Bad Actors Who Are In Desperate Need Of Acting Classes

Ever watched a movie and wondered how an actor
could’ve possibly gotten the role? For whatever reason, the following entertainers
are notorious for delivering wooden performances that land with a resounding thud. Some thespian needs to tell these guys: “Get
thee to an acting class!” In the nineties, Elizabeth Berkley was splashed
across TV screens across the country. Best known for playing Jessie on the chirpy
sitcom Saved by the Bell, the actress turned in a perfectly fine performance each week. Well… then there was that one episode where
Jessie got addicted to caffeine pills. “One, two, three, hot sundae, yeah, we’ll
be great, we’ll be awesome! We’ll knock ’em dead, right? RIght, yeah!” “You’re right, everything will be okay. I just need one of these.” “Pills? You mean you really are taking drugs?” “I need them.” “Jessie, give me those.” “I need them, Zack!” After Saved By the Bell ended in 1992, Berkley
evidently decided she wanted to cast off her squeaky-clean, cookie-cutter image: She took
a role in Paul Verhoeven’s theoretically sexy film Showgirls. “What kind of classes have you had?” “I haven’t had classes.” “Then what are you doing here?” That’s the question. Unfortunately, the film was a total flop at
the time, and critics mercilessly picked apart Berkley’s acting. It’s not difficult to see why: “Where are you from?” “Back east.” “From where back east?” But Berkley’s bad acting may not have been
her fault. While discussing the negative feedback years
later, Verhoeven told Rolling Stone: “Good or not good, I was the one who asked
her to exaggerate everything — every move — because that was the element of style
that I thought would work for the movie.” “I hate you.” “I know.” Hayden Christensen surely had no idea he’d
become the butt of jokes when he took the coveted role of Anakin Skywalker. Perhaps you recall one of the most awkward
and notorious moments in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Christensen was nominated for three Razzies
for his performance as Anakin — and he won two of them. But at least he’s a good sport about it. While attending the 40th Anniversary Star
Wars Celebration panel in 2017, the star was asked for his own thoughts on sand, and he
happily played along. “It’s not very smooth. It doesn’t really stay in one place. So… I’m not such a big fan of it myself.” Finally — a man who has the courage to say
what the rest of us are thinking. Tori Spelling … the actress who could’ve
had it all. She’s the daughter of the late producer Aaron
Spelling — which probably had something to do with the fact that she landed the role
of Donna Martin in the original Beverly Hills, 90210. It clearly had nothing to do with her acting
chops … because she doesn’t really have any. “Well maybe you should have listened to me.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Because I told you we should have sold, but
no — you had to go and be greedy, Mr. Bigshot.” Discussing her audition for the show, Spelling
told Entertainment Weekly: “I went in under a different name, then I
got the part of Donna — which I’m sure had something to do with my dad.” After the iconic show ended, Spelling had
some trouble scoring high-profile roles, sticking mostly to made-for-TV movies, the occasional
flop, and a slew of reality TV shows. You’d think she’d count her blessings after
being asked to star in BH90210 in 2019. The show brings back some of the cast of Beverly
Hills, 90210 to play exaggerated versions of themselves. Well, a supposed insider told Radar Online: “Tori didn’t want to portray her real life,
which is being broke and on the D-list … [she] wanted to live in a big mansion in Beverly
Hills and show the life she envisioned her character would be leading.” Let’s face it: Jaden Smith is one lucky kid. With a dad like Will Smith, you’d think he’d
have ferocious acting chops — but that’s not exactly the case, is it? Sure, his career started promisingly enough:
He starred in 2006’s The Pursuit of Happyness alongside his famous father… and then he
took on a remake of The Karate Kid four years later. Smith’s early stabs at acting were relatively
successful — but the positive reviews may have had something to do with the fact that
he was an adorable kid. Things got shakier as Jaden got older. For example: When he was 15, he starred alongside
his dad in M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth. “What was I supposed to do?! What did you want me to do?!” This box office disaster was relentlessly
picked apart by critics — and it earned the father-son duo Razzie Awards for worst
supporting actor and worst actor, respectively. “I’m not a coward!” “Katai!” You’d think Jaden would have the sense to
pull back and perhaps take some acting classes. Instead, he’s busy referring to himself as
“the future of music, photography, and filmmaking” on Twitter. In the 80s, millions of viewers tuned in each
week to catch David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider… but it’s a show that hasn’t exactly withstood
the test of time. “What’s happened, Michael?” “Nothing so far but I made contact.” “Marvellous!” “Let’s hope so. We’ll know in a couple hours.” When the series briefly made its way onto
Netflix, a certain generation suddenly realized their childhood hero wasn’t a particularly
good actor. “KITT? KITT, you alright?” A critic for The Globe and Mail called the
show “criminally awful,” writing that: “Mr. Hasselhoff reads dialogue the same way
nearsighted patients read optometrists’ eye charts.” And that’s to say nothing of his performance
in Baywatch. “No one knew the fire was going to move as
fast as it did.” “I know. I didn’t even know there was a fire.” “Then you can’t blame yourself.” Starring on Baywatch didn’t exactly help Hasselhoff
become a better actor— and it sounds like he knows it, too. As an executive producer on Baywatch, Hasselhoff
once refused to cast Leonardo DiCaprio on the show. As he revealed to GQ in 2017: “[Leo] introduced me to his parents, and I
said, ‘I’m responsible for your son being a huge star.’ They said, ‘You are?’ I said, ‘Yes, because I didn’t cast him
on Baywatch!'” Tellingly, he added: “When you do a show like Baywatch or Knight
Rider, you don’t get the respect of coolness within the industry.” And just like that, our hearts go out to The
Hoff. “Sorry — I promised myself I wasn’t going
to get so emotional. I just love ya, buddy.” Known for his dazzling smile and rock-hard
abs, Zac Efron rose to fame as a Disney teen heartthrob in the High School Musical franchise. Since leaving the House of Mouse, he’s taken
on more and more serious roles — but perhaps he needs to stop smiling so much. Efron claims he had trouble landing the role
of Link Larkin in Hairspray. That’s because director Adam Shankman couldn’t
get him to stop smiling during the audition. He told Cosmopolitan: “[I] couldn’t do it. It was impossible […] It took me like four
or five tries and he was just shaking his head and making fun of me the whole time.” Nevertheless, Efron’s chipper persona continued
to be a problem as he attempted to take on meatier roles — like serial murderer Ted
Bundy in 2019’s Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. While Bundy was known to be charismatic, some
critics felt Efron took it too far and accused him of “romanticizing” the role. With a Razzie Award nomination already under
his belt for 2018’s ill-fated Baywatch reboot, this Hollywood hunk should perhaps tone down
the charm, and perhaps take an acting class or two… “Well, I told you I would learn better if
I had a study buddy.” After riding the wave of Good Will Hunting’s
success alongside bestie Matt Damon, Ben Affleck found himself starring in a whole lot of middling
fare. Anyone remember Phantoms? Yeah, neither do we. But unfortunately, we can’t forget 2003’s
Gigli, in which Affleck starred alongside his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. “Hey let him eat his food, he got food.” “Don’t like this food.” “Too bad, eat ya food, stoopid.” “Hey, back off — ” Although Bennifer were madly in love at the
time, the movie was a total box-office flop. “Where are you going?” “It’s turkey time.” She got that right. Most critics thought the film was a twenty-ton
turkey, with Rolling Stone writing: “The stars display zip chemistry, but seem
to find themselves adorable. They’re so taken with each other they don’t
need an audience. Good thing, because they’re not going to
get one, not with this swill.” The winner of multiple Razzie Awards, Affleck
is well-aware that his acting has been sharply criticized and mocked. In 2008, he told the Independent: “I don’t think that if you can’t handle being
criticized and you can’t take a joke and you have skin that is too thin that you should
be in the entertainment business.” That’s… a whole lot of double negatives,
but we think we get his point. We’d be remiss not to mention Tommy Wiseau,
the actor-director mastermind behind 2003’s The Room. “I did not hit her. I did not. Oh hi Mark.” “Oh hey Johnny what’s up.” “I have a problem with Lisa. She said that I hit her.” The cult classic is so appallingly bad, James
Franco went on to direct and star in The Disaster Artist, a 2017 comedy about the making of
the movie. “What line? What is the line?” “‘I did not hit her. It’s not true.'” In the years following its release, The Room
has become a bonafide cultural phenomenon. In fact, it’s now widely regarded as the “Citizen
Kane of bad movies,” and for good reason: “You’re lying, I didn’t hit you. You’re tearing me apart Lisa!” Wiseau’s real-life persona and cash flow are
somewhat shrouded in mystery. Following the release of Franco’s parody,
he told The Hollywood Reporter: “I’ve been in the fashion industry from
way before. Actually, I used to build buildings, that’s
where the money came from [for The Room]. Sometimes people are teasing me about where
the money came from.” Well, thanks to the success of The Room, Wiseau
has been milking his 15 minutes of fame for well over a decade now. As of 2019, his next big endeavor is supposedly
a horror film called Big Shark. Based on the trailer, the film is about…
a big shark. While countless fans have raved over Keanu
Reeves’ kindness, that doesn’t mean they necessarily think he’s a versatile actor. Reeves’ acting has certainly worked in films
like the Matrix series and Speed… perhaps because these fast-paced action flicks don’t
leave a lot of room for emotion. “Everybody hold on!” Over the years, he’s been the butt of countless
jokes about his acting skills or lack thereof. Critics have occasionally slammed him too
— like when Entertainment Weekly claimed, “Reeves speaks his lines robotically, in a
‘manly’ low bark, and his face rarely moves (it’s that placid Keanu mask).” Of course, Reeves still tries to get as much
work as possible — even if he mainly lands roles in smaller films and action flicks these
days. Asked if he’s alright with not booking as
many Hollywood gigs as he used to, he told IndieWire in 2014: “No, it sucks, but it’s just the way it
is.” In the 90s, Adam Sandler was beloved for his
slap-stick parodies and wacky impersonations on Saturday Night Live. And fans absolutely adored his performances
in comedy classics like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. But times change. No stranger to the Razzie Awards, the comedian
set a jaw-dropping record by winning all ten of his nominations in 2012. Another impressive feat? His 2015 Western parody The Ridiculous 6 boasts
a shocking zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That score might be generous. “Lip balm?” “I reckon I’m good.” You may be wondering: Does the actor care
about all the negative reviews? Evidently not. He told the Independent in 2013: “I didn’t get into movies to please the critics. I got into it to make people laugh and have
fun with my friends.” That’s great and all… but it’d be nice if
he occasionally aspired to please moviegoers, too. We know how it sounds: Quentin Tarantino in
need of acting classes? Hear us out on this one. Sure, the critically-acclaimed director has
a knack for screenwriting, and he creates utterly spellbinding characters… but at
the end of the day, he’s rather lacking in the acting department, isn’t he? Reportedly, the Pulp Fiction mastermind dropped
out of high school in the hopes of becoming an actor … and he discovered his behind-the-scenes
talents while taking acting lessons. As he told NPR, he started writing scripts
because he needed scenes to perform in class. And then he had an epiphany: “I just realized that I love movies too much
to simply appear in them. I wanted the movies to be my movies.” Despite winning two Oscars and other countless
awards, Tarantino apparently can’t shake the acting bug, and he still makes the occasional
cameo in his films. One Uproxx writer once devoted an entire piece
to Tarantino’s supposed “overacting.” That article makes a point of mentioning his
Australian accent in Django: Unchained — which they describe as “hilariously horrible.” “You ain’t got nothing to say I want to hear.” We’ll let you make up your own mind on that
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  1. I have to say that I never got onto the 90210 bandwagon so I can't comment on Tori Spelling's acting on that series. However she co-starred in an indie film about 20 years ago called TRICK where she played a musical theater actress helping out her friend with his musical class. She was really, really good in it. I never laughed so hard! I like to believe that some actors get better the more they work in the business and Tori is probably proof that's true. 👍

  2. Agree with all of them except Tommy Wiseau, but that's only because I've never heard of him. He does look crap tho. I'd like to add Gary Busey, Shwartzeneggar, Stallone, Van Damme, Jessica Alba, Will Ferrell, Chevy Chase, James and Dave Franco, Johnny Depp, Russel Crowe….there's bound to be more, But I have to go to work now

  3. Nah don't do Zac like that? His expressions ain't that wooden damn 👀 u know how hard facial expressions in musicals r lmao

  4. Keanu Reeves may be kind, humble, the sweetest person on Earth, but that doesn't automatically make him a good actor. No wonder he doesn't have a lot of lines in the John Wick movies

  5. That title…. Yikes!! 😟
    (Y'all being really mean) Now, come on?
    Have you seen the movie 'The Gift' Keanu Reeves did an excellent job in that film. The public made all these actors rich and famous so, I don't know why their talkin' shit now? 🤔

  6. I don't agree with the Zac Effron slot he has improved since high school musical and I don't think someone's chipper personality should play a part in the role given I'm sure they casted him for the role for a reason people have layers to them.

  7. Okay Adam Sandler might not be the best, but he was amazing in Reign Over Me. That movie was phenomenal. I think as much as he loves comedy, he’s actually really good in serious roles. Even in The Cobbler, he was pretty good

  8. How the hell you going to list Ben Affleck, Keanu Reeves, and Adam Sandler (Watch Reign over me and Punch, Drunk, Love) but then don't even mention Alden Ehrenreich? The guy that is such a wooden actor they literally had to bring in an acting coach on the set of Solo to try and get him to act better?

  9. No matter how many times I classify this channel as irrelevant to me, it keeps popping up. Hey Swift, use your platform to report on world events that actually matter instead of this negative opinion based garbage.

  10. You all listed some of the most memorable actors of my generation. Shame on you. Keanu Reeves and Adam Sandler are national treasures.

  11. I like Keanu reeves and Adam Sandler, they are great people and I like their movies, although I do understand the criticism but I can't help but liking them

  12. Weird list . Sure a lot accurate but Keanu Reeves and zack effron are out of touch. Channing Tatum and Angelina Jolie and Kristen Stewart need to be on here

  13. The "caffeine" pill scene for the saved by the bell actress was NOT bad acting. That whole episode was supposed to be about actual drugs so, in context, she did an amazing job. Can't speak on the later performance though.

  14. Hayden doesn't belong on here. Please realise George Lucas sandbagged all of his actors with those awful scripts. Watch Hayden in Shattered Glass, and tell me he's a bad actor.

  15. The fuck, why are we criticizing Ben Affleck for films over 15 years ago and saying he needs acting classes? Have you seen him in his recent films of the last decade

  16. Honestly, thank you ! I’ve been looking for the movie ‘The Room’ for a long time but couldn’t remember what it was called. It’s a bad movie that I’m guilty of wanting to waste time watching.

  17. How about Rebel Wilson? She's always playing the same roles and doesn't act at all. She's just being herself and while at it she ain't funny.

  18. If you think Zac Efron is a bad actor, you don't know how he is in real life. Also you only saw him in stupid roles where he had to fit a good looking guy stereotype. Watch the Ted Bundy Biopic, Beach Bum, or other movies where he's more than just a cliché.
    Damn, this list is so bad, it hurts.

  19. Say what you will about Keanu Reeves, but he was wonderful in the 'The Gift'. Best performance of his career, and sadly under-recognized.

  20. Tommy's shark movie won't work.
    He knows his reputation. And he's milking it, obviously.
    The shark movie is going to be intentionally bad, with him hoping for more of the same cult fame.
    But it won't work, as it'll be obvious. The first time worked as he was trying VERY hard to make a good movie.

  21. Ben Affleck was really good in Gone Girl and Argo though… and I simply love Keanu Reeves in all kind of action movies AND I think he did a great job in My own private idaho

  22. I don’t think it’s fair to insult these actors and actresses. They are just trying to live their lives and pursue their dreams. Leave them alone

  23. It did work for the movie.. Showgirls was an awesome film and I'm a straight guy saying this. Her acting wasn't bad, it just was. And of course another crap channel picking up where Star Wars trolls left off, SHAME ON YOU.. Hayden played a perfect Darth Vader. Anakin Skywalker was not in control, he was not peaceful, focused or determined. His mind was being toyed with for almost 20 years when Palpatine inserted himself in his life. I expected Anakin to be whiney and arrogant and unsure of himself. And he was good in Jumper, and should've gotten a sequel. He and Jamie Bell had great chemistry as actors and Frenemies. And of course the fucking kid needs acting lessons. He's a nut kid who's let his parent's stardom go to his head.

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