My name’s Beau and I play for a band called
Bless the Fall. I grew up in East Los Angeles California predominantly
Mexican neighborhood, lower class, of the ghetto some might say. And
you know it was it was tough man. It’s tough because I white. I’m actually half Mexican. And so you know I got I got kind of picked
on stuff you know but when I was younger you know. But it gave me thick skin and it helped me
grow into the I am today. I think drugs and alcohol are present in everyone’s
lives. I mean it’s just so easy. It’s just everywhere drugs and drinking is
just anywhere you go it’s available. Cigarettes you know whatever it’s everywhere. So when I was a kid I found so many other
things to do. I’d go skating I’d like you know go to the
beach whatever. Like I was like a really active kid. I’d play basketball, I’d play hockey,
I’d play like a million sports and literally just like being with my friends and having
a good time and not worrying about having to smoke weed to feel good about myself. You know when you are younger you do like
the D.A.R.E. campaign and stuff like that. I always thought that was awesome and all
that. They show examples of what happens when you
smoke what happens and stuff like that. You know what like there’s no positive outcome
from drinking or from doing drugs. And so at a young really young age I just
said “oh I’m never I’m never gonna do that. And
then as I got older I started finding out that there was bands like Minor Threat and
stuff like that that were actually like that was the message is to be drug-free. And I thought that was
awesome. I was like whoa that’s I can relate because
that’s where I am, yeah like I don’t I don’t do any that crap. So you know so I latched onto kind of like
some straight edge bands and stuff like that to help me grow more confidently in my in
that lifestyle. It’s awesome to hear from you know our own
fans when they are telling me like “I’m drug free because of you. I don’t tweek because of you.” That is amazing like the fact I can affect
someone’s life that hugely and positively is amazing. It’s what it is all about and that’s what
makes me stoked when I see that outcome. You know music you know music paying the bills
right now, which is amazing. I’m hoping that I can have a family one day
you know I just got married. I’m hoping that I can have a couple kids and
raise them the right way and hopefully have a couple rock stars someday or hockey players
or whatever it’s going to be and be a good father. All I could say
is it’s not worth it and the peer pressure that’s there now won’t matter like a year
later or a month later. So don’t let that peer pressure get you. My names Beau and I sing for a band called
Bless the Falls and my nature high is shredding on stage.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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