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Classical Musicians React: Se So Neon ‘The Wave’

Classical Musicians React: Se So Neon ‘The Wave’

Umu: So now you are reacting to a K-indie group called Se So Neon. There are three members, and they got their name from a design magazine but discovered later it was the name of a children’s magazine, which translates to “the new kids”. The lyrics for the song are sparse and poem-like, with the focus on the instrumentals. Hit it, boy! I’m sorry. Peyton: Okay, boy! Peyton: Yeah, real drums! Jarod: Yeah! Cymbals! Collin: Indie! Indie!
Jarod: Super indie. Stephen: Woo! Seiji: This is old school. Man, it’s like a good old rock album. It’s nice. Stephen: Yeah, this is solid. Kevin: I’m excited to hear where they take this. Because having this sound is novel, but if they don’t do a good job with it, it’s gonna… Okay. Seiji: Yeah, it’s like an AC/DC type of sound. Like ‘Black Dog’, almost.
Stephen: Yeah.
Seiji: It’s kind of cool. Collin: oh, where you goin? Peyton: Yeah! Oh! Yes! Yo! I love this! This guy sounds like Childish Gambino off that one album…I can’t remember it no Yeah! Stephen: This is a really hard groove, man. This is a really sick song. Seiji: Yeah, it’s a good band, you know?
Stephen: Yeah.
Seiji: Sounds like a good band. Henry: I like the transitioning back and forth between…. It starts on…it’s kind of an E but also kind of a B, depending on the section. Elizabeth: I like the…sorry.
Henry: No, what were you gonna say?
Elizabeth: I like the the offbeats in the electric guitar. Henry: Those upstrokes?
Elizabeth: Yeah.
Henry: Yeah, those are cool. Peyton: Wooo! I love this. (whistling) Kevin: G minor, F minor. Hell, yeah. Now they go straight to E.
Isaac: (singing) Isaac: (singing)
Kevin: That’s awesome. This is very enjoyable. Stephen: I like how they’re just not afraid to sit on one five, and just see where it organically goes. K-pop is great, but sometimes there’s so much being thrown at you that it just…it’s forgettable sometimes. Like, not all the time, but sometimes it is. And here, they’re just sticking with one thing, and then, I’m gonna remember that. Like, I would buy this song. Elizabeth: Ooh, I like this percussion break, here.
Henry: Yeah, including hand percussion. Jarod: Bling! Oh…okay. Collin: Are they gonna come back? They’re comin’ back. Henry: Nice bass playing. It’s like, very solid. Good tone. Nice sense of dynamics. I appreciate the light touch. Yeah. Stephen: That’s a cool polyrhythm, right there. Seiji: This video, though. That’s neat. Seiji: Man, you can really tell like…the musicianship really comes through. Stephen: Yeah.
Seiji: Cuz they’re staying with one motif and then going…even in the more improvised part. Seiji: Wow. Kevin: Oh, my God, it’s so distorted. It’s so distorted but mixed so low. It’s such a great combo. Jarod: Man, that guy is just riding that cymbal. Kevin: Ahh, I love this.
Isaac: Cymbals everywhere! Peyton: Oh, yeah. That’s like the best thing I’ve heard like, in ten songs. Henry: That’s so cool. Elizabeth: I definitely got like, eighties rock band vibes, cuz they had the synth that you…kind of like the Stranger Things synth goin’ in the background.
Henry: Yeah, they did have like a little Elizabeth: Yeah.
Henry: Yamaha thing goin’.
Elizabeth: So it was like, sort of a nod to that. And I was very interested in the fact that there really wasn’t that much vocals in this, and the last, at least minute and a half, really, was just the ensemble of instruments jamming out to each other.
Henry: Talkin’ to each other.
Elizabeth: Yeah. And playing in different rhythms from each other and repeating patterns that don’t line up exactly, so it was very creative. Seiji: I’m feeling a nice nostalgia to that.
Stephen: Sure, yeah, I get that. I loved it, I thought it was great. Out of all the songs that I’ve listened to so far doing this with you, it’s one of my favorites.
Seiji: It’s just really good.
Stephen: It’s just musical. They just…you stick with one thing, and then you just see like, where is this leading? Like where, logically, will it lead, and what are you hearing? It’s just a more exciting experience as a listener, you know? I remember that because they stuck with one thing, as opposed to like some of the other songs I listen to, and then I just forget them. Jarod: It was cool, but it felt like more of a collection of riffs versus a structure of like, here’s different sections. Even the vocals–there wasn’t a consistent melody that drove everything together. Collin: There was, yeah, there was nothing strong enough to like, just…the consistency. The continuity.
Jarod: Right, right, right.
Collin: Melodically, it wasn’t there. Jarod: It just felt kind of ambiguous.
Collin: Even though it kind of fit.
Jarod: Right, right, right. Collin: Yeah.
Jarod: Not to say that was disjunct or it was totally everywhere all the time, but just like, it just seemed like it was three or four minutes of just like groove and guitar solo, cuz he was goin’ ham.
Collin: Yeah. I mean, I saw, you know they had that crescendo? I wouldn’t say it’s totally a wave.
Umu: turbulent like… Jarod: Okay, it..
Collin: Tumultuous. Tumultuous.
Umu: maybe…what is it called, like past the wave? Rip tide. Did it feel like a rip tide? Jarod: Feel like a rip tide…
Collin: Was it sucking us in?
Umu: Where it pulls you out.
Jarod: I felt like when I went bodyboarding once, with… Umu: With my dad!
Jarod: With your dad. I remember…
Collin: This actually occurred? Jarod: This is actually occurred in San Diego, and like I got thrown into the sand by this wave. That’s kinda what that felt like. Where you’re just like, a wave throws you down
Collin: You ate it!
Jarod: and there’s…No, I did not make it. It was like…
Collin: No, ate it. Jarod: Oh, ate it. I thought you said made it, I’m like, oh yeah, I ate it. And like, you’re sliding in the sand, and you’re just like, oh, and you’re at the mercy of you know, this wave beating you to the ground. That’s kind of what this… Collin: What a analogy.
Jarod: It’s not like it was a bad thing, it was a rad thing. You’re like, “Oh, just ate sh*t, brah”, and you’re like, then get up and you swim back out to try it again. Isaac: Every time they play a minor triad with the guitar, it’s always the surfer vibe. (singing)
Kevin: Um-hmm. Isaac: We’re going on a surfing trip! What I thought about it: I thought it was very enjoyable.. Wow! That was very psychedelic. That was very cyclical. Everything just like washed… It really stuck to the name ‘The Wave’
Kevin: Um-hmm.
Isaac: So it comes and goes. It’s like high tide, it’s very violent. Yeah, there’s a lot of high waves. But then when it’s low tide, it’s like well, everything simmers down. Kevin: I really enjoyed this. On the production side, everything is so on-point, and they knew exactly the combination, the perfect balance between patience in building some of the stuff up, and kind of having the dynamics go in and out and the distortion go in and out, with that type of momentum.
Isaac: Um-hmm.
Kevin:That…when it eventually gets there, we feel like there’s a logical place. Peyton: I felt that the combination of the cinematography and the vibe that the music itself was kind of bringing, cuz it was, the drums were like intense and moving, but not in a way that was too much for the scene, you know? Like they were in the woods, or she was in the woods, and you know, there was like waves crashing around the rock. Like, as the music got more intense the weather started to kind of change a little bit, but she kind of kept a serious demeanor on her face the whole time, you know? The music and itself never got too, I don’t know, it just kind of stayed in this like, I guess, vibe, here, and it did so much within this space. I feel like with the effects they were using, it was so acoustic, but with just like, drops of electronics, like that (mimicking synths) but it was like synth, you know? I could tell that somebody was actually putting in the sounds, you know? Cuz you could just tell like that like somebody was recording that live, you know? And you could feel them feeding off of each other, and it just kept building. There was like this slow, I mean, just the patient it takes…the patience it takes to build that from the bottom up, and then to just, bwaaa!! I loved it. Hello everyone, I’m Umu, React to the K channel creator, and I like to thank you for watching this video. I really hope you enjoyed or learned something from it. If you’d like to support us or help React to the K grow, you can do so by visiting our Patreon, and help us out by pledging any amount you can. ‘Til next time.

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