9. Screenprinting Artwork In AI: How To Use The Registration Swatch

hello and welcome to another educational video about screen printing by cats pip productions today's video was inspired by Matt from Mikey designs he left some comments on Facebook this week about the previous video we did about using these little T's or T marks as your registration you know using the capital T and setting up up like this here and he reminded me and mentioned that if you're doing a color separation like this where you're on one layer and you have a multicolored design and you're gonna send it to host separations or rip based separations then you can just send it out like this and the software will separate these into your film positives right and this is a little bit more advanced we may be jumping ahead a little bit for some of you but basically this design right here is not really colored properly to separate correctly for us for screen printing but this is just an example so if we wanted to send this out to host based separations or rip software based separations and we wanted these registration marks to print on all of the film positives automatically right okay so there's a way to do that and what you have to do is open up the swatch tab remember I showed you how to open this layer window by going up to windows and layers well you can also go to swatches and it pulls up swatches but it's right here layers swatches it's in the same windows the layers tab okay so you have the swatch tab open you're gonna select these registration marks select them all together and then you're gonna come up to this little swatch that is called registration you see that and you're gonna simply click it okay now what that tells illustrator is it's it's telling illustrator that these objects that you just colored registration this is technically what you did it's telling illustrator that you want registration marks or those particular objects to print out on all of the film separation so that means these will print out on every film separation every color separation that either the host separation or the rip separation creates it will now print these registration marks on okay so that's pretty cool all right so that's a cool thing and you know yeah I don't often remember everything this was a really cool thing thanks Matt for pointing that out I probably could have mentioned this in the last video but we're taking baby steps so I guess I didn't really think of it because this is kind of a little bit more of an advanced situation where you're going to use the color separation in host or rep so it's a little bit more advanced and we will get to doing a color separation of this design right here but it's going to be colored differently for a black t-shirt okay this coloring is actually for print or web so we'll do something with this in the future and we will send it out to host or rip software separations so stay tuned for that all right thanks a lot Matt cool video to do hope you guys enjoyed this and if you like what you see please remember to comment below rate thumbs up and of course please subscribe thanks a lot for watching and we'll see you next time

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  1. hi, please i need your advise on choosing a screen printing positives printer. what type of printer A3 size is good??

  2. Hi,
    I was given this link from a friend. It seems Adobe is giving away AI CS. this is an older version and has no updates. If someone follows the links that person can get this free software. Thanks Jim

  3. Okay so here is a follow up video to the last one we did about the “T” registration marks that I often use here in house. I was reminded by Matt at Mikey designs on Facebook that we could also use the AI registration swatch with these custom reg marks. It’s really best for host or RIP color separations but I figured now was the time to mention it. Thanks Matt! When we do some color separations with film output we’ll look at another way to add registration marks to all of your film positives. 

    9. Screenprinting Artwork In AI: How To Use The Registration Swatch 

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