It is very easy to make these flowers We use coloured A4 paper sheet to make this flower You can set them in a flower vase, decorate wall.. Here we have a paper piece of length is 30 C.M. and breadth is 10 C.M. Draw margins of width 0.5 C.M. on both sides of the paper Then cut into very small strips between the margins Cut the paper using a knife each strip of width below 0.5 C.M. After completing cutting…paper looks nice Please be very careful during cutting Use the knife which we use to cut thermocol Place the paper on a cutting board before cutting ok..Then let’s look how we make the flower First step is to make a stem for the flower for that we use green coloured A4 paper sheet Then we have to make the calyx and leaves of the flower For that we use green Crepe paper pieces For calyx length of the paper is 15 C.M. and breadth is 5 C.M. For leaves, two paper pieces of length 15 C.M and breadth 2 C.M. Roll the paper with the help of a tube… Please try to make this flower…It’s very easy Please don’t forget to subscribe and to press bell icon. So …see you soon with another beautiful video…bye

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