2019 CSULB Homecoming

[MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Hi, I’m here with a very
special character here
at the 2019 homecoming. Welcome to homecoming! What are you looking forward to?
Exactly! It’s already right
here that’s amazing! So have you been to
the homecoming before? Oh and are you still enjoying
it after all these years? I bet it’s a pretty
special event. So I’m here with a member of
alumni, how’s the event so far? Hey this is awesome! I love it! So you were saying that like you
are out of a rugby player back
in the day you’re an alumni. Yea I’m an alumni from 1986 I
played rugby for many years
there we had a great team. Now I come back and I’m
a volleyball groupie. what is it like as an alumni the
kind of the responsibility of
coming back to representing the school? You know it’s really it’s really
good cuz it’s kind of yeah I got
to get back to the community I’ve always been a
person to give back. That’s why I joined the city
council, that’s why I got
involved with our city and it’s nice to come back and see the
young fresh faces at Long Beach
State You kind of forget those times when you were
younger, but it’s been great
to be a part of it again. Big sense of community you come
out here, support the school
and all come together, be cheerleaders together. What is that like? I think our team is a a family
and it’s been a family since
I’ve been on the team for 4 years now and that
never has changed. We love that. I think this basketball game
really brings everybody together
it really feels up in here and everyone wants to come to this
game specifically so I think
that’s one of my favorite Parts about it. Having it be like the home
opener of basketball, basketball
is a really big thing at this school so it’s cool to
see a bunch of students come
and enjoy the game together. Yeah it’s a lot of supporters,
people who just love The Beach
in general, people who love Cal State Long Beach supporters of
the school and a lot of the
alumni come and that’s really cool here is really cool that
keep the forwarding and they
come over here and seeing different sports teams
also come to support one
another is really cool. [MUSIC] I enjoy seeing the families
families come you’re like the
sun chasing the pyramid packed full of people that it feels
more more inclusive more like
everyone feels like we’re all here for like a special purpose
so I like that I like so I like
seeing a lot of people here. My Dad went here. Graduated in ‘82. What he study? What are you studying? He studied Art, I’m
studying Finance and
I do band on the side. How does it feel to be a
member of homecoming court? I’m just blessed and honored
some of the people that are also
in the car with me are some of the most incredible &
inspirational people I’ve met
here at Long Beach STate. So whether I win or not I’ll be
happy it’s them and I get to
stand along side with them too. so I’m just blessed and honored. Well I’m a 56 year young
doctoral student here at Cal
State Long Beach living my best life right now. I’m honored and proud to be part
of the homecoming court with at
lot of great individuals and I’m looking forward to just
having a great time today. Yeah, awesome. Have you uh been to one of
these homecoming events before? Yea, I think this is
my 5 homecoming event. Is there anything different
this year compared
to the other years? I’m loving it always
loving you is everything
different this year. We are celebrating 25 years of
the Walter pyramid bring it
inside and I think it’s worked out pretty well so far I’m
excited for it is there anything
you’re looking forward to in particular today for homecoming? I’m looking forward to
a couple of Long Beach State
victories more than anything. Yea. So you’re a transfer… How long you been here? This is my first
semester actually. So, I’m so new to
everything that’s going on. I, but it’s so exciting,
it’s like a complete
and utter like rush. Just like has filled me up at
I’ve I love Long Beach so far. I didn’t expect for it to be
this exciting and and this
diverse do you know it was so much student life like happening
oh my goodness I couldn’t have
asked for a better institution or like a better school to
to represent and be apart
of as homecoming Court too. We are with Anna another
member of homecoming Court. How’s it going? It’s good how are you? I’m doing great
thank you for asking? How’s everything going
tonight for homecoming? I can’t wait until like a lot
more people come so it’s super
hype for the game but it’s been really fun so far. What are you enjoying so far? I just really like being around
like Beach Pride I feel like we
don’t get it a lot like on campus and I feel like in the
Walter pyramid it’s like
magnified in here in like the energy is like unbeatable? The boys game, I feel like I’ve
got to be packed and I’m really
stoked the girls are so good we’re crushing them obviously
but I’m just really excited to
see way more people here with Beach Pride. You talked a little bit about
the Long Beach Community it’s
super interesting cuz it’s not just the students the athletes
and the performers and it’s also
like alumni and parents and that it’s like the whole Community
extended what’s that like? It’s super cool to see like
cuz I’m graduating this
year so it’s really nice. Congratulations. Thank you, thank you. It’s really cool to see you
alumni life like after Long
Beach and like how they still have so much Beach Pride and I’m
really excited to like graduate
so I can continue that. So it’s also kind of didn’t have
you been to homecomings before
all of them oh yeah so it’s kind of a Bittersweet cuz you get
your return and see your family
again which also need the last one. But it’s kind of nice though
right it said it’s a send-off
last year it’s nice I had to really get my friends to come by
being like it’s my last one of
the students yeah it’s really Bittersweet homecoming court
now so it’s an honor I am it
is a complete honor thank you I absolutely think you’re so
how do you get nominated
for homecoming Court? what is a nomination it was like
a conversation that I had with a
couple of my friends and there’s like an application in
an interview process. Yeah I think I’m looking
forward to tonight? I’m looking forward to the
crowning, but I’m also like
looking for it’s like actually watching like a basketball game
that but I haven’t really
watched basketball as much as I used to watch volleyball but now
I’m over it’s really good love
you things are really nice I like in the middle of everything
else I can sing like constantly
and I’m just like his the camera going to go on me cuz it is I’m
ready but it is not I’m also not
ready you don’t need what year are you going to have a
homecoming for 4 on this is my
first homecoming I am up that they are so after the finish I
will be graduating so it’s the
last year but now you finally get to come home, so Bittersweet
right to be like I feel like
this life I buy final moment you. Like right before like they kill
the queen like the crown it like
stuck me what are you liking about it I love that’s inside
the fact that it’s inside it’s
amazing like I was like I don’t like family like it’s all about
having fun I’m really like that
it for the crowning like that’s like my biggest day like just
put a crown on it like let’s go
to the game I don’t really know much about basketball time
I’m ready to like ask all
the questions Go Beach! , Go Black & Gold! Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Go Beach! , Thank You!

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