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Diddy and Charlamagne Tha God discuss the importance of ownership at #REVOLTSummit

Diddy and Charlamagne Tha God discuss the importance of ownership at #REVOLTSummit

mine I think my intention and I also the urgency of it is you know I've just been doing a lot of self reflecting and growing and going from me to we and really looking at history and and seeing how things haven't really changed enough how like Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X and Martin Luther King are really talking about the same problems that we're still encountering today so my intention is before I leave this earth that you know I played my part to make a change I don't want the same conversation and the same story to be ground whole day and the same like whining and complaining and moaning and went this way that we gotta go and take us we gotta go and power ourselves and we have a responsibility that if people opened up the doors for us like Russell Simmons Barry Gordy on her L weathers Spike Lee John Singleton that we have when we get a chance that we have to make sure that we make it better for the people coming behind us and not and and that's my intention when I wake up every morning I'm like I feel I feel a a clearer sense of purpose that I wanna play my part with everybody in here to make a difference so 10 years 20 years from now we now start talking about the same problems that that we're taking this momentum that we have now and where we're elevating and we're taking it to the next level and we're working together and we're understanding the power that we have we're the most magical on the Box alone earth absolutely you

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  1. Fuck this snake nigga puff. He better pay wolf's mother, the money he owed before Wolf was murdered. Check out Gene deal channel, puffs former bodyguard break it down

  2. You know it's crazy now that Nipsey Hussle is dead and gone..and Nipsey was the one sharing this information about ownership and other rapper didn't care to explain this before or share..but now Nipseys gone..they want to act like they sharing good advice to now make themselves look good

  3. DIDDYS A PUNK BITCH, PLS COME SLAP ME AND GIVE ME A CAREER. 😭 😭 😭 all real niggas get slapped by diddy if yall aint know

  4. I wrote a rap dance song for you Diddy. I produced and recorded a reference track.🔥 It's truly a New York anthem that really exemplifies your excellence. Where can I send?
    1m 1 like Reply

  5. Diddy a fake ass snake, got more blood on his hands than most..

    dont get it confused young cats, this guy is just tryna wash his hand ask yo parents about Diddy.

    this interview aint nothin but charlamange coming out the closet 😂

  6. All talk and no action….all a distraction…chokenojoke was right about these suspect broken wrist gatekeepers in the entertainment industry😮

  7. They setting these niccas up to get the people to vote…now they all come out from hibernation… Next obama will appear….

  8. Puffy will never tell game he just drop nuggets barely he wants to be the only one Big !30 years later now you helping nah bro !He so fake you are no Nipsey boo !You a regular greedy mf!

  9. Biggie should’ve been in that chair Sad this guy had something to do with his death and took mans fame This guys was just the backup dancer SMH. Puffy’s fake

  10. You wanted to f$&$n' walk around these roaches
    These niggas is roaches
    These niggas is mere motherf^%@$^n' mortals
    I'm tryna push you to supreme bein'
    You don't wanna motherf$%^&n'
    You don't wanna embrace your destiny
    You wanna get by
    You don't wanna go into the motherf^%$^n' dark
    Where it's lonely
    You can't handle the motherf^&$&*$', the pain
    Of the motherf$#$&:=' not knowin' when the shit is gonna stop

  11. Remember Charlamagne told Kanye not focus on business n getting royalty checks for his daughter cause nobody cares n that we just want Kanye to focus on ‘Making great music’, remind you this the same dude who own books n preach ownership now.

  12. My top two rappers of all time:Pac and 50. But these two don't really like Diddy. Nothing personal but it's just no coincidence some must be off this nigga

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