#ASUS VivoBook S – #BeyondTheEdge Laptop for stylish performers.

hi I’m teaching myself photography and
filmmaking which needs a lot of gear and above all high end PC that can easily
run heavy editing software’s without much effort that is why I like the
ASUS vivo book S that is really fast and smooth in video editing and
comes in a sleek profile of only about seventeen point nine millimeters it also
comes with a great battery life of eight hours that can charge up to sixty
percent in less than an hour which gives me the flexibility to use it anytime
anywhere the beyond the edge 80% screen to body
ratio leaves me with a really nice and big better screen that always comes in
handy while working on finer details just like ASUS did on this laptop to
make a sleek compact light yet really powerful really the best choice for
stylish performance

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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