seconds?
Arin: four, three, two, one, go, Goku Chris: Ok, off to a bad start Chris: Fuck! No! Shit! No! Ross: Oh really- this is the best one I’ve done yet Chris: Shit
Ross: You’re all fuckin’ in trouble Chris: Come on!
Arin: And time *laughing* Arin: Wow Chris, uh, that’s pretty nice Arin: AAAAAHH! Chris: There’s his symbol
Ross: What do you think of mine? Ross: Change to mine, let’s show them mine
Chris: Ok here it is Arin: That’s- oh wow
Chris: GOK *Arin makes Yoda noise*
Ross: I didn’t get to finish writing Goku Chris: I forgot what his hair looked like Arin: That’s like if a different anime artist drew Goku *Yoda noise* Arin: This is me
*laughter* Arin (in silly voice): Hey!
Ross: Wow Chris (silly voice): Hello!
Ross (silly voice): Hello! Ross: Sweet dude
Chris: You captured his essence *Arin makes Mario noise* Ross: Ok, are we gonna do another character? Arin: Uh yeah, how bout uh… Arin: Let’s do Cell Ross: Cell?
Arin: From memory Ross: Fuck
Arin: Exactly Arin: But for one-
Chris: Which one?
Ross: Yeah which Cell? Ross: Should we do each form cause there’s three of them? Arin: Oh ok, let’s do first form Cell Ross: Oh no no no
Chris: I love first form Cell Ross: He’s got three forms so why don’t we each do one of the forms? Chris: Aren’t there four forms?
Arin: No that’s Frieza Chris (as Cell): Perfect
Ross: So there’s Perfect- Arin: So who wants- I’ll take first form
Ross: I want middle form Arin: and you get Perfect Cell?
Chris: I get black guy Cell Ross: No I want the one-
Chris: Oh is there three? Ross: Yeah there’s three, I’m doing middle Cell Chris: And I’ll do perfect fucking-
Arin: And I’ll do the first Cell Arin: We get, uh let’s say two minutes Chris and Ross: Two minutes? Ross: Ok sure two minutes, I don’t remember-
Arin: One minute! One minute Ross: Ok that’s fine
Arin: And start now *Ross sighs* Chris: I fuckin’ completely forget what he looks like
Ross: Yeah I do too, don’t worry Chris: Off to a great start again Chris: This is fucking stupid
*Ross giggles* Chris: This sucks dude, I’m embarrased *laughing* Arin: Aw shit, I don’t know how to use this Arin: Aw, I don’t know! I don’t know, aw fuck
Chris: What does he look like? Chris: My one looks like the fuckin’ woman from fuckin’ Beauty and the Beast *laughing*
Chris: No, fuckin’ what do you call it, Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent Arin: Doesn’t he have like big… big ears or something? Chris: I fucking completely forget what he looks like
Ross: Cell? Ross: Does Cell have ears, actually? I don’t fuckin’ remember Ross: Oh no he’s got fuckin’ freezy pop things on the side Ross: Freezy pops. You know, the freezy pop things Arin: I think he has these shoulders, or whatever Chris: I completely fuckin’ forget what he looks like Ross: I actually really like drawing without reference, this is a lot of fun Arin: Aw damn it. Uh, that’s time Chris: Are you fucking serious?!
Ross: Are you serious? Arin: That’s a minute, yeah Chris: Oh my god
Ross: Ok Arin: So- *laughing* there’s me, I don’t remember- Ross: Is that imperfect Cell?
Arin: No that’s the first Cell Ross: It’s imperfect, yeah, imperfect Cell Arin: He had like big ears or something-
Ross: Ok Arin: I don’t fucking remember
Ross: What’s mine? Arin: Uh, let’s see yours *explosive laughter* Chris: Good!
Arin: That’s actually really good Chris: That looks just like him
*Ross and Arin make dumb noises* Chris: Here we go *laughter* Chris: It’s terrible
Arin: Whoo boy Ross: Oh my god
Arin: That’s perfect Cell *Ross laughing*
Chris: It’s perfect Arin: He is perfect (In Cell voice) I am perfect Ross (in silly Cell voice): Perfect Chris: Here’s his hand
Ross: All right, I’m gonna have a water Ross: Oh my god that’s beautiful Arin: All right, uh, how bout Frieza, Frieza forms? Ross: Oh I can- there’s four of them Arin: There’s four of them so…
Chris: I want perfect Frieza Ross: Aw damnit
Arin: I want the alien one Ross: I want golden Frieza, yeah you didn’t expect that did you? Chris: Same shit Arin: All right then I’m gonna do uh, the alien Frieza Chris: Ok
Arin: The fuckin’- Ross: Oh ok in that case I’ll do the one where he’s like, really big Arin: All right ready and… one minute Ross: Now?
Arin: Sure, go Ross: Oh ok Chris: This is so hard Ross (giggling): I’m already enjoying this Chris: I’m kinda ok so far Arin: Uh, then does he have like a neck or… Arin: No, I don’t think he has a neck, he has these big shoulders Arin: Yeah Ross: Sometimes I just like drawing like a 5 year old, it’s really fun Chris: Sure is Arin: He’s got like-
*Chris makes weird noise* Arin: this… fuck I forget what happens there Chris: Fuck fuck fuck Chris: Oh Jesus please don’t judge me
Arin: Oh geez Ross (in silly voice): Don’t judge my drawing ability by this Chris: Don’t judge me-
Ross (in silly voice): Cause this is my final form Chris: Here we go baby (makes weird noise) Arin: And that’s time Chris: Fuck me dude
Ross: I just need to add little eyelashes *Arin laughing*
Ross: It won’t let me zoom out Arin: Is that golden Frieza?
Chris: No it’s my little- Arin: Takin’ a dookie?
Chris: Sorry I forgot Arin: It’s regular Frieza? Fourth form or whatever? Chris: I just decided to do second form Chris (stammering): Can you show the people?
Arin: Yeah Arin: Let’s see what you got *laughter* Chris (imitating Cell): Ohh! I kill Krillen! *explosive laughter* Ross (imitating Cell): Krillen is dead
Chris (imitating Cell): And I’m glad I did it Ross (imitating Cell): I don’t regret it Arin: Yeah this is me, nothing special *laughter*
Chris (in silly voice): Mmm I have horns Ross (Cell voice): I did it Arin: One more, and then I think-
Ross: I think that’s it Arin: What should the finale be for Dragonball? Ross: We should draw Pickles
Arin: Pickles? Ross: Piccolo… oh no Krillen! How about Krillen? Ross: Krillen or Piccolo?
Arin: Krillen’s easy Ross: Ok, what about um… what about Tien? Arin: Tien?
Chris: Fucking… Chris: I can’t-
Ross: Ok, ok how about this- Arin: All right, perfect, let’s do Tien!
Ross: Yeah, Tien it is! Arin: Ok here we go, one minute, boom
Ross: Chris is pussing out Chris: Go we’re going Arin: He’s got a shiny head, deedeedeedee Ross: How long do we have on this one? Arin: Uh, one minute Chris: One minute?
Arin: Yeah
Chris: Shit! Chris: Wait, what?
Arin: Wait does he have eyebrows or not? Chris (giggling): I forget Chris: I completely forget what he wears, completely Ross: He has a shirt that covers half his body Arin: Oh yeah, he’s got like a big nipple poking out Ross: So he’s got a nipple right here and then- Chris: Ok, there it is
Ross: He’s got, like, it’s tied here Chris: Tien and Chiaotzu Arin: He’s got like this 8 pack Ross (stammering): Are his clothes showing in the- Chris: I don’t know what he looks like
Arin: I don’t remember Chris: This is bad
*Arin laughing* Arin: Oh shit, uh… Arin: Then he’s got, like, yeah, he’s got a big fist Chris: Fuck Arin: There we go, he’s handsome Arin: Oh and he has like, a symbol on his chest or something Ross: Oh, that’s on his back
Arin: Is it on his back? I don’t remember Arin: That’s time Ross: Oh really? Oh man this is one of my best Arin: I don’t know what the fuck I was doing
Ross: I love how I’m half assing it now Ross: What is that?
*laughter* Arin: That’s Tien *laughter, weird noises* Chris: That’s Arin’s
Arin: Got him Chris: Uh, Ross Arin: Ah yeah, that’s- what the fuck, “Tri harder?” *laughter*
Arin: He’s got so many eyes dude Ross: Yeah he’s a tri beam(?) Chris: Here we go baby
Arin: This is you Ross (laughing): That’s awesome
Arin: “Chawtzu” Arin (silly voice): Oh my tit *laughter* Chris (silly voice): You’ve fractured my tit Arin: All right, that’s Dragonball, everybody Ross: I still think my favorite one is this Arin: Thank you for- oh yeah, that perfect Cell? Ross (stuttering): No this is-
Arin: Shit cell Ross: Not imperfect, second form, whatever, anyway Ross: Thank you for watching Doodle Doods, we’ve got more of these coming up Ross: Just gonna kinda hang out and draw and I hope you guys had fun watching, bye Arin: Bye
Ross: Bye Ross: Chris say bye
Chris (weird voice): Bye
Ross: Oh thank you *music*

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