Cola Boyy: Smoke ’em got ’em (Official Video)

Tell us who you are and where you’re from Okay My name is Cola Boyy, I’m from Oxnard, California Yeah, 805! When I was a kid, my parents got me one of those kiddy drum sets, when I was 8 or 9 I could do a beat here and there, but I mean… I didn’t really get focused with it until junior high during which I picked up guitar that was my main thing Really, the simple beginning guitar stuff you know… Metal, rock’ n’ roll stuff I got really into The Ramones around 8th grade so… Things like that. There’s something beautiful I think in every struggling community in the world. And this happens to be where we’re from so we’re doing what we’re doing… What is going on? Just tell me what’s happening right now or just happened? My friends right now, we’re out at Shim’s liquor store, they spotted an I.C.E. [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] vehicle with two I.C.E. agents We already know about the spot Send the picture anyway We’re talking about the same place Oh my God Just tell them “Please join us for our next open meeting we need more people who are interested in in helping us stop I.C.E.” Oxnard is the strawberry capital of the world. People come for the Strawberry Festival to enjoy the fruits, no pun intended, of the labour, but they don’t pay attention to people who are actually working in the fields, breaking their backs for no money. You know, they are treated like shit by the City, by the State, the Police Their job is to keep black and brown people “in line” you know. The effects of capitalism have a major part in everything that we experience. Now I can see it’s very – with me being a disabled person and how society treated me Therefore, the music I make is a representation of my experiences. When I was a kid, I didn’t think anybody would ever love me, or like I can be with a girl or like anybody would give a fuck about me. I’ve always thought that… until I realized that was bullshit and had my first relationship or whatever… With “Penny Girl”, the song itself is very upbeat, and everybody’s like Whenever I tell people the lyrics to they’re like “Oh what the fuck, that’s what it’s about! Wow!” ♪ And if I can’t convey my love ♪ maybe the stars will take their course ♪ If the zodiac wastes my love ♪ I know I’ll die the loneliest ♪ I know I’ll die the loneliest When it says “I’d die the loneliest” I bring that up a lot in my music because I felt a lot times in my life I’ve been very close to death because of medical reasons you know. I have another song called “Prosthetic Boombox” and I say “don’t make a big deal but I’m not gonna live so long You know I feel that I might die, somebody wouldn’t want to invest the time you know They know like “Oh, you might you can die at any moment!” so why do they want to commit… That’s kind of a recurring thing for my songs and my lyrics I think so. Like when I was in my thoughts, I could hide things about me, or I thought I can people wouldn’t recognize the things about me that are different, but as I grew older, I realized there’s no hiding in it. I wanna meet more disabled people that I can relate to, and connect to, I wanne see a lot of capitalist pig motherfuckers get what they deserve, and I wanna see Oxnard not be gentrified. And I would like to just make records, more records write songs and work with people, I love working with other people. That’s all I care about, it’s the people. And to me, at this moment in my life, I see what I’m doing as an extension of the struggle that I’m a part of with other people. So… yeah, be true to what I believe in, and what I stand for, and write really good songs of course! ♪ If you want her back Say ♪ If you want her back Say ♪ Oh no ♪ I’ve gotta run ♪ Oh no ♪ He’s not the one ♪ I know ♪ That’s why I made it known ♪ Yes I made it known… That was awesome! That sounded great

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  1. Wtf I'm not sure to understand all of it, can somebody explain it to me? I'm French and I'm not sure if I understand or not. Is it a troll or something?

  2. I could see him collaborating with Tyler the creator. His funky style while Tyler is rapping. Shit would sound amazing.

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