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This is Amanda. Amanda does pop art. Today’s a big day for Amanda. Tonight’s the exclusive opening of her first-ever art exhibition. A lot of important people from Amanda’s life will be there and she still has a ton of things left to do until the reception this evening. Oh no! In all the excitement, Amanda’s forgotten to make a hairdressers appointment. There’s only one thing that can help her now. Grab the phone and call Mario the Hair Fixer. Mario to the rescue! All he needs is a tail comb, sectioning clips, small clear hair elastics, a darning needle and yarn, scissors, and hair spray. The Hair Fixer starts by using a tail comb to work his way through Amanda’s mane. He separates a horseshoe section of hair at the top of her head and secures it with a sectioning clip. Then he takes a small square section of hair from behind her ear. He braids this strand tightly about five centimeters long, tying it with a clear hair elastic. He now makes two more braids: one in the center and one on the left above the ear. Voila! Next he gathers a section of hair from ear to ear across the nape along the occipital bone and clips it up, planting another three braids right below it like before. Now it’s time for the darning needle and yarn. Before anything he ties a large knot at the bottom end of the yarn. Mario begins his thread work with the outer part of the straight braid. He sews the entire lower section of hair loosely together along the hairline using a basting stitch. The braids in the middle in the left are used for fastening. Once he reaches the outer part of the left braid, he returns, stitching his way back to the starting point like before. One more knot in the yarn and it’s ready to cut. Now for the hair up top. Mario releases the sectioning clip, loosening the strands over the braids. Starting with the outermost braid again, he loosely sews the upper section of hair like before, this time along the crest. Bouncy Amanda can’t wait to show off her new ‘do. But wait, not so fast! The Hair Fixer adds a few finishing touches in all the right places to give the look a modern feel. Now for a bit of hairspray and the Amanda look is complete. A bit of cool makeup means just a few more minutes of sitting still, but it’s totally worth it. Now for a stylish silk jumpsuit and Amanda is ready to dazzle the art scene. Thanks Mario!

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