“BANDE- MATARAM” | how to draw swachh bharat step by step | swachh bharat drawing

This country is my country. This country is also yours. To change this country I have to come forward. You have to come forward. Work in hand with hand. We have to help each other. Not only I and You. We have to come forward. If no one comes forward. but myself will come forward. One just need to change something. And that is will power.and that is also an
idea. If you have your will and ideas. Then you can change a lot of things alone. Let us try to make our country the first country
in the world by full development of our power. Find out yourself .. what do you have to serve
your country.. with which you can help others..Find out yourself… If you do not have anyone..But you have to
go alone. You have to swear om this that you can change
a lot with alone.. Keeping India transparent is our responsibility
and duty..And we will try to do it..Jai hind.. Bande mataram…

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