Do You Make These 5 Mistakes in your Landscape Photography?

we all do mistakes in our photography no matter how beginners or advanced are we as photographers it's normal its natural it shows that you are human but are you making these specific five mistakes that I'm gonna speak in the next few minutes I'm Toma I'm a full time landscape photographer this channel is all about landscape and travel photography so if you're interested in the subject make sure to watch this video and subscribe to this YouTube channel for more I'm very much aware that my favorite subject in landscape photography is represented by the forest so I thought why not coming to the forest making a photoshoot and showing you these mistakes and how to correct the b-roll that you're gonna see today it's going to be shot on this it's the aka mm gimbal from feiyu tech it's a tool that I absolutely warm my heart I think I'm in love with this tool I will use it as much as possible and I think my video will go next level with this I feel a million i but I can just see you know it's just chill you love our kids before we begin the talk make time to use the comment section below and tell me what mistakes are you making in your photography and after that make sure to watch the video to see what I think are the most common mistakes when England's gay photography inside the forest the first mistake is that you have too much in your further if you enter the forest with a wide-angle lens be very careful what you include in your photos sometimes having the entire landscape in your photos may look good sometimes it makes harder for the viewer to realize what you're trying to photograph over there a simple way to correct this mistake is to zoom in on your point of interest or subject and then slowly zooming out as elements are entering your photo you start asking yourself is this element needed is this element needed this way you can very easily decide if an element it's needed or not for a composition and it also trains your eye and trains your brain to understand how to compose subjects and elements inside the forest the second mistake is the lack of a strong composition and you get care instead people usually think that inside the forest it's very hard to find strong compositions mainly because everything in front of you it's trees trails and forests or big fallen trees can form interesting and powerful leaning lines so you have to learn to observe these and to use them in your photos let's find two compositions one where the trail is the main leading line and then where we find the following tree and use the trunk of the fallen tree to create a compelling and interesting composition here we have a very interesting situation where the trail kind of goes like this and then it switches to the right and then a little bit to the left it's not gonna be the strongest leading line that you can find in the forest but it's going to be a powerful way in which you can emphasize the road and we can emphasize the forest seems that I'm not going to find the fallen tree I don't know why but I didn't find the fallen tree mistake number three is a poor understanding of light there are two situations one you can be in the forest and there is light everywhere find subjects that are in light and try to surround them with darkness right now the Sun has exited clouds and as you can see there are spots of light everywhere so I will concentrate only on this tree and have the darkness of the forest help me separate the second situation is a moment like this where we have an overcast day or a foggy situation in the forest where the light is kind of diffused and that is the moment when you can also use a wide-angle lens and you can use basically tunnels of darkness that will lead the attention towards light over here we have a situation where there is this tunnel of darkness as you can see and this tunnel leads to the area where there is light and I think this is a very interesting way in which you can photograph the forest because it helps focus the eye towards the destination state number for close-ups of elements that are not interesting just like in the case where you're using the wide-angle lens and you frame everything include too much you can also use a telephoto and include small elements that are not interesting it's the same error the same mistake what you need to do is to focus yourself on elements that are interesting trees or other elements of the forest that have interesting shapes you also have to pay close attention to the background of this shape because if the background is lighter it will draw the attention from the subject another good thing would be to use an open aperture just to have the background blurred in this way you have a much more better separation between the subject and the background the state number five is not using to polarize an in situation like this where there is no actual sunlight the Sun is not visible but there is a diffuse line also in foggy situations people don't use the polarizer I think it's a very big mistake even though the light is diffused the direction of the light it's visible it's readable and that is why the polarizer works and also the leaves as you can see them on her they're having some shininess on them so use the polarizer rotators if it's working it's working if it's not you decide by yourself and mistake number six which is a bonus make sure you choose the perfect location as you can see the four is where I am right now it's pretty interesting it's not a boring forest but if you have a forest with narrow trails trees are very close to each other Kass trees that are not interesting enough you have trails that are only straight you don't have windings you only have clutter then that would be a very bad or is to photograph in these were the five mistakes and I wanted to talk about please use the comment section below and tell me if you also do these mistakes if you made other mistakes just share your story in comments below and until next time bye bye

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  1. Good instruction. May I offer the idea of giving yourself the time to compose. You well suggest it but racking a zoom is way too easy. I sometimes find myself in a hurry even though I have many hours. Lots of time I forget to check elevation. If I catch myself, I turn and look away, maybe walking in circles, and breathe. Not for everyone, but it works for me.

  2. I used to shoot alot of landscapes, but pretty happy that by the end I wasn't doing many mistakes – kinda makes me wanna go out and shoot a few now

  3. Congratulations on the AK2000. I just bought one on Monday, received it Tuesday, and had a chance to balance and play around with it, but haven't shot anything with it yet.Really looking forward to it. Yeah, I still have problems trying to shoot in the forest, mainly because most of the forests around me are so cluttered. But I'm working on it. Hey Toma, check out my 5-10 challenge I came up with, just posted the video on it on my channel today. I'd like to see you run through it and see what you come up with. Plus, a five minute walk might make for good use of your new gimbal. 🙂

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