BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE FOREST | Wildlife photography behind the scenes - Nikon z7, ftz, camouflage

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  1. Welcome back to the green!! Really enjoyed the video. Editing music and sounds were again spot on. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That was wonderful. I spent the morning with a beautiful blacktail deer walking around my camp. She stayed for and hour, completely at ease with my presence.

  3. Yeehaw bring on the schistosomiasis! Or Giardia which ever swims faster through the intestines! Poop! did you hear that it’s a bare breasted German Sweed frolicking about the woods! If I sneak closer it would maybe aware of me in my 3D camouflage suit And want to “pump”, me up! Yaya Ya

  4. Morten, today I was rewatching many of my favorite videos of yours …. then I noticed that the video celebrating 50,000 subscribers was published August 7th 2018. Today you have well over 112,000 subscribers! This my friend is because you are truly amazing at what you do. Your content is some of the very best I have ever seen. I know that others like me have found inspiration and new skills from the content you share. Thank you so very much for all you do for all of us .

  5. Hey Morten, please give us a "behind the scenes" video. It can´t just be me constantly asking himself: how is it possible to film from so many angels without losing literally any frame of the story? seriously, in my mind I see you with three cameras and three tripods rushing ALONE through the forrest and that would be way to funny.

    Great stuff as always. 🙂

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