Dark Secrets The Cast Of Desperate Housewives Tried To Hide

While the plotlines of the ABC primetime soap,
Desperate Housewives, were often scandalous and ridiculous, the real lives of the performers
off-set were often even more gossip-worthy than their characters’. Here are the darkest secrets from Wisteria
Lane — and beyond. “We were like on for a decade, and we did
24 episodes, we fully mined those characters.” “And you guys all hate each other now, right?” Eva Longoria married French-born NBA superstar
Tony Parker in 2007, and things seemed to be fine and dandy…until they weren’t. She filed for divorce in 2010, citing “irreconcilable
differences,” but there were rumors that Parker had been unfaithful. “Why is everyone on my back about this. I will deal with my loss my way, ok.” Longoria later confirmed the gossip on The
Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet — saying she discovered hundreds of intimate texts
between Parker and the ex-wife of one of his teammates. The Desperate Housewives cultural juggernaut
was at its peak when Vanity Fair tapped the main cast for its cover in 2005. During the photo shoot, however, things got
ugly. In order to keep the headliners happy, a rep
from ABC reportedly told the magazine to keep Teri Hatcher from acting like she was the
quote, “star.” “Oh I’m sorry I’m just back from a run, and
on my way out and kinda busy right now.” But despite their efforts, Hatcher arrived
early to get first crack at outfits, and then wound up in the center of a photo. When Marcia Cross realized Hatcher had been
given the star treatment after all, she reportedly stormed off the set. “Well, I don’t know what to say.” “I know it’s upsetting.” “Yes it is.” One of the most salacious plots on the show
was also one of its first: the affair between Longoria’s Gabrielle Solis and Jesse Metcalf’s
John Rowland. But in real life, Metcalfe’s romantic life
was almost as embarrassing as it was on the show — at least, that is, according to his
ex. In her book, I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends,
Courtney Robertson claimed that after meeting at an L.A. house party in the mid-2000s, she
and Metcalf dated for a while, even though Robertson says Metcalfe was quote “pretty
average” in the bedroom. Their relationship ended in 2007, when Metcalfe
entered rehab, consistent with Robertson’s recollection that he admitted to having substance
abuse troubles and would “disappear for days at a time.” Vanessa Williams had a long, varied career
before she joined the cast of Desperate Housewives. She was nominated three times for an Emmy
for her role on ABC’s Ugly Betty, and before that, she had a wildly successful singing
career, with huge hits like “Save the Best for Last” and “Colors of the Wind.” And all of that, after Williams was named
Miss America in 1984. “Jean, you’re talking to a woman who gave
herself salmonella to lose ten pounds before prom. Beauty is suffering. Now, tighter.” Not only is she the most famous Miss America
of all time, she was also the first African-American woman to win the title — and the first to
have to give up her crown due to a photo scandal. “The potential harm to the pageant, and the
deep division that a bitter fight may cause, has convinced me that I must relinquish my
title as Miss America.” While working as a photographer’s assistant
two years before the pageant, Williams posed for what she thought were some artful, intimate
shots for her boss’s portfolio. She told People, “He assured me that none of the photographs
would ever leave the studio.” Except they did, when her slimy former boss
sold them to Penthouse. Nicollette Sheridan has been romantically
linked with some of the most deliciously cheesy names of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s — including
teen idol Leif Garrett, Charles in Charge star Scott Baio, L.A. Law hunk Harry Hamlin,
and soft rock superstar Michael Bolton. But probably the least famous beau she’s been
with is a Swedish stuntman named Niklas Soderblom. She first approached him in a Malibu coffee
shop in 2003, and a year later, he proposed. Shortly thereafter, Soderblom has alleged,
things got weird. He says Sheridan was prone to temper tantrums
and wouldn’t let him sleep in her bedroom, because she’d lock herself in there with her
dog and eat ice cream all night. “Let’s be honest with ourselves Edie we haven’t
been happy in a long time. Who are you to tell me I haven’t been happy,
you miserable son of a b—-.” These and other claims were made in Soderblom’s
memoir, Desperate Houseman. Oh, and they never did get married. In March, 2019, FBI implicated 50 people in
“Operation Varsity Blues,” a sting that revealed a huge plot by wealthy tycoons and Hollywood
types to get their kids into top universities through a variety of shady and illegal methods. A man named William Singer reportedly led
the operation, allegedly bribing college entrance exam proctors, paying surrogates to take tests
for the kids, and convincing college coaches to insist that some kids were athletic recruits,
and thus, increasing their odds of acceptance. A number of prominent people were arrested,
including Full House star Lori Loughlin and Desperate Housewives Emmy-winner Felicity
Huffman. Prosecutors allege that Huffman and her husband,
actor William H. Macy — who was not charged — reportedly spent $15,000 to get their
eldest daughter unlimited S.A.T. testing time. Huffman was arrested at her Los Angeles home
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  1. Everyone seems to forget Kathryn Joosten final interview before she died after the show ended she said nicolette Sheridan was always late to set and not the nicest person she also said the four main housewives were spoil and talked to no one when the cameras were off

  2. Wow Marcia Cross was clean no dark secrets except when she had cancer went into remission. Im happy she doing ALOT better. How ironic considering the character she played probably held more dark secrets then the rest of the ladies. LOL 😁

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