AA Speakers? A Bonnie Raitt interview on Sober Musicians

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gonna listen to Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bonnie Raitt talk about her life
as a musician in recovery from drugs and alcohol if you’re new here I’m James I’m
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keep it real and keep doing a damn thing peace in this segment we are delighted
to be joined by Bonnie Raitt singer-songwriter musician political
activists philanthropist she has been on the national music scene for a long time
as recorded close to 20 albums as nine Grammys
and in 2000 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Bonnie’s woman in
long-term recovery one day at a time one song that I probably one gig at a time
as well Bonnie thanks so much for joining us tonight our recovery
coast-to-coast graduation without going too deep into the drinking and using
days Bonnie how bad did it get for you and what finally led you into recovery
no yeah that lifestyle the rock’n’roll and focuses you know night time a lot of
people like waitress isms people at work a bard all kinds of musicians that kind
of an occupational hazard I think it probably goes with late-night radio guys
through journalism there’s a bunch of professions that really will Manta sighs
sex drugs rock’n’roll and for good reason there was a lot of fun and that
certainly um it certainly was plying and for me as a lifestyle and tell about my
mid thirties on it was something that just caught up with me and I looked
around at my friends who were getting sober and I started who were producing
more great news there didn’t keen to lose in either edge lady lizards envy or
they didn’t become loonies advertising and they seem to be better in shape a
better successful family life fell better by themselves and consequently
the other people that were around me that were still parties in myself I
thought I was slower to recover you know did a lot of downtime more time all over
than when I was in my 20s all these remember what I
that the people gettin kind of sloppy so for me it wasn’t really a question of
seeking and screaming and slobbering all over myself and our or as we say a
natural urge ugh thank God I didn’t kill anybody or injuring one I had more of a
lifestyle awakening where I just said you know what this isn’t feeling good it
doesn’t look good I’m not as protective as I’d like to feel I don’t like what
become and so I sat in on some meetings and I realized that when I had the great
help of some other friends of mine other musician friends say as we say it’s a
program of attraction and I was very attracted to the peace and serenity and
happiness and freedom they seemed to have so I gave it a try and I just took
to it like a fish to water and really a blessing that it wasn’t a troublesome
talk about the making of nick of time back in 1989 bonnie it won three Grammy
certainly one of my favorite CDs in fact we often played pieces of that as bumper
music on recovery coast-to-coast you were newly sober at the time talk about
the making of that CD yeah actually I got sober in February 1887 and by then
when I about a year into my sobriety I went away on a retreat and was just so
grateful for the changes that had happened in my life that I wanted to
keep something back and write something from that place and my nick of time came
out of that retreat and really was an accurate reflection of what my friend
was going through at the time another picking up a biological clock a lot of
my girlfriend’s you know I was 39 at the time we were all we’re talking about
painting relationships for getting out and changing lifestyles that weren’t
working for us and it was a real gift to me from me and myself and to my to the
world really for the gifts that is entrusted me with pride Bonnie Raitt
joining us tonight Oh recovery coast to coast you’re constantly standing up and
speaking out about your beliefs frequently doing benefits and certainly
giving back what you have so richly received and you often to speak to young
people about your experiences with alcohol and other drugs and back in 2001
you and Kev mode did that great concert at San Quentin
which was billed as a celebration of sobriety and recovery what was it like
for you and how important is it Bonnie to celebrate
well I think you live it and then you broadcast the people without profit
izing I think you just stand in the place where you’re at and if you have
some type of peace and humility and gratitude and you’re open and loving and
kind and you know you naturally when you have the kind of transformation of
sobriety and bring forth not an easy path at least it’s something that we
have the brief propriety community all around the world on the road you know I
really wanted to be able to do what I’m supposed to do as a public person share
what I what I’ve gotten and for me a lot of times that sharing and he comes on
stage or in the case of um you know talking to young people about it or
whether people write me letters or a radio interview I am quite an experience
for me was firstly moving because I mean can you imagine the temptations there
are in prison when there’s such restriction of your lifestyle to have to
learn to go in to get that peace and that joy and it’s a daily struggle and
when we deal with is an hour at a time of course in one question one
conversation at a time and so I was very very moved at the commitment to find
some kind of inner way out there freedom that I would arise that I discovered
when I was talking and again before our performance bananas can’t really get to
know some of the people that were in recovery in the program instead one and
I was very low not incredibly high was Bonnie Raitt joining us for a few
moments tonight a recovery coast-to-coast a few years back you
received the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for recovery spreading the light and
helping musicians overcome the harmful use of alcohol and other drugs which by
the way was presented by David Crosby talk about map the musician’s Assistance
Program and the great work they do is really a long overdue contribution of
the music industry for people that are trying to deal with all kinds of issues
whether psychological or you know the repercussions of the upside down of this
incredibly sickle business and I noted from from having said 37 years in this
business and a lot of my friends I’ve lost their jobs
a lot of musicians a lot of roadies the trickle-down factor for everything from
you know booking agents bartenders at clubs that have closed record company
people that have lost their job and good life at whatever stage you know you’re
going to get slammed in a business that really has no solid ground all your gear
only as hot as your last record unless you’re lucky enough like I’ve been and
many others to build a following slow and steady for many many years on the
road and great that musician Pacific Roger came along when it did it was
really many many years and many many thousands of musicians that had no place
else occurred and it was an endemic problem in our industry that you
threatened while ago but never too late right on time as they said and they’ve
been credible word as keeping people who have been so ashamed to ask for help you
know that’s the biggest problem with a lot of people they’re afraid they’re
gonna lose working in whatever profession you’re in types of musicians
or actors or shoulders if you notice tremendous amount of shame and standing
up and saying you’re an alcoholic or an addict if you just want to get back to
the workplace and forget that your family and what’s great about math and
what’s great about all the recovery programs I think is that when you walk
in that door you are just another addict you’re not that’s a good thing that we
need to impress upon other musicians and you know the personal cause we’re the
people that have been there and trying to fix over it dig and make all the
difference we’ve selected some questions from around the country from listeners
and for each one that we select we will send them a copy of Bonny CD nick of
time first one comes out of Milwaukee a gal by the name of Laura how difficult
was your first year of recovery and what is it like for you today is it hard not
to take it for granted the longer you’re in recovery very good question you know
the first year was for me like a honeymoon I mean they say even after a
couple years and I have to say that was true for me because I mean my bottom was
a pretty gentle one and sometimes I wanted to lose some weight I wanted to
tighten up my you know my my health and one in general just wanted to take
responsibility for my own physical emotional mental I have no idea
how deeply the chemicals of addiction were in my life no until I started by my
except of point of meetings and listening to learn about addiction and
how far back it affected my family system but I’d have to say that first
year you know I was very very lucky to have incredible support and I showed up
and I did what I was supposed to do and I knew that I didn’t know anything about
how to live unless I got some really good counseling for my fellow addict and
for me it was just an incredible return to some feeling of freedom and happiness
that I hadn’t had since I was about 15 so and as for the second question I
never take it for dad I never think that we’re around other addicts all the time
were around people er you know the big K that we like to laugh you know I was
just cornered at a party the other night becoming it was kind of hammered and
obviously on some kind of ball or something and I just went man this is
the payback for all the times when I found before somebody so I you know
we’ve all been in that situation stuff I every day is a complete adventure in
terms of people to help people that are out there so practicing people that do
too you know look up to the detect more surprising to me it doesn’t get and
necessarily easier just gets more rich and more imperative to stay on it
because not worth the risk and I know there’s this world human people’s if
people have to know that it’s slipping you can always come back I know that
that was the case if I if I ever aired I know I could skip my second
Seth has a question from Boston a three-part question he writes many
musicians fear that they will lose their creativity if they give up alcohol and
other drugs was that true for you how is your recovery affected your music and
what particular song our viewers most relates to recovery Wow
for me and my kids I you know because niggas time happened out of my sobriety
that sort of song and the album then I want all the Grammys in my career took
off at that point I can’t think of anybody with productivity and
success more related to a lifestyle tank like a variety and there’s a lot of
other elements in place to help you wireless is awesome and replaceable my
age unsalted I had a new record company Dennis Quaid me in the first video for
think all love was a really good idea she was plated more a lot of things took
alluded at that time to making happen but I really think it’s contrary to
making you less funky and less effective it really if anything gets you in touch
with self is burning so bright whether it’s your sexuality or your
creativity I think all other things get really really vivid when you become
sober and all the little difficulties and struggles along the way sobriety
because you’re really waiting to yourself those are what makes your cost
so much so sometimes the most interesting ball I mean people have
always made great music when they lie I mean not all people but I was you know
there’s pro tennis amount of great music and literature and smell done while
people are high but it’s a personal decision when it gets to be too much
when it’s going downhill instead of opening up to something that people
really wanna hear and for me of the songs that I probably I mean the song
niggas time is really about a different kind of love is that about a romantic
love the last words the first time was really about my recovery this is not
hard cool clear water that for me is I think it’s gone longing in their heart
it’s tough it’s a time that I wrote it’s always like a prayer and it’s about
about being able to take these and turning up the first in your heart and
with your groundless yourself in other ways that you shut it down and and just
be surrendering to a different kind of a love survival even something alike
whether i’m singing i stager I just said to myself to know that that call for
help is just here on a daily basis from now on my name’s goes final question
from a listener Jimmy G Salt Lake City I am a musician in recovery who has
struggled mightily relapsed frequently and find it terribly
difficult to be around musicians who drink and use any suggestions my
sympathies I totally relate I don’t know how I got so lucky that the
movies from that especial and I’m around except I was I don’t know how people go
on the road but you probably have other people in your town that are musicians
that are trying to be sober as well and you know the way that I do is just make
sure if I’m having any trouble at all that I get on a phone or go to a meeting
or get with another person’s only music decisions are the ones that really
understand what can happen of creative process and being at begin the waiting
around and frustration I know it’s very very difficult to be in a situation
personally and either when you’re writing if you’re used to using product
drugs to fire you and some don’t have it very difficult to find a new Avenue from
I wish you all the best all I can say is this community and gathering you know
there’s actually a book that’s coming out on handle that I believe it’s about
creativity and recovery I don’t know the name of it but I just did a Ford for it
I know that I saw the galleys I did I think there’s probably so Prince would
help now online within the musician as well it may be map would be able to help
twizzle I feel like I really I really feel for you I hope you I hope you’ve
been making Bonnie Raitt joining us tonight a recovery coast-to-coast I
thank you so much for your time and joining us tonight

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  1. This is an Interview with Bonnie Raitt, on a Radio station called Recovery Coast to Coast. She shares about her addiction and recovery, and the alcoholism and drug abuse in the entertainment industry. I love her humility and compassion!

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