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hey everyone this is mei yu welcome to
fun friday every Friday to try to do something new fun and challenging last week I drew and
colored an upside-down challenge since many of you have been asking me to draw
myself I’m going to challenge myself to draw me
in 10 different animated cartoon and comic styles it will be interesting to see how i’m
going to look like in different cartoons comment to let me know if you know any
of these styles and also which one is your favorite let’s start with this well-known show I
wonder how all look like as a citizen of Springfield it was challenging to draw myself in the
style i didn’t want to just put their big ball shaped eyes on my face that would have been simpler but i
wanted to design a character that will look more like me as an asian I had to
figure out how to design my eyes my face shape my lips and hair that will look
like an asian character that will belong in his show so I did lots of research and found some
reference pictures online to work from I gave myself almond shaped eyes with
their distinctive upper lip this is how i imagined myself in this
style if i was in this show I be an artist
holding my pencil all the time drawing up a storm paper everywhere I chose the style because it’s very
iconic hairstyle number one now for style number two let’s see how i look like if I were
character from the show I picked the style because i like how
their characters are designed it’s quite distinctive for my basic limbs and body shape I
reference Marceline’s design because i have a ponytail I designed my hair like this I was
actually thinking about dry myself floating in the air like how Marceline
does because I liked her poses and how her limbs were free from gravity but I’m
not a vampire instead I decided to draw myself jumping
with my arms out if I were character in the show what
would my name be please share your ideas in the comments
below here style number three what if I were one of them at first I
thought dry myself to resemble one of these characters was challenging because
I’m an adult but all the characters in this style or children how would I design me to look like a
child but still me after some research and drawings I decided on a cute short body with the
arms and feet to resemble the characters as for my distinctive looks I drew my
hairstyle and ponytail like how it always have them I drew my eyes a little different from
the original characters I think this fits me more now for style
number four can you guess what style this is if
you’re into anime or manga you probably know this is one of the styles if you think so you’re right this is one
of my own original anime manga styles that I like to draw in if you follow my
weekly videos you’ve probably seen some variations of my style in my different
tutorial videos and personal art illustrations here are a couple of examples for my hair I used my black brush pen to
ink to make the hair look like shiny manga hair hairstyle number five okay my arms are not that muscular let’s see how I look like designing my
body in this style was challenging because the main characters arms are so
iconic I don’t want to draw my arms like his
because this is supposed to be me I always researching other characters in
the show and I decided to keep my arms skinny and like the character olive oil
but for fun I did exaggerate a little of my lower arms just a hint at the main
characters features in the end I was pretty happy with how it turned out style number six is a little different
from the rest I like how this character is designed
because I think her eyes and lips are unique I also felt the design of the eyes
naturally worked well for me yeah when I was thinking about how to color
this drawing I was debating on whether i should use
my own colors like in the Styles before or go with the red white and black that
is iconic with this style I decided to go with just the limited
colors to capture the essence of the style more style number seven was funny
drop I like how their characters faces are
stylized and expressive I think their legs are unique delaying
the different angles and oppose in general so i tried to put that in my
design to reflect the style more since i’m drawing me in this style I need to be wearing normal clothes with
my own ponytail hairstyle but I did give myself similar make up to their main
character I change the look of my shoes to fit the
pose and style more and by other styles always wearing flat runners here i
redesigned my shoes with extra height so I will be standing more like the
characters if I work here during this show I will
be drawing and doodling all the time in class so i’m carrying my pencil and
sketch book style number eight is so adorable at first I was like all right this is
gonna be quite easy because of the simplicity of the style but i found out
there were quite a lot of specific things i need to watch out for in order
to get this as close to the style as possible like the thickness of the lines
the length of the eyes and the size of the body compared to the head yeah i also tried to make the flower on my
head fit the style the best I could it was really funny drop style number
and I was an interesting one how would I draw myself as an animator
would back in the nineteen twenties and thirties since I wanted to preserve the
distinctiveness of the style i changed my eyes mouth arms hands and legs shapes
to resemble the characters i drew the eyes with that classic triangle wedge
shape on the side I like how the rubbery limbs were drawn
in the old days with big hands and feet when i was coloring myself I chose
shades of grey to help convey the feeling of this style and it’s time I
think this reminds me of the Animated Classics all right the last I was also
the most challenging out of all of these because this doesn’t have any black
outlines like most cartoon or comic characters have I had to really rely on
the colors and the shading to show the dimension of each part of my drawing and
to get the round effect that i wanted i did a lot of research to look at
different phases different expressions and how different hairstyles are
represented after studying them I designed myself
like this this dial also took me the longest to
complete just a quick flashback if you watched my
legoland video where I drew Lego characters on the spot you’ve probably seen me too risky
business and wild style compared to the drawings i did of them in that video I think this drug was a lot more
challenging but I think I look pretty cool as a lego minifigure i’m quite
happy how it turned out I hope you enjoyed this video please comment to let
me know which style is your favorite in case any of you were wondering this
video you just watched took me about 55 hours to complete including researching
the different styles drawing designing and coloring myself and editing the
video as you see it now thank you for supporting art and my
fun2draw channel with your likes subscribe and by telling your friends
about Fun2draw thanks for watching and I’ll see you on
tutorial Thursday and Friday

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  1. Well,I'm a artist to but I don't think I'm that good at drawing 😅 but your drawings are awesome! Oh and also 3,and 9 are my favorite

  2. bro I was scrolling on Instagram and saw a random picture of markers and was just reminded of when I would watch this one youtuber who drew back in like 2015-2016 and omg you have no idea how hard I searched for your channel😭😭 ANYWAYS I finally found it so I just wanna say I love your videos and your content and cant wait to see what else you upload (I mean it has been 4 years since I last watched your videos I don't really know why I stopped watching them I think I just fell out of it but I love your videos nonetheless😂)

  3. Cartoons: We will always have original characters and nobody can do better than us!

    Mei Yu: Hold my marker

  4. Honestly. . . . I think you'd be called something like Me-Me or Mei, maybe even Yuey or Yu-Yu. I'm still thinking though.

  5. Style 9
    I really thought that a style like that with rubber hose animation was very hard to produce or see again but that was great

  6. Wow, I remember this being the first video on your channel that I watched. It's kinda nostalgic… man, that was 3 or 4 years ago.

  7. As I’m scrolling threw the comments, I see a bunch of comments with 200 likes, but jokes in you! I have gotten FIVE WHOLE like before!!!

  8. Is Mei Yu is not Japanese or is she?

    There is a Japanese name Mei like in the Miyazaki film, but is there really a simple Japanese last name Yu?

  9. Awsome!! All styles are perfect! Can't stop watching you drawing! My favorite is peanuts style… I grew up reading peanuts and I love them… I'd love to see myself as one of them 😍😍😍

    (I don’t know this one)
    (idk a goth girl cross mavis cross cat lady)
    MONSTER HIGH (You look beautiful in this style)
    (IDK, power puff girl cross hello kitty?)

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