Classical Musicians React: SHINee ‘U Need Me’

James: Oh ohohohohohoh
Melissa: Oh my god that is so cool James: hohohohohoho Isaac: Yes finally we’re back Umu: So now you’re reacting to the five member group shinee and a b-side off of their album one of one released in 2016 The lyrics are a confession of love The song is a man saying he’ll be anything the woman needs someone who can bring her out of the darkness into the light Can help her find her way home when she is lost all The track features Henrik Linder from the Swedish band dirty loops on bass This song is composed by Andreas Oberg, Simon Petren, Maja Keuc, Gustav Karlstrom Cloud: Three Two ONE Cloud: Oh…They just like took it all away! and then gave it back Henry: Aw that’s a really good use of silence Aaron: HMN Aaron: I thought we paused it
Nick: are there gaps in the audio or Umu: No
Nick: ok cuz it sounds like my- Aron: That’s what it kind of sounds like
Nick: it sounds like my headphones are getting disconnected James: HOohohohohohoho
Melissa: OH THATWAScool James: *the santa jumps out* James: They fuckin with us now
Melia: oh did you hear that like chromaticism That they like didn’t need. That was so cool Stephen: That was nice ear candy
Seiji: Yeah, this is very jazz pop Kevin: Okay wUT
Isaac: dodododododo Kevin: Ah! hints of Married to the Music in the melodic line and the harmonies Kevin: Do do DEEDa Cloud: Yeah Henry: Yo Henry: this is so smart James: This is so good Melissa: I think I’ll put this on my playlist
James: OH my god Stephen: Man this is such a nice inner loop like harmonically
Seiji: also with the bass players doing Stephen: yeah
Seiji: he’s like hardly ever playing like one and three Fiona: So nice Daniel: I feel like there’s all these weird like timbrel push and pulls like Fiona: Ting!
Daniel: RRRRUH Daniel: You know it really uses thats (F:yeah) this dynamic contrast Stephen: It’s interesting the kind of grooves and things that they’re using because it doesn’t ever give a sense of feeling settled or secured Henry: Yeah, Elizabeth: Ohh There’s like some like Poseidon swimmin in there. That’s like
Henry: BRRRR…..OH Elizabeth: like oscillating,
Henry: *found dead* Elizabeth: *sweats* Elizabeth: I missed reacting with you
Henry: what? Isaac: This is so confusing, but so pleasant at the same time where we goin? Melissa: wow
James: oh Melisma leading into a different key area Nick: That’s interesting how a lot of the percussion just repeats but it’s unlike a every Probably four or eight bars depending on how you write this out There’s like this weird chwinggg sound that’s really high that comes in Henry: OHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHH WHOA
Elizabeth: GET THAT TRUCK DRIVER MODULATION Henry: That is some way to do a key change, holy crap That’s not easy to do no not for the singers that’s so cool Henry: OH… OHHHHHHHH So GOoD Umu: what did you like about the bass thing H: Okay, it was all up and down the neck first of all *bass noises* going way high and way low super cool. He also played a five string so you can just be *noise* which is cool that he has the extra low B. This okay, this is actually something that I really appreciated about this that you can’t get really through editing it just has to be like you grooving really fucking hard and that is making Straight eighth notes still sound kind of swung because like that chromatic line that you’re talking about that They weren’t just going duh duh duh duh dut That it was like buh buh buh buh, buh. There’s like a difference There is a difference like they were just grooving extraordinarily hard and it was like just a, just a little just a little, just a little, just a, right on the, a little swing. Yeah, it’s really good James: Do I need to say anything? I will Melissa: Yes, you’re on a react channel
J: But like I know, I’m sorry Just the way, in every aspect of the song like it had something to say harmonically like people who are fluent in jazz theory. They just know how to take you into these other worlds of harmonic like weirdness craziness. The rate at which those harmonies change are usually so fast as was the case in the song that it really leaves you like waAh. It was like really cool, and the way they did it wasn’t always just like chords, like there was some really cool like electronic quiet interjections like in between vocal lines like riffs that like like it’s like a little like a microcosm for like Ooh, cool change. Ooh cool change, and like they were just like so many different levels MMM It was a lot it was a lot but it was really really really fucking good Kevin: When I first heard duh duh duh duh duh dut, the first time I’m like, oh no, it’s one of those weird chromatic ones and like Sometimes when I get these chromatic songs, I’m like, oh no, there’s not gonna be anything for me to latch onto And I’m not gonna like it because it’s too confusing and there wasn’t much latch on to on first listen And it was confusing, but I also liked it So that’s just the power of SHINee and our, our beautiful composers I: Yes
K: I guess
I: It’s so spontaneous that every turn of The section is just a whole new, whole new color added to it, there’s new dimensions that are added on or being explored I thought it was really nice that they put in the G major 7 where the- or reverse G major 7 duh duh de duh But then they didn’t do the B flat after K: Whatever
I: The giant steps
K: Its giant steps That’s a jazz standard I: Look into it. It’s actually really cool.
K: Yeah Fiona: I like that ba da ba da ba da ba baa da how they play with the ding! sound pretty cool, so many textures in the background of this Daniel: Yeah, I felt like – well at first it was disorienting because just the way how the music cuts off abruptly and it makes you think that there’s something wrong with the computer, but then you start to realize that’s sort of the sort of the vibe that they’re going for. They just like add these sporadically, almost, these other sounds contrasting sounds and these textures and these voices and that makes you feel like uhm, when you’re halfway through the song that it sounds like, you know a musical style It’s such a (F: Wow) overused trope, you know but it’s just like… you just you have like all these different types of fruits or like, or like vegetables and then um, as the song keeps going however, I started to realize that a lot of the mixtures that I thought were sporadic were actually used over and over again So by the end I felt like it became predictable in a way where these sparkie sort of interruptions lost their pull almost Henry: *intense sigh of joy* Umu: Fun fact, they origionally didn’t have the modulation at the end and an A&R said, ‘you know what SHINee can do it, put in a modulation’ Cloud: And they’re like, not only are we gonna pull one in it’s not just gonna be like up a half-step Here we go again folks like-
H: nO they use that chromatic line to get into it (C: They like literally!) and like the last the last one of that that Motive was slightly different like oh that’s that’s interesting And then they switch everything up with it to make that the new the new harmony like the new Harmony underneath the whole thing.
It was so cool, that was so so cool C: yeah, any like chromatic line that they did, they were, it was like very unexpected H: Especially some of the vocal harmonies, who did you say composed this? Umu: This is by Andreas Oberg, uhh Simon Petren H: My gosh
U: Geustav Karlstrom and H: Oh my gosh
U: Maja Keuc H: Just-
C: There was a lot going on in that one too where you’re like my ears are just like trying to listen to everything at once and you’re like not really sure what to focus on because the base is so swaggy, but there’s like all this other stuff happening on top and like
H: that’s that just convinces me more When (C: It was a lot) like Sweden and Korea coop, like cooperate together collaborate and they make like, they literally rule the world think Super Smash Bros Melee armada, leffen and, like who else? I’m just thinking like Swedish (C: Armada’s Sweedish??) arma- armada is Swedish I think Anyhow, this song was really really cool. I like the chromatic vocal lines. I liked all the little vocal harmonies they put in there I wish I could listen to it a couple more times and pick out like what exactly they’re doing there as far as the chords It was too quick a listen for me too to- to hear that Also that middle part with the rap. Did you listen to the slap bass in there? the slap bass
C: Yes
H: hooOOo C: Yess
H: hoOOO
C: I wish that I- yeah C: Yeah, I can’t do that
H: So cool

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  2. Trombone Henry and Tenor Henry are such big moods this reaction vid. I absolutely felt all of that; SHINee just brings it out of ya.

  3. The video on 9:55: Up next Shinee Up & Down
    Me: *screaming

    Curious to see what you guys think of it. Also I don't think other channel ever made reaction to that song since it's from an old album~

  4. To be really honest, there's NO SHINee's song that i didn't enjoy. Like all their songs are sooo different yet all of them scream "SHINee!!".. love them!!

  5. Yes we need you smart people to explain SHINee music because there's always something smart and confusing happening and we only let the goodness hit us whithout knowing whats going on THANK YOU

  6. Umu, do you mind to do reaction on taeyeon's "Into the Unknown"? I know it is not her song and not purely kpop, I just wanna know how you guys breakdown the song and her vocal techniques. Thanks

  7. I love how many SHINee songs you guys react to. They're the group that got me into kpop back in 2009 and I'm so happy that their bsides are still getting the attention they deserve.

  8. My favorite line in this video "you know what, SHINee can do it".
    Hell yess they can do it. My music kings are flawless when it comes to music (or dancing, or looks, producing, writing, fashion,… basically anything).

  9. FINALLY! When I first heard U Need Me I just KNEW that itd be a great song to react to for these peeps. The ending was super effing good and I loved the snap in-and-out of the intro. Also, Henry, that was my energy the WHOLE time of this song "you just gotta be jammin" and "Whaaaaaaaa"

  10. Please, classical musicans react to: BTS (방탄소년단) Intro: Persona + 상남자(Boy In Luv) + 작은 것들을 위한 시(Boy With Luv) + 소우주 + Dionysus @ 2019 MMA <- it's in BangtanTV channel. It lasts 37' though so… yeah, it's long!

  11. omg I'm SO excited for the up and down video. My 11 year old self and 19 yr old self is screeching simultaneously.
    Also umu, it'd be so cool to see a video of the reactors showing off their own playlists. hearing one of the reactors talking about how they'll put this song makes me curious to see what songs are in musician's playlists!! just something for you to consider !
    also feeling shameful as a shawol for not knowing that this song existed till today lol

  12. Can you react to AOA's recent comeback or Brown Eyed Girl's newest releases "Sorrow" or "Wonder woman"???

    Thank you, really love ur vids😊😊

  13. Whhhhhhhuuuut?
    I miss SHINee so much..

    Thank you… appreciate this videos so much…

  14. Quality wise Shinee and EXO are clearly more… Polished? I'm not saying they're better but they are the best at owning the quality their music delivers and damn, that's a lot of quality. Probably because the group is more complete when it comes to talent and training idk

  15. Woow I loove this, this whole album is amazing, and the next video, well…Up and Down is like a whole experience, good or bad, it's an experience and it's definitely different, I'm really interest on their reactions

  16. Tenor Henry: This is so smart!
    James: This is so good!
    Me: SHINee's music is awesome!

    Your analysis and reactions are WOW! Trombone Henry's mini screams are such a mood 😂 Thank you for introducing me to this song (new Shawol here).

  17. I looooove when trombone Henry gets excited about Kpop songs! Sometimes he very obviously ISN'T into the song, to the point I always get surprised he's still into reacting, and then other times he's totally HERE for it–like this one!!!

  18. 왓??? 아니 언제 또 샤이니 영상을 올리셨어요?!?! 정말 감사합니다!! 저는 개인적으로 1of1 앨범에서 Don’t stop을 제일 좋아해요. 가사도 좋구 음악도 좋구!! 이 영상 역시 자막 기다리고 있겠습니다 히히😊

  19. see? 🙂 i told you.
    idk why it took so long for you to get to shinee and taemin and such.
    because they clearly love it. :') please do more in the future~

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