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[Yolanda Strey] I am Yolanda Strey, and I am the HUB Director for the Texas Facilities Commission. The Texas Facilities Commission oversees the property management, and the design and construction of government buildings. Currently, we manage the new construction of the Capitol Complex in downtown Austin. This is a historic project. We are collaborating with the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation, Workplace Safety to bring small business owners the 30-hour OSHA training course at a very low cost. [Chris D’Amura] The opportunity to work with the Texas Facilities Commission enables us to reach a wide variety of employers that we don’t have contact with currently. I’m Chris D’Amura, and I’m the director of the workplace safety programs at the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation. The subcontractors in construction often are underserved and need assistance, and we want to make sure that the employees that are working on the projects in the Capitol Complex are as safe as they possibly can be. Typically these classes cost anywhere from five to eight hundred dollars a person in the private sector. Because of the partnership that we have with the Texas Facilities Commission, and the importance we place on workplace safety, we’re doing this on a cost recovery basis, which boils down to about 20 dollars per person. They’ll talk about things like trenching and excavation, fall protection, the employees’ rights under OSHA, and the responsibilities as well. They’ll cover electrical hazards, material handling hazards, equipment hazards. Some projects, either through general contractors or public entities, may require these courses for contractors and subcontractors to be able to bid on the project. [Yolanda Strey] The Texas Facilities Commission is committed to ensure that everybody does have an opportunity for this historic project. We are looking for concrete people, drywall, any type of trade is needed for this project. There’s limited seating, so please take advantage of this low-cost course. Come join us, and help us build the state of Texas.

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