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A Crap Guide to Knights of Pen & Paper 2 [Sponsored]

A Crap Guide to Knights of Pen & Paper 2 [Sponsored]

This is a paid promotion by Paradox Interactive because although my videos are free food is not and if I’m gonna sell out my incredibly tight glooty artistic and comedic talent. I might as well do it for something I actually like more than morning doughnuts. Mmmmmmmmm Morning doughnuts… Download link in the description. Sometimes game night doesn’t happen because of scheduling issues. Like maybe you forgot your dice, or maybe your dog ate all your rule books, or maybe all your friends were busy or you don’t have any dice, or books, or friends, or any money to buy any of those things but you still want to be able to play a tabletop role-playing game anyway or at least an accurate virtual simulation of what it’s like to have dice, books, and friends to play a tabletop role-playing game with while you cry on the toilet over your lack of them in the real world. Too dark? Possibly. But I can’t hear all those tears over the sound of all this loot and experience I’m getting from all the troglodytes I’ve just slaughtered. Welcome to a Crap Guide to Knights of Pen & Paper 2. (Triumphant 8-bit music) After kicking out that guy that everybody hates who brings his overpowered character that’s totally legit You Guys! His previous Dungeon Master signed off on it! You put together a team of 100 percent accurate customizable players with a variety of characters, races and classes except for the best one but Bards are so powerful that it’s understandable the devs wouldn’t want to break their game with a sheer amount of stocky charismatic powers it would bring. For characters. You can choose unlikely nerds such as “afro science man”, “Jack Black”, “Some dork whose favorite RPG’s that one you’ve never heard of but is obviously way more Intelligent and complex and the one you’re playing your filthy peasant”, “dudebro”, “aquatic dudebro”, and even a big dice goth gf and the best part is you can give every single one of them DWARFY BEARDS! For classes you’ve got your usual suspects magic-user, physical bruiser, specific designated role confuser and they even play accurately to their real-world counterparts Like how my mage is only useful half of the time and how my party’s rogue runs for the treasure first and then DIES! In fact there’s a lot of nods to classic and modern tabletop RPGs that you pick up on if you ever touch a die that has more than six sides for example, you spend a majority of the time emotionlessly killing things that are minding their own business said things spontaneously always turn into gold for some reason The Paladin can never find a weapon that they want while the rest of the party is rolling in loot and BEES are the ultimate enemy of all life that will absolutely turn you into a pile of dice and mush If you try to fight it at level 3 like the Dungeon Master advised you NOT TO DO! HEY, stop poking fun at RPG tropes that’s my job! Now obviously mobile games have a bit of a reputation for eating your wallet and a few of your neighbors cats but one bright side is that you’ve got another hand free so you can maybe do some taxes, eat a sandwich, or play second download of Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Simultaneously because it means twice the virtual gaming groups to fill that lonely void in your sad schedule that even buying a fifth or sixth Sword and shield won’t be able to satisfy. Am I projecting a little bit? NO! I’m projecting a whole lot and I’m only a little bit salty because I had to take a loan out to pay the bridge troll his bridge toll This is why everybody thinks overs are cooler than you stupid algae-skinned piece of shit! And now you know how to play Knights of Pen and Paper Two Free to download on iOS and Android app stores Link in the description below You’re welcome (Triumphant 8-bit music)

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  1. the first first time i've looked at a mobile game promotion in years and actually thought "i'll think about it."

  2. Really enjoyed your review. Game was fun when i played it on my old phone your review really makes me wanna redownload it

  3. I saw this video and tried the game on my Android phone. I didn't care for it as I thought it was a money grab. On the other hand, I bought it on Steam and absolutely LOVE it!! I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone that likes D&D or Pathfinder or the like. I give the game a 9/10.

  4. Huh, I hadn't heard of this but sounds like it could fill the void in my life cries Thanks for the introduction, we'll see how this goes XD

  5. Downloading now. I fit most of the reasons you gave for not being able to play tabletop, plus the added "having to adult and having an antisocial wife that actually wants to spend time with me"

  6. The fact that I replayed the entire campaign and all it's expansions, when I barely finish a game, says a lot. Fifi is the worst btw

  7. lol you paid the bridge troll. i said fuck you and your stupid bridge fee and fought that fucker. i managed to keep loop stunning him with my knight’s pummel strikes. he legit only got to attack four times. shit was crazy

  8. pleb fought the ogre not too mention once you get too a certin level is damn near impossible too grind for higher levels and the gold cost on items is fucking insane at times

  9. Here's a none sponsored review. "I love it!" It's like the happier more satisfying darkest dungeon. I could have a change of heart, but Paper Knight II is my only mobile game.

  10. its a shame how paradox sponsors people but refuses to ACTUALLY UPDATE THEIR DAMN GAMES

  11. I feel like an opportunity was missed to call this one "A crap guide to selling out" xD not that I'm judging though (disclaimer for the inevitable rage this might produce)

  12. Ive watched this 5 times and ive played the game so much i have 5 characters all over level 20 and one is a ninja and i unlocked the monk class

  13. i finished the game and loved it so thanks for giving me a guide late but i dont care if it was late because after all it is better then my morning donuts

  14. The way you glossed over how pay to play this game actually is on mobile is amazing. Good work. If u want this game get it on pc its just 1000% better

  15. Pretty good game, the temple of broken balance is bullshit with that status effect that debuffs your entire party and buffs every enemy. And bees are an easy way to grind money if you spam stun attacks like pummel and frostbite from warrior and Mage respectively.

  16. if it anything like the first game then it is trash. It is basically a gimmick RPG with a skin of being a irl D&D thing. At no given time do you actually ever roll dice or make choices. If you going in for a lite D&D simulator you will end up hating it. It is literally a lite RPG with a D&D skin layer on top. Honestly the first game barely passed as playable even if it were free (it wasn't though) due to all of the bugs and broken stuff that literally never got fixed. Sadly only made worst that I freaking pay money for it. I understand JoCat have to say nice things to get pay but I'm not under some kind of contract to do such. The game will most likely be shit (literally look the same as the first one) and I can't recommend buying it.

  17. Bees are no problem…As long as your mage don't run out of MPs. Then yes they become a problem. xD
    But isn't that the fun of early tabletop game?
    Taking terrible descisions and surviving with 1HP while all other party members needs to re-roll?
    Isn't that what the legendary sword and shield user, the one and only Goblin Slayer, teatches us?

  18. I recently downloaded this and played a good bit. I had three party members to level 12. After that everything was crazy expensive and would require hours of grinding or paying to win. I like the game but having crits that do a ton more than normal, high cost at revive, and unbalanced level progression is a bit much.

  19. “All the troglodytes” Wowthis really is a crap guide. Everyone knows you beat up jesters with the diamond grinding trick with everything you got for free. And how did you do that? By force closing.

  20. You forgot to mention the infinite loop that lets you get free gems so you can unlock the extra cool shit without spending money

  21. The game with diamonds is fucking shite now, i actually played this game way back in 2017 and i enjoyed it racking up to 300 hours+. But now the game decided to go with the evil path of in-game currency and now the game feels twice as grindy. FFS

  22. Suggestion: instead of getting the free mobile version, get the paid version on steam. it's only $7.99 and it also is far better balanced and has no microtransactions. The free version is terribly balanced, with your health, energy, and gold multiplied by 20 times the amount of the paid version… while the enemies and shop prices are multiplied by even more. The paid version is far better, and I reccommend it much more.

  23. I took no shit from that troll then he kicked my ass. However getting a paladin and a wizard to go with my other three players we curb stomped that troll into the next plane of existence. Moral of the story when in doubt use a sword and shield then use fireball.

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