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  1. She has a personality similar to me, she has similar dreams to me, she even has the same name as I have. She is my inspiration and her book is just amazing!

  2. Im dutch and the story of Anne Frank and the World War 2 is very interesting and i love watching videos of it (not that i think it is funny, its interesting) I love history and stuff like that and this is the most interesting one (+ titanic tho)

  3. Diary not note book but yea Im learning Anne Frank and we went to the Barnsley library with school to get information from these high school people who knew every thing about the story

  4. I got cast as Anne for my schools production of The Diary of Anne Frank. I’m trying to absorb as much information about her and her life as much as possible. Thank you for this video!

  5. I'm from the Philippines I learn first about Anne Frank from my ex boyfriend at first I was like he was so strange like why he was obsesses that much on the life story of Anne Frank from the time we would video call I just notice him and Anne Frank literally similar in a way so strange not only by the looks but in a way that I feel like he was the reincarnation of Anne Frank herself literally that I started to freak out but I set that aside cause he was my boyfriend at that time. Idk why I feel so strange about it but idk maybe he was really a die hard fan of her.

  6. I cried very much when I read the diary.. It wasn't fair and I hope that people in future won't do such things to each other…❤️❤️❤️

  7. God! A year ago, phew! To late. But it's still the same, I'm Dutch. And she's still a really important historic girl! We'll never forget her. Even tho she died years and years ago.

  8. I'm Dutch and I know the entire story already because people keep telling it every year again but I'm still watching this

  9. I am a little German Anne frank is a very inspirational woman who deserves good and only good, everyone should look up to Anne frank

  10. when i told people im half german and american in 5th grade when it was the first day, we had to say what nationality we were, i told them and everyone looked at me like i was an alien. they said that i was related to Hitler and i was a bad person and started to get bullied.

  11. Anne Frank rest in peace may everybody learn about you in respect. May your family heal their hearts and the whole world fix their hearts from your death. I love you so much Anne Frank RIP.

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