6. Creating Screenprinting Artwork In Illustrator: What Are Layers?

hello and welcome to another educational video about screen printing by cat spit productions today I wanted to try to explain to you what layers are in Adobe Illustrator this is version cs3 but the principle will be the same for any version or even CorelDraw but you know in CorelDraw of course will be in different spot but what layers are is basically we have a canvas here or an artboard and we can have layers built up in a two-dimensional direction you know towards us so if your layer window isn't already open somewhere over here then you can go up to the menu bar click window and go down to layers and it should pop up here this box also has some other sub tabs but today we're just using the layers tab okay so basically we already have one layer when you create your you know document you already have one layer initially created right now I'm using that layer for my little branding logo and it's locked do you see this here this blue highlight means I have this layer highlighted and this little padlock toggles the lock so when it's not there you can select this when I lock it you cannot okay so that could be helpful when you're creating artwork all right now one of the reasons we use layers is that as a screen printer you can create different parts of the artwork or different colors on different layers so here's create a new layer because we need to start with a layer and you can double click the layer and name it if you wanted to and we could say this is color one okay so there it is now maybe our color one is just a font you know maybe we're gonna have some kind of text on this layer okay and now we can toggle that layer on and off just like even my branding layer can be toggled on and off okay so now we have a color one but disregard branding layer for this obviously you wouldn't have that when you're working because you know you're just creating the artwork I have it for the video alright so basically we have color one now we might create another layer and call it color too okay now in this layer we might have a shape a shape of some cards okay all right now we can also delete layers from here these are the controls so you have when it's highlighted you can delete the layer okay or you could create a sub layer if you wanted to you know that's a little bit more complex when you're first starting out doing simple spot colors I just recommend using layers okay and let's see just to you know last one we'll do one more say this is you know color 3 and we have an ellipse on it all right so two of the reasons why knowing these layers are here and knowing how to use them is for one you can lock certain parts of the artwork while you're working on this layer so that if I do this it's not selecting I can't even budge these because they're locked you see that just toggle them on and off and that will you know so if you wanted to work with all the pieces on this one layer without worrying about you know oh oops I moved that I didn't want to well you know you just lock those layers and now it only selects the one layer but is unlocked that's the only one you can select or work with at this point if you select this other layer you know it's locked – you'd have to unlock it okay so you do that now the other reason why is for printing when you print out a simple spot color like this you can use the print visible layers function in the print dialog and only the things that you have toggled on will print so that comes in handy when you're gonna print film positives so say this is color one that could now you know we don't have registration marks obviously but you know just saying for layers that's color one can turn it off there's color – BAM color 3 follow and you can print each one all right so that's what layers are or just I think you know I just wanted to explain to you kind what they are in their very basic form you know just to start you out so you can start using them in exploring layers and how they work with multicolored screen printing artwork okay I hope this that you found this video helpful okay if you like what you've seen today please rate thumbs up comment below and of course subscribe thanks a lot for watching and we'll see you next time

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  1. thanks for explaining on layers i always wanted to know how to use it and why it can benefit my artwork in one canvas to the other layer ,variations to the same image with diferent styles and color .great video friend

  2. It would be great if you could teach us your process for separating final images into layers. For example your catspit logo that is featured in this video on screen. How do you take that final image and separate it into print ready layers? Maybe touch on using th outline stroke function, or any others you may use, on th individual layers to prevent small white space from showing thru (creating gaps on th final shirt print) due to slight registration misalignment on press (for those who are trying to do fine detail without having a press with micro registration capabilities). Keep th informative vids coming.

  3. Check out this basic introduction video about layers in Illustrator. When working in a vector art program and creating #screenprinting #artwork, using layers can be helpful. This video shows you what they are and where to find them. I thought this would be useful in the next series of artwork videos. This is almost like part one of 3 in a way as each will lead into the other. This is a very simple rundown of the basic layer functions in AI. I hope all of you beginners in screen printing art find this useful.

    Creating Screenprinting Artwork In Illustrator: What Are Layers?

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