8 Famous Bollywood Actors Who Won’t Come In Movies Anymore

8 Famous Bollywood Actors Who Won’t Come In Movies Anymore

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  1. Thank God these people won't be coming in the movies anymore. No wonder I couldn't get my last Redbox rental to work that's disgusting

  2. Hehe wrong info about Madhuri she is got few Hindi and Marathi Movie signed up. Preity was recently seen in a movie with Sunny.

  3. Don't post wrong videos if u do not have right information. KUNAL KAPOOR did movie GOLD recently, MADHURI DIXIT"S TOTAL DHAMAAL is going to release soon, PREITY ZINTA did BHAIYAJI SUPERHIT , are u sleeping ?

  4. Madhuri upcoming total dhamaal who told u that she is not interested in Bollywood please don't develop your own thoughts in video should be true and sensible

  5. Everytime why such fake news are being provided, we cant understand… recently madhuri did film total dhamaal…. pls refrain such fake news

  6. Its all what you feel like. Nth accurate.
    "Oh she/he isnt working so s/he wont be back"
    What a great reason👏👏👏

  7. Pritey zinta ki new movie release hone wali hai 1jun 2020 visvas nahi hoga to ye link pe dek our agar ye movie aye to tu megya dji phantom pro dega mobile no mere 9175225615 link https://www.filmibeat.com/celebs/preity-zinta/upcoming-movies.html

  8. Fardeen Khan, side effects of the drugs.
    Madhuri should not be on the list she was #1, and very successful leading lady.

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