6 Signs You’re A Natural Born Artist

A lot of people draw everyday and don’t realize how talented they are mind odities Presents 6 Signs You’re A Natural Born Artist So how do you know if you’re an artist even you don’t feel like one? You need to step up from your cloud of self doubt and recognize yourself as an artist. It’s up to you to be able to see those qualities within yourself and nurture them throughout your life. Here are six signs that clearly show that you are natural born artist, even you don’t realize it yet: Number 1 – You clicked on this video. A tiny inkling urged you to open this video. You have doubts that you have in it you to create a masterpiece. You take pride and pleasure in creating something new and different, You want to know if you have what it takes to go the distance. Analizying your needs and desires is STEP I to becoming a full-time artist Number 2 – You love art. This is the second and most important sign that clearly shows that you appreciate and respect art. Although you might find yourself in difficulty to express yourself, From time to time you can create something beautiful but you feel that it is not very important. Number 3 – You are incredibly sensitive to your surroundings. Every artist is keenly aware of the world around them. You’re able to feel joy, pain, and every emotion in between. Artists are real empaths. That sensitivity fuels your creative drive. Number 4 – You return to the same artistic outlets. Sure, you might not be a pro artist or a rock god just yet, but somehow, you’re always brought back to the canvass or to the music instrument of your preference. This is a strong sign you should really jump in with both feet and hone your craft. Number 5 – You always come up with new ideas. Natural born artists tend to have more ideas than can fit in your head. I recommend picking up a notebook and jotting down some of these ideas. Pick your favorite ones and run with them. Find a way to create! Number 6 – Creativity trumps everything else. Money, career, things – they don’t matter as long as you can express yourself creativity. This is the truest sign of a natural born artist. Artists want their voices to be heard by the entire world. The paycheck doesn’t matter in the slightest. As long as you get to express yourself.

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  1. Can I please just let everyone know what “born with talent” really means? Thanks!

    If you are born with pure natural talent, it means that you have enough will and need to pick art in the future, it can either be a musical instrument, vocals, dangerous skills, anything! As ling as you have passion for it.
    You may have heard the saying “Practice makes perfect!”. Well, it doesn’t. Practice improves! It teaches you skills, not how to draw all in one tutorial! HELL NAH! Now, have I made myself clear? GOOD!

  2. Talent is a word often misused in the art community. So many people use it to substitute hard work and dedication, because they only see the product of years and years of anatomy. Good art does not equal talent. You may learn faster or slower than others, but nearly ever single artist started with crayon scribbles on printer paper as a child.

  3. I'd say us visual artists are shallow most of the time, we tend to only see how things are on the outside including people, we are romanticized but we are not romantic.

  4. I am an artist in digital art and just sketching down things ive done 1,192 peices of digital art in 2 years and i make art for students at my school and i call them cj pets

  5. I haven't gotten into drawing until earlier this year and I can tell you, no one is born a natural artist. It comes with practice and patience.

  6. I use to be an artist 1st place back in school days but then i start smoking weed thats qhen i lost all my talent cant think of anything to draw all i can draw is a marijuana leaf and a blunt

  7. I’m eleven and I practice a lot of art geez!! I even sold one of my paintings for $1,220 and I’m happy about that now I can even draw humans😁

  8. I wish i were good at art. People would come up to me and look at my drawings and stare at me then walk away from then i never drew again…

  9. I love art and all,but you cant be born that way.I practice and practice and I get better.Thats why I really want to be an animator.Thats why practice makes perfect.

  10. Also thats why Walt Disney was soooooooo good.He practiced,and he became a huge success.Thats why every one looooooves Disney.

  11. Lol, This is one of the most randomness video I've ever seen.

    I see what this video coming from, but then again I don't. I believe Art is a talent and a skill. You can be "born" with a creatively wired brain, you can be "born" with an understanding of some type of art. But, you have to also develop that talent until It's second nature. For example, People like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston were seen as potential singers at a very young age, they didn't even know what singing was but people around them knew that they were worthy, and sure as shit they became some of the best singers of all time. Pablo Picasso was able to draw realism at 15 years old, people say he had natural raw talent. It's all about how you go about it. Not to put myself on a pedestal, but my dad told me that I had a natural feeling for art when I was 5 or so, I was able to draw stick figures with meaning or something. (I still don't understand…) but It's all about opinion. Some people can sing better than other's, some people can draw better than others.

    But, if you're very passionate about art, than I think you're an artist! If you love doing it, than you're an artist, period. ^_^

  12. Ty, now I know why I didn't feel like career is the most important thing or feel like I want to create something that makes people think about ther actions.

  13. Here's a tip
    You fucking aren't lol.
    It take years of practice to get good at art. Nobody wakes up drawing the Mona Lisa. Or they draw this amazing stuff at age five. It's practice. There's some stuff that you are born with, but art isn't one

  14. Is anyone else just looking through the comments to find people who actually watched this and now believe they are the next Picasso ?

  15. I started drawing when I was 5 years old and now I am 11 years old but the things said in this video suits me………Am I an artist?🖌️

  16. No talent is in built…. Once you have passion for a thing, you try your best to achieve great results…..this improves your skills in that field….and ultimately becomes your talent.

  17. Ah yes I knew I was an artist when I drew stick figures in Kindergarten!!
    Seriously tho, nobody’s just born with it. I’ve been working my ass off to be good at art since I was in elementary school. It’s a seriously hard career.

  18. I have all these signs but I know no one is born a "natural artist". I have always wanted to draw good but everytime I look at someone else's work, I look at my work and start criticizing it. Everyday I always push myself to keep drawing and keep moving. I can see my work getting slightly better throughout each day. I just want to say to everyone who is doubting there work, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again". Thanks for reading!😁👍

  19. i'm bad at drawing but i still have a really artistic mind. i can't express it through painting or drawing, but i can express it through creating songs, writing poetry or even short stories.

  20. There’s no such thing as a “natural born artist”. Art is a skill that develops and takes time. You can’t be an amazing artist as soon as you’re pushed out of the womb.

  21. Manny professional artists (Drawing artists) many times struggle with the fact that they don't know what to draw, but that doesn't make them any less of an artist. It is totally normal. Some days you have SO many ideas, and you don't know what to start drawing, and some days you don't have any ideas, you try to draw, but your art just look like crap something that make you even more uninspired. Like this comment if art block suck ((:🚫

  22. everytime I draw I draw as if I was like 5 years older like I'm so happy :))))) I am a natural born artist

  23. Come on people some things can't be get wit her only practice noatter how much u practice u can't think like Newton simple
    Moreover ( no offence ) Selena practice that's obvious but can't sing high note like demi and Ariana so some things are naturally gifted and in vedio he's not saying that u are born and started drawing he's telling that they feel special affection towards particular thing u have interest in that thing from beginning
    And on the other hand the thing u struggle for u get them and already possessing them are two different things 😉

  24. I think no one is natural born with a talent, more so that some have a better concept of a different skill like art or maths.

  25. What I think about Art is,love and emotions ive never felt before.Not that im good at drawing but its like exploring all your imaginations!But I guess im not an artist….

  26. My grandfather is an artist sadly he has dementia and he was verry good at painting and drawing but now he cant do it anymore one day i decided to follow his footsteps en was just drawing something and i had starting talent for it but i want to do it also for my grandmother i inherited it from my grandfather and whem my grandmother sees that i see that shes happy when i draw i dont now why i am sharring this but drawing can make people around you happy and when my grandfather is going to pass away i still have something from him and that is my love for art so art has meaning 🙂
    But that doesnt mean i am a proffesional i am not there is still mutch more to learn and to do to improve my skills

  27. OMG everything on that video is true about me OMG OMG im going to draw endgame poster EEEKKK

  28. yay! i have always thought that I was a natural born artist 🥰 everyone compliments my drawings and I’m very proud of them my self ❤️ this video just gave me evidence that i am a natural born artist 🌟

    thank you 💫☺️ ~ Ruby 💖

  29. Im a very bad artist and i took art class I got a C I been doing it for a few years now and I tried something and I realized I can't so I'm just quitting

  30. So… I show all of these signs and I'm over here drawing stick people..? Wow… Art is not what it used to be.

  31. For me, art is a feeling, not a skill, since art is subjective and it depends on the eye that sees it, any piece can be potentially good. But there is an evident difference between creatives and non creatives, come on, people.
    You don't have to prove with amazing skills that you have talent, therefore you are an artist, you are an artist by the fact you do and enjoy art.
    You can improve your skills, but you had to experience a strong passion in art, a thing you can't force by practicing.
    Not to mention that things like aphantasia and alexithymia still exist, that make the artistic process more difficult
    Btw, you forgot about honesty. It's very important for an artist to be honest with themselves and to know themselves, how can you do art if it's just a mask of yourself, a detached product? I would feel so miserable, even if my pieces are disturbing, I will continue to be loyal to myself.

  32. I do love drawing, but I worry for my future and I haven’t been practicing drawing but I now don’t have time because of my exams that I need to revise for.

  33. Nobody is born an artist. If somebody is amazing at art, it is because of how much they have practiced. you know that they are amazing artists but do you know what all they have been through to become that amazing artist?

  34. some people are actually born an artist. u just never thought about that skill till u discover what u can really do. their is no such thing as teaching art, ppl just dont know that. NOBODY is taught art.
    it makes sense, how young-lings know how to draw stick ppl. They saw it off someone else? NO!! everybody is born to know atleast a little about art. as the years go by, and kids start going to school they will see more and more art. the cute little pictures around pre-school, *THAT"S OUR 1ST LOOK OF THE WORLD*. As kids tend to get older and they get more of "what's going on with the world'. they see what older ppl are doing and try to copy, most fail. BUT WE LEARN!!!!!!!!!

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  36. Number 1
    You clicked on this video
    This is really mind-blowing but is still true it means that this video passed in interest and this means that I wanted to know if i am or not then this means that you need to subscribe to this channel😜😜

  37. I have a secret artistic and I'm 14yrs old and I never realized I was a painter and a drawer,like if been in those situations

  38. And I cried because I thought I was this useless person and two I was angry didn't know what kind of talent I have ,like if you been in my situation

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