Country Singer Says Scammers Are Fooling Her Superfans

she’s a music star now authorities say a number of her fans have been targeted by a scammer pretending to be the singer conning one man to send the scammer hundreds of thousands of dollars now the angry singer is speaking out to Inside Edition this Grammy winning singer is devastated her identity has been stolen and now thousands of fans have been scammed into thinking she’s in a financial crisis and getting a divorce even though she’s happily married do you feel like you’re living a nightmare it’s so sad and disheartening that you know people have lost their life fortune or they’ve left their wife and it’s it’s very distressing the scammer posted popular bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent’s photos on social media and pleaded with her superfans to send money ASAP how convincing are they they’re very convincing I don’t know what they’re saying to these people but it is so convincing and they you know it’s like they don’t want to believe that it’s not me Ramona Barnes fell for the scam herb her husband she said it had taken the checkbook and the credit cards and the band was hungry they wanted to get something to eat and she needed a hundred dollars and I said of course but the most embarrassing was the social media posting in which Rhonda was falsely portrayed as the other woman you got a call from one of the victims wives what did she say are you sending my husband naked photos and I would I would just never I am mortified that someone would think that I would even do that one guy was actually duped out of his life savings $500,000 he said money thinking he’s helping me get my divorce and they told him on Thursday that the divorce was final Friday he left his wife Saturday he came to that show to take me home and start our life together the FBI is investigating do you feel so violated absolutely I feel violated I feel just anger and I’m just so just hurt you [Music]

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  1. If someone is struggling you don’t have to give them all of the money you have so then you’re the next person struggling 🤦‍♀️

  2. Who here didn’t fall for the scam? Bruh u can tell those would be fake pages bc it wouldn’t have verify on it to tel us that it’s a fake account 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  3. Reminds me of that dr phil episode where the guy was being catfished by multiple people pretending to be Miranda Lambert.

  4. My grandfather got scammed out of his prescription medicines which landed him in the hospital fighting for life or death as we speak smh

  5. DO NOT send money 2 people over the internet! Your 💰 is your 💰. If u automatically assume its a scam, u will b better off.

  6. Every year she comes to the campground I camp at and she sings. Very sweet lady very sad to see this happening. I hope they find who it is.

  7. I’m sorry that scammers targeted this lady’s fans—she seems nice. But how stupid do people have to be to be bilked out of $500k?!

  8. Ok the scammer didnt ruin a marriage. The man divorced his wife and sent 500,000$ so he could marry someone else so the marriage was already dead.

  9. The guy who lost $500000, left his wife, and believing Rhonda would run away with him is a victim of riotous stupidity!

  10. This is the case of FBI, I'm just finding it hard to believe this story. Wow! How can you send 500,000 dollars to someone who don't know and left your wife too, now that he had been scammed will the wife take him back.🤷🏿‍♀️

  11. The question I have is after sending her all the money cause he knew she had no money, how were they going to live? They were both broke.

  12. Scammers have been like kill one and another one pops up..its so disgusting. Hope they catch these low life people..I have been scammed myself and its horrible.

  13. I dont condone the way they did it but I hope the FBI give em a slap on the wrist. Those agents have to have a human side and laugh at this just like a normal human being. What do you expect them to do about YOUR dumb choice? In this world of information to get caught up like this, you gots ta be dumb.

  14. I dont believe her i think she is involved in it they said he sent nudes of her to him how else would they get nudes of her i kno shes behind all this

  15. Wtf. Giving some one your life saving of $500,000 dollars and leaving your wife the next day
    That guy is going to kill himself after he find out

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