#architecture #summer_training #construction. the finishing layers of the floors

#architecture #summer_training #construction.   the finishing layers of the floors

okay guys hello first of all and I'm sorry but I didn't record any videos and the previous builder because like there was nothing new actually everything was the same but the new thing today they brought the sands and they started to put the layer on the grounds like dries it up and to prepare it for the finishing which will be maybe it's ceramic or something else I don't know but later on we we gonna we gonna see it and now I will show you how to mix in it on how they brought the scent and how they are mixing it and we're burning up our eyes it up to the to the second floor which they started with first of all they started by putting that scent here but for this one for each each one time they would put but I don't specimen and they will put the word back inside of it and this machine will mix all these things and then by this survives they will take it up to the second floor which they studied with okay after blowing it up by this vibes they started by building it here this machine will work all this mixture here and they will make it as well event there is a machine inside I will show you later there also for this small cartridge which they can put the machines on it they are using these things to make it as one Devon that's how they are liberal in making the level of these surfaces and according to this science putting the thickness of that it's approximately should be done some limited and from here from this point we stay with it until the end it should be or it must be one method and then after that the machine which I told you about it is that one which called the the cement helicopter and as you saw like they're using it also to make sure that all the elements are the same all the surfaces are the same and I'm data on like that man he will put some more time like making a bit liquid and then make all the surfaces are the same of course before studying putting all this mixture they will make sure everything is clean and they will mean of the the grounds from everything of the trashes and etc like this will be like that and then to start putting that mixture something else good guys like to see it by they are using this machine to select the level that they want because like now it's a from the ground until this line it's 110 but after putting this finishing it will be a hundred because let me say guys as we told you it will be done

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