Actors Hollywood Won’t Cast In 2019

Whether it’s getting caught up in the sweeping
wave of the #MeToo movement, acting like a total diva, or just being downright racist,
there are plenty of ways a Hollywood star can kill their career. All of that and more happened to these actors,
whose phones may not be seeing much use in 2019. Roseanne During the 1980s, Roseanne was so popular
that it once beat out The Cosby Show as television’s number one show. In 2018, ABC ordered a reboot which drew in
so many viewers the network announced a second season renewal the day after the premiere. Then, on May 29th, the show’s eponymous star
went on a bizarre and racist Twitter tirade about Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to
former President Obama. The show was cancelled immediately. ABC Entertainment’s president Channing Dungey
said in a statement: “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent,
repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.” Disney CEO Robert Iger subsequently tweeted: “There was only one thing to do here, and
that was the right thing.” That same day, Roseanne’s agency, ICM Partners,
dropped her as a client. Roseanne took to Twitter to defend herself. She tweeted: “I’m not a racist, I never was & I never will
be. One stupid joke in a lifetime of fighting
4 civil rights 4 all minorities, against networks, studios, at the expense of my nervous system/family/wealth
will NEVER b taken from me.” Louis CK On November 9th 2017, the distribution company
behind Louis [LOO-ee] C.K.’s I Love You, Daddy canceled the film’s New York premiere
due to what they called “unexpected circumstances.” His planned guest appearance on The Late Show
With Stephen Colbert was also canceled. Later that day, the world found out why, when
The New York Times published a report which revealed the comedian faced allegations of
“sexual misconduct” by five women. In a lengthy statement released the next day,
Louis C.K. admitted that the stories were true. He added: “The power I had over these women is that
they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.” His career unravelled immediately. The stars of I Love You, Daddy refused to
promote it, and it was quickly decided that the film wouldn’t be released at all. FX, Netflix, his publicist and Universal Pictures
all cut ties with the disgraced comedian on the same day. HBO dropped him from a comedy special and
TBS canceled C.K.’s animated series The Cops. Kevin Spacey Although Netflix juggernaut House Of Cards
received mixed reviews after Kevin Spacey’s ousting from the show in 2017, the network
had no choice but to forge ahead without him after 15 men came forward with allegations
of sexual misconduct and sexual assault against the actor. But that’s not all. According to an article posted to Gloucestershire
Live in November 2018, London police are currently investigating six sexual misconduct and sexual
assault complaints against the actor. And in September 2018, CNN reported that both
the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and the LA County Sheriff’s office had two
additional sexual assault cases against the actor “under review.” Despite his talent as an actor, Spacey’s
name in Hollywood remains toxic. Bella Thorne While Bella Thorne’s Shake It Up co-star
Zendaya has gone on to enjoy massive success with roles in Spider-Man: Homecoming and The
Greatest Showman, Thorne herself has been relegated to the usual middling teen fare,
and her Hollywood career hasn’t gone well so far. She was the lead in Freeform drama Famous
In Love, but that show was canceled after the second season. The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Thorne
and showrunner David King “clashed on multiple occasions” as she portrayed “diva-like behavior”
on set. In 2017, she starred in Amityville: The Awakening,
which made a grand total of $742 at the domestic box office. In 2018, she starred in the black comedy Assassination
Nation, which did better at the box office, but still fell well below Hollywood expectations,
earning only around a million dollars. “Everybody was kinda just like, blecch,
you know. Nobody was really there.” Seems Thorne can’t count on her tens of millions
of Instagram followers to show up at the box office. Alden Ehrenreich Okay, so we’re not saying Alden Ehrenreich
will never work again, but tentpole Hollywood blockbusters might be off the table for a
while. Sadly, you can’t be the lead in the worst-performing
Star Wars movie in the franchise’s box office history and expect the offers to keep rolling
in. It also doesn’t help that Disney and Lucasfilm
are reportedly licking their wounds and canceling spin-offs in the wake of the poor performance
of Solo: A Star Wars Story. A month before the film premiered, Ehrenreich
had let it slip to Esquire that he was signed up to play the lovable smuggler for three
movies. Unfortunately, we can probably assume those
movies won’t be happening anytime soon, if ever.

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  1. The actor who did Solo was great after the the S bomb the last Jedi no one could have saved Solo. No one. He cam blame Rian Johnson for his career ending.

  2. Damn Kevin, 15 men tho? You are to wild. Also we gotta stop putting these celebs on a pedestal and giving them so much power.

  3. It's still 2018 in some countries. Not New Zealand and Australia though. Thanks to time zones. New Zealand is 13 hours in front of UTC and Australia is 11 hours in front.

  4. Today is December 31st 2018 and I'm here watching these videos. I wonder if this channel has it right and any of these people will be casted in 2019. If you, person from the future , read this comment in 2019 please comment to remind me of this video and see if they got it right… Happy New Year guys.. cant wait to see what surprises this year has for us. I would let you know.. I hope so. 😋😋😋😋

  5. I liked the Solo movie. I don't understand why everyone hated it. It's the beginning of how he became the hero in the end. They can say and do anything to make the movie to keep it true do the timeline and history of the movie.

  6. I hope Alden Elreinhench didn't end up like Hayden Christensen who got a lot of backlash after playing Anakin in the prequels.

  7. roseannes tweet was not racist it was a joke. ah yes solo the film no fan asked for filled with more hollywoods social politics then the last jedi…. why did it fail!! how did it fail?? Star wars used to be a brand you could make anything and make money leave it to disney to light all the bridges and question why no one shows up to their movies. after the last jedi and solo i dont know if i want to see episode 9. The way things have been going episode 9 ray says she is a man and the rest of the movie is about her struggle and ben excepting her for who she is.

  8. belle is so hot ! i would poke her till her eyes roll back to her brain ! did it and i can do it to bella to thats for sure

  9. at this point, ”diva behavior” has to be filmed, because that excuse never seem to pan out. Bells Thorne has actually been cast in 4 different projects already for 2019 so…

  10. Pressed on this video cause of Bella Thorne. After the bombing of Midnight Sun her movies went down hill. Plus her being a diva to work with. So I hear

  11. Bella Thorne has been kinda crazy and all over the place for a while. (She’s getting better tho.) But you know what? I can basically guarantee you that she will be in new stuff this year.

  12. Who the fuck thought Solo was a good spin off idea? As soon as I saw that first photo, I refused to believe someone was dumb enough to make something out of it. And then I heard they were wrapping, then I watched a trailer, then I saw it playing in theaters, I still refuse to watch it though, and still can't believe they went ahead with it.

  13. Disney is not stopping production of future Star Wars movies based on Soylo. This is all because of Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson after The Last Jedi. It was successful because it was an ambush and fans didn't know what it was yet. But now that fans are wise to what Disney and KK has done to the franchise they are boycotting the films, and quite successfully at that. This actor in Soylo is just an innocent bystander.

  14. Wait I’m confused 🤷🏾‍♂️ Sooooo Louis C.K. Admitted to his sexual misconduct and he don’t have 10 years behind bars like Bill Cosby 🧐🤔

  15. Imagine if Nicki Swift was around in the '50s…
    "Actors Hollywood won't cast in 1954. Blank, blank and blank won't be cast because they were all on Joe McCarthy's communist blacklist."

  16. Lucasfilms and Disney never listens to true Star Wars fans. Solo failed because nobody asked for it. Not only that (spoilers) Harrison fords solo was carelessly killed off in the force awakens and unjustified throughout the film. What spin-offs the (true real fans) want to see is kenobi, darth maul, darth Vader, yoda, boba fett, hell maybe even that snoke film since we never found out who snoke really is and never learned the origins behind snoke.

  17. so disappointed to see Louis on here. Watching his sitcom made me really feel like I knew him in a way, and what kind of man he is….who knew he was a pretty slimy guy after all :/

  18. As much as people hate Bella Thorne she’s a good actress. Not exactly Oscar worthy but still delivers the role

  19. That diva behavior was proven fake and Bella picked shitty movies to star in I dont think holly wood will cast her in 2019

  20. I don't think Bella Thorne is going to stop being casted, those weren't valid argument that could be ending her acting career nor do the poor ratings have anything to do with her

  21. Might I add that Louis C.K thought mocking Parkland school shooting survivors was a ”decent” idea. I’m so not making up. Look it up.

  22. I'm just here to say that Solo was a really good movie. I was hesitant about Alden being cast as Han, but he was a good Han. Obviously, not Harrison Ford level. Nobody will ever be Harrison Ford's Han Solo.
    Still, I majorly blame the decision to put to premiered the movie in May.
    Hopefully, Lucasfilm will reconsider.

  23. This is garbage.

    Rosanne's comment was NOT "racist", it was a joke. A FUNNY and accurate one at that. LOUIS CK is just AMAZING and may have been a weirdo but he didn't hurt anyone. He rocks! Whoosh!

    This channel kind of sucks.

  24. Solo was so good and original! Seems like the public would rather have remakes like TFA instead of new and exciting things.

  25. Roseann – racist relative to other rants from the left? Tim Allen got removed from abc too. BUT the executive that was involved in Roseann, she was gone. And Tim Allen, went elsewhere. IF you need to make such statement, at least give them perspective and context. And a joy beyhar can cloak her bias and ism and call it 'being a comedian' – bit that was not applied to non leftist. THINK

  26. I don't respect networks for cancelling actors/actresses for being shitty people, is not like they don't know is just that to the public they need to look like the good guys…this is pretty stupid

  27. They are slowly but surely taking away freedom of speech! People should be able to say whatever TF they want without backlash!! Everyone has become so sensitive to everything!!! Cry baby ass people 😐

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