Architecture at AUT

it was very exciting to be starting new architecture degrees and here aut we're offering a new Bachelor of architecture and future environments and a new postgraduate degree the Master of Architecture which is a professional degree leading to registration as an architect we really need to think about eatle ways to build our cities much more sustainably the strength of this course is the way in which it really takes consideration of indigenous communities and wider environmental impact we're moving architecture out of the traditional silo of the architecture school and trying to connect our students up to a whole range of different areas and disciplines aut has a history of programs in spatial design and we've recently started new engineering degrees in architectural engineering and built environment engineering together they give us a really strong suite of degrees that allows students to come study a whole range of issues relating to the built and natural environment in today's markets there is a need for professionals who are tech savvy who know how the future is gonna be shaped and as a result we generate graduates who are workforce ready we have been highly involved in defining new research projects based on the integration of architectural design building science and digital technologies what's interesting is that many of the issues that we have here in Auckland in terms of kind of migration and growing population are also global problems so students can study these things here and take those principles and apply them wherever they want to practice in the future

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