Ding! Wow! You guys seemed to really enjoy our last episode that we did about eight months ago? Yup. So we’re gonna revisit this episode. As you all know, it’s a game people play… Um… When they like to drink. So… Ooh, what is this? Ooh! What do you think this is? Bubble tea! Mm! Actually the real reason why we made this video. Yeah. So we can… – We can drink bubble tea.
– We have an… An excuse. We have a list of new questions. And… If we have done… – I’m just gonna start.
– …It before, we sip. – So, you’re not allowed to sip yet.
– Yeah, okay, fine. And the questions are always as juicy as ever. First question is… Bro… – Mmm…
– Mmm… Mmm… Mmm… This video is about – Well, you have. It was that play school thing. You look so depressed in that TV show. There’s just a lady jumping behind you. Have I ever played on a TV show? – I don’t believe so. I think…
– Have you? They broadcasted me once. As part of the orchestra playing, – but that’s not really me playing on a TV show.
– TV show. Oh… – Okay.
– So I haven’t. Well, you don’t get a sip. Damn it! Oh, psch. Dude, all the time. Mmm! The number of times I went to like… Orchestra rehearsal. I forgot my music… Thought you were gonna say I forgot my violin. Which you have. Which I have. – And you have as well!
– I have, too. *Laughing* You’re not safe from that anymore. Oh my god. Dude, you did it in a concerto. Concert of your Barber concerto. It was the second movement. Barber violin concerto. The most gorgeous slow… Oboe… Melody. *Singing melody* Cha-boom! I knew it was coming. I heard like some laughs in the audience, I’m like… It came at the worst time as well. Nah. I just don’t – I’d just fake it. It’s actually pretty hard to get that lost though. Actually, no. You have. But it wasn’t you that got lost, – it was the soloist that got lost.
– That’s what I was gonna say. It depends. It could be the concertmaster that got lost. – The entry missed it.
– Yeah. Or the soloist that got lost. Yeah. And then you just like… You got lost. So it wasn’t that you got lost, but it’s just… – The orchestra kind of fell apart.
– Yes. Yes, so it’s not my fault. – Maybe it slipped in my hand and I caught it.
– Yeah. – I probably slipped or caught with my pinky.
– Yeah. – Or overshoot a bit.
– Yeah. I don’t recall it dropping. Cause I’ll remember. Yeah, nah, never happened. And I ****ing… I sightread the wrong key signature. And the whole orchestra stopped. It was Prokofiev Cinderella ballet. I was front desk inside… And it was second rehearsal, but I missed the first rehearsal. So people already know what it’s meant to sound like. I come in with… Da – Da – Da – Da – It was like… D minor but I played D major. *Laughing* Cause I didn’t know I had a solo. I was like, oh first day of rehearsal, I’m just… – Co-concertmaster.
– Yeah, you think the concertmaster have the solo. – I was like, I wouldn’t have a solo.
– Rarely, you have the second… Yeah, it’s not often that the second… But just showed that he didn’t know the music. Yeah, doesn’t know the music at all. But hey! I know you’re watching, you’re the same. – Yeah! Don’t judge me!
– Please don’t judge us. Hmm, ha, hmm. – Oh, all the time.
– Yeah. Mmm. Doesn’t mean I didn’t want to learn the violin. – Mmm!
– I just wanted to learn another instrument. I wanted to learn the French horn for a while. – When I was young.
– Why… Because I used to think it sounded really nice. But then I realized how… – Much effort?
– 90 percent of the time, it just sounds like it’s splitting. The learning curve to sounding good on the – French horn, it’s just…
– It’s so far and then you gotta… And then like the… Time it takes before you get to the… Da~La~La~ Is probably like 10 years. Yeah. And you also need to breathe a lot as well. – Yeah, that’s true.
– It’s a lot of effort. I don’t think I have the lung capacity for that. Yeah… Cardio, nah, not my thing. *Laughing* Gotta go – Well, you did the same thing. – Don’t judge us.
– Don’t judge us. What are you meant to say, like… Hey, I didn’t like your performance. Yeah. It was s***. The thing is… In uni, we have weekly workshops. So… Imagine like a department of a hundred string students and every week everyone’s just like you’re s***. – Yeah.
– You’re s***. – Everyone will hate each other.
– You’re s***, you’re… So it’s about constructive criticism. Yes. – And being supportive.
– You can’t just be like, I didn’t like it. – But, look, okay…
– Okay. But then again, we saying… We liked it, even though we didn’t… – Yeah…
– I guess… When do you be honest? And then can people handle honesty? Yeah, like imagine you have a – You’re like teaching a kid… – Yeah.
– Like a beginner. And it sounds really bad, but you’re like, oh nice work. – You’re like…
– You don’t go, “it’s s****”. The poor kid, he’s not gonna do it – He’s like “gonna give up”. I guess there’s a right time, right place. – Oh my god.
– Oh, bro. Mmm! If you don’t sip to this… Either you haven’t really played much in orchestra or you’re lying. You’re lying, yeah. Everyone has. Everyone has. If you’re gonna have like… 20 year career in orchestra, doing concerts every week… You’re going to come in wrong at least once. – More than once.
– Yes. – But at least once.
– Yeah. I think this applies to everything, like… If you’re a doctor for 40 years… You’re probably gonna mess up once. Yeah, you’re gonna mis-diagnose. – Yeah.
– At least once. You’re gonna screw up a surgery or whatever. – Yeah, I know.
– If you’re a dentist, you’re probably gonna pull out a wrong tooth at least… Like, it’s not good, you’re gonna have to explain. But… We’re human. You had to have one bad bubble tea sometimes from the same chain. You had a cockroach in your bubble tea once. – That was so disgusting.
– So disgusting. I remember drinking it… Headless – I felt this little like – – Urgh…
– Crunchy little piece in there and I was like what the hell? And I… You know… Spit it out and looked at it, and it’s like brown. but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. – And the next one was a wing?!
– And the next one was like a… Argh!!! It was a leg! – You can tell it’s a leg because there’s hair on it.
– Urgh!!! Urgh!!! I remember we had some alcohol that night. – Oh, we did! We disinfected –
– Disinfect it. Disinfect with whisky. See? I know Chris has… Oh, you have? Oh, during a concert could be… – Watching a concert, right?
– Oh… I thought it meant performing. – Oh, Nah, nah, nah. Yeah.
– Oh, dude. Definitely. We have a friend that did that. Yeah. He’s a cellist. *Laughing* Cause cello you can actually – fall asleep. You can lean on it and…
– You can kind of lean… But watching concert, yes. The first time I fell asleep during a concert was… It was music camp. – Mhm…
– So music camp, you have rehearsals all day. – Yeah.
– It’s going full-on for like two weeks, just super tired. Everyone’s staying up late… To socialize afterwards cause you know, you want to make friends. There’s staff chamber music concert. – And you have to go, Yeah.
– Yeah. And then it’s like they’re playing the nicest Schubert string quartet, and I have a theory… When you’re tired, if the performance is bad, you can’t fall asleep. But if the performance is really good, – you actually fall asleep.
– Cause it’s so nice. But if you’re playing like really out of tune, then it’s like… too offensive to fall asleep. Yeah, it is. You’re like, whoa. Actually wake you up. Yeah. Imagine at the start, just starting with the wrong note. Yeah, you’d be like… You’d be like… Woah… Drama! Never have I ever… Broken my bow. – No.
– Nah. Oh! Define broken. Didn’t your thing… – Come out and you had to get it fixed.
– Oh!!! Yeah. His um, end… – What do you call the screw thing, I forget.
– The screw thing came loose. But that’s not really broken. No, my definition of broken is snapping something. – Or like a crack.
– Yeah, a crack. Never have I ever… – Of course.
– Oh, bro. – We did that on our concert.
– In Singapore. – I remember…
– Remember that? We started our Navarra… And we both looked at each other like… I realized when the spiccato wasn’t really working, I was like… Ba ba ba ba, what the hell? And I looked at Eddy. Eddy was already looking at me like… I was like, oh s***. – Wrong bow.
– I noticed straight away. The first note, I was like… – This doesn’t feel right.
– Yeah. Because it was one of our first shows, like adrenaline… – Yeah.
– And we’re rushing, we’re like… Come on, transition. Get the bow! I think I picked up your bow. Yeah, you picked up my bow from the… where the table… Yeah, that has actually happened in the concert. Yeah, in the concert. Oh, man. Nah… Nah. – Nah…
– Nah… – Nah…
– Yeah. Well, there’s no evidence guys. I don’t know if I enjoy – I just listen, doesn’t bother me. Does it mean I enjoyed it? – Well, I guess so.
– What a pure bred. It is what it is. – Yeah.
– Just, yeah… Just, yeah… Can’t help it. Yeah. Can’t help it. Did I ever cry… No. I just practice more. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever been just like… Really sad while practicing. I have probably, but I didn’t cry Like maybe like you cried not because it’s hard but because you just like… Got dumped by the love of your life and you’re just like… But you’re still doing your 40 hours type of thing. – I don’t –
– Yeah, okay. – Except, doesn’t –
– I can’t explicitly remember, – so I am just not gonna say it.
– Okay, yeah. Okay. Oh bro. I have. – Mm. Yeah.
– I think I have multiple times. Alright, last one. And that’s the last one. Oh… You know, I’ve shuffled it. Please like and subscribe, guys. Thank you so much for watching. Have you never played – Have you played never have I ever with us? Did you have drinks with you? Did you have bubble tea? Um… Please subscribe! Bye!

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