Anti-Bullying Film – Paper Rose – by Olivia Mazzucato

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  1. 1 Like: 1 prayer for Penny
    Also I have a theory. That picture in the ending scene with Penny and Danny holding hands I think Penny drew it. Muahhaha I am smarteth.

  2. Jake is awesome! Same!

    "Yes your hIgHnEsS!" I love sarcastic people bc I am sarcastic! I love penny she is so sweet! And danielle! I feel so bad for her. She hot involved with the blonde girl and penny disappeared on her! ❤ I love this movie

  3. Omg penny died, that made me so sad to think that such a cute joyful girl who is so caring, killed herself because of teenage girls who were making her pressured, Penny was so kind and adorable, she looked out for people and I would easily be her friend, to think that she killed herself and/or did something to end her life makes everything so heartbreaking, I’m glad this was only a short film, but I’m upset in the fact that people can feel pressured enough to kill themselves. People in your school, people that you know could end themselves and it’s sad to think, but you or people you’ve been hanging out with might even be the cause of it, don’t e afraid to stand up for people, if you get bullied for it, at least be happy someone is thankful for your help, and if you do this, if they bullies bully you again, I don’t doubt they will do the same, and then this will continue, all you need to do is give a hand out to others who need it. Spread the word, bullying needs to stop.💞💞

  4. I know that I am 7 years late but this was an amazing short film! I didn't expect the twist at the end. Penny was such an adorable girl! I do have some thoughts though.

    Penny also appeared only when Danielle was alone. Maybe because Penny was a wallflower that was why it seemed that only Danielle could see her. It was really admirable that the students realized their mistakes and stood up to Emily at the end. I wish that Emily would have shown some form of remorse or regret for what happened to Penny. Instead, she denied any blame towards herself. "I will make your life so miserable that you'll wish you were dead." Only a sick person would wish to physically and psychologically torment someone to the point of suicide. I;m not sure that I understand the phobia portion correctly. The fear of ghosts is sometimes referred to as phasmophobia and erroneously spectrophobia, the latter being an established term for fear of mirrors and one's own reflections. Perhaps Danielle saw a part of herself in Penny, and showed her how she could become isolated due to oppression under Emily. Maybe fragments of Penny existed outside of the student's memories, and in the school which allowed for Danielle to stand up aganst Emily. This inspired the other students to stand up against Emily's tyranny to assure that no student would fall victim to bullying again. Or maybe, it really was Penny's ghost that convinced Danielle to not make the same choices she did. If only Penny had reached out to the other students, then maybe should would have gotten the help she needed when she was at her lowest point. Thank you for creating this film and sending a positive message across the internet!

  5. omg this is so sad.I saw this mini movie many times in my recommendation place nut I thought it was boring.But it was nice

  6. Penny was that girl who died omg I feel so sorry for her but she helped out another girl so that she would not go through that thank you penny

  7. I think it's stupid that Americans brush their teeth after breakfast but they don't brush their teeth after their done like u can brush ur teeth but like its pointless if u do that.

  8. Wait so when she met Penny it was her ghost? And the girl who committed suicide is her, and everything she said were signs including that phobia… woah.

  9. This is so sad
    At first i thought the school was so old and boring
    Then i got shocked after the whole video SO SO SAD

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