Brea chiropractic TMJ Pain relief Dr. Cory Singer

Dr. Cory Singer, Singer Chiropractic Wellness Center. Today I’m here to talk to you a little bit about a problem called TMJ, also called temporomandibular joint dysfunction
So, what is that exactly what causes it you’re
out there you’ve been dealing with this you know
exactly how painful this can be. In my office I treat a lot
of people with this and I’m going to show you a little bit about that and how it
actually what we can do here as well as what you can
do at home to help yourself out. So what can cause it? we’ll start with if you have had braces for any number of years, you know that is very constrictive on your theeth and on your jaw as well so overtime that can cause a lot of locking up of the jaw and that can cause pain over time. another thing that could happen if you eat,
you’re a chewing gum person you like to chew on gum all day long or if you like to eat a lot of really hard foods. That can easily throw your jaw out of alignment. That can cause pain and dysfunctions as well. so the last thing I will talk to you about today is something called a subluxation. Aside from the jaw getting out of alignment this is a structure of your spine here it’s a little model. this is the
top bone here it’s called C1 or the atlas you can imagine your jaw is right here this is the skull. So if this bone gets slid out of alignment, you have your jaw right there you can put a little bit of pressure right on the side of that jaw and cause a bit of pain. Chiropractors are especially educated to
detect these and get rid of them. So what do we do in the office to take care of it, I am going to show you right now. Here we have Kiana this is Kiana here Today we are going to be working on her jaw and taking care of that. So let me have you law down face up. So first, what we would do, We will go ahead show you this: I am going to take my fingers here we’re going to be palpating the side of the jaw We are going to be seeing which side , if the jaw has gone to one side or the other and with
the very easy adjustment if the jaw has gone up to this side, all we do is we just gently take it and
as glide it down like that into the proper position
okay on top of that there’s a couple stretches that I would The first one I would do is I would contact here have you slowly open your jaw. and close and what I’m doing now what I’m doing right now is
working out the muscles to take to take out any of the adhesions that are built up inside that jaw next thing were gonna do gonna have you take your jaw from this
side and bring it over like that okay,so go ahead go the other way there. that way. there you go. I know it’s hard. Now go the other way. three more times. very good, and that’s a little bit what we
would do okay the next thing I’m gonna show you
is there is a couple stretches let me have you sit up here. A couple stretches I want you to go ahead and do, the first thing you are going to do is at night, you are going to do 3 sets of this okay. first you are going to open your mouth. take your hand like that and press down slowly not too hard to where it is overdoing it to where you feel the good stretch. And right now you are feeling the good stretch through there. good and now what you are going to do, I want you to go ahead and take your jaw this way. And fully stretch it out. now go to the other side. You will feel that right through there. Very good. Thank you very much. so those are some of the stretches that we would have you do and those are going to help you out so I hope you got some value out of this video. If you have any questions or you want to come in and find out a little bit more about the office,

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