Hello friends! In this video, how to make funny SQUISHY milk from paper DIY crafts | DIY PAPER SQUISHY | HOW TO MAKE A SQUISHY WITHOUT FOAM | Julia DIY How to make a squishy without foam – 3D Milk Paper Squishy DIY PAPER Squishies! How to make a squishy DIY MILK SQUISHY – how to make a paper squishy – 3D SQUISHY DIY PAPER SQUISHY WITHOUT MEMORY FOAM OR STUFFING one way you can make big and small 3D Milk Paper Squishy These are amazing crafts that easily restore their shape! take a sheet of A4 paper note 6, 12, 18, 24, 25,5 cm draw vertical lines note 1,5, 5,5 , 15,5, 19,5 cm draw horizontal lines then repeat the lines as shown Now we draw the cover of the milk pack – the heart and other elements Be sure to draw kawai faces Further we do the inscription MILK now paint the cover 3D Milk Paper Squishy now paste the paper completely scotch cut out turn and fold the folds glue adhesive tape form a square shape fold the top of the milk pack and glue together takes the sponge and separates the hard part one sponge cut into small pieces small pieces of sponge to put in SQUISHY milk then connect three of the sponge and also put in SQUISHY milk connect the bottom of the milk package and glue with tape make the same small 3D Milk Paper Squishy With an awl, make holes at the top and insert a key chain please note-the bottom of the milk package is not completely sealed squishy paper, paper squishy, 3d paper squishy, squishy, 3d squishy, diy paper squishy, how to make a squishy, how to make a paper squishy, 3D Milk Paper Squishy, 3d squishy paper, DIY MILK SQUISHY, how to make a squishy without foam, 3d squishy milk, how to make a paper, 3D diy, paper squishy collection, diy squishy no foam, diy, How To make, squishy diy, paper squishy ideas, Julia diy, diy squishy, how to make paper squishy, how to squishy, milk squishy, squishy milk

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  5. Its so easy and adorable! Thank you for this tutorial and the exact measurements were really helpful! Mine turned out amazing! ❤️❤️

  6. Awesomeness video. Seen ur first video. A big fan of ur. ….. u are killing on YouTube. U are becoming my inspiration. …..

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