8. Making Screenprinting Artwork: How To Use A "T" Registration Mark

hello everyone and welcome to another educational video about screen printing by cat spit productions I am doing a video that was requested several times by several different people and they asked me how do I make my registration marks when when you see that I do these really simple spot colors you know one two colors three colors and I have these kind of beefy registration marks that I use and people were asking me about them so how do I create them okay so here's a simple little spot color setup it's on three layers basically because it's a three color even though that you see I have four layers because I have a little branding going on over here okay but that's locked so basically we have three layers okay we've got a color here that we're going to use or could use this is another color and then this one prints over it like that you know like two registration marks getting lined up so there'd be two different colors right kind of cool like they're about to get lined up so you have three colors one two three okay so it's a simple spot color very easy each screen is done by printing the film pot so we would print this this is one film positive then the other then the other right okay but what about your registration marks so what I do for this kind of thing it's really simple I just create a new layer okay layer five and you know you want to have your artwork visible at this point sorry okay so layer five and then I do this really simple thing and I like it a lot I don't know why or how I discovered this but I like aerial and I use a T alright so here I have this T and this should be on this this fifth layer even though we only have four layers for the design right okay so there it is so there's one and now at this point you can decide whether you want to you know Center these things because uh and yellow isn't a great color to use because you can barely see it I don't know why they even use yellow and white but you can decide where these crosshairs are going to go in relation to the design and if you if you Center the design in the crosshairs then when you're lining up the film positives on the screen you can actually line them up using the crosshairs if you don't Center them then obviously you can't do that all right so all I did was use these rulers I don't know if you know but up in here what is it view show or hide rulers and you know and this is basically the principle is the same whether using Corral or illustrator you know what I'm saying it's it's the same type of functions just different commands so you'd be working in layers you still have rulers to work with all right so you see what I did there I just lined that one up there now I'll copy and paste I'm gonna have another one and I'll just bring it up to that area and kind of Center it like so that's about good you know this design is a little bit asymmetrical in the middle so I would probably try to use the text to line these up but first we're going to set them up so there I got the top I'm going to select this other one hopefully copy paste okay and you see them there they're still grouped together now I'm going to go up and transform reflect horizontal and flip them upside down and now that yellow is really bad I don't like that now I have them on the bottom okay I see so that's it now at this point you can get rid of these things if you want you know if you're happy with kind of where they are or in relation to one another and if you wanted to tweak it any further you can grab them you should be able to group them I was having trouble grouping mine earlier sometimes illustrator doesn't want to cooperate all right so I Center them a little bit but this is good enough for the to show you okay so so there you go and you they don't have to be this big you can shrink them down a little bit if you on it too okay what did I have mine 50 till right okay so they're all 52 they got to be the same and now it's ready basically ready to print okay you have now for the design you have one two three four layers this layer controls the registration marks oops my mouse is wobbling around here we go okay so that controls the registration marks that layer would be on all the time and then now when we go to print the film we're going to just do one at a time like this and that's it print that that's one piece of film print that that's another piece of film print that and that's your last piece of film okay so all together we have the four four layers for your registration excuse me and for the design itself all right and that's it that's how I do my registration marks for simple spot colors that I might manually separate like this or just create on layers so it's already kind of manually separated as you create it so there you go simple Arial black or not Arial black regular Arial capital T and then flipped upside down for the bottom very simple registration market works really cool I like it the few people who've tried it say they like it a lot so there it is shared it with you that's all very simple blah blah blah alright guys hope you enjoyed that thanks a lot for watching as always I appreciate your time and attention so please subscribe and we will see you next time

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  1. I have 2 questions,What version of Illustrator are you running in this video?Can you use lacquer thinner on the screens for plastisol cleanup?…..I have learned alot from your videos.Thx.

  2. Odd question. But I have been wondering this for a few years now. When you print your registration marks, and you burn your screens, wouldn't the ink go through the registration marks? How do you line everything up correctly but eliminate ink going through the registration marks? Is it just a matter of taping? Thank you for your tutorials!

  3. yep thumbs up on that one…I like the T registration marks in all 4 corners…seem as though you have a better chance of lining everything up!

  4. Great technique. I will do this tomorrow. I think my printer is going to be very grateful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. hey…do i just need adobe illustrator to print separate copies or do i need that other program (forgot the name) that people on the internet  say i need to print separate film..thanx man

  6. Here is a quick tutorial video on how to make the Catspit “T” registration marks. This is part of my basic artwork creation series for screenprinting designs. My intent is to get you familiar with Illustrator so that when I get to more complex videos you will be able to build up you basic skills underneath the more advanced skills which will come later. Please remember I am not a professional graphic artist so these tips may seem simple and perhaps useless to some but the goal is to teach the basic idea and fundamentals of Illustrator which will have you creating simple artwork in less time than learning by trial and error. Take baby steps. Build on basics. We will get to more complex artwork videos in due time 😉

    Making Screenprinting Artwork: How To Use A "T" Registration Mark 

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