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My name is Lisa and I’m 15 years old. Until… not long ago, I was the perfect daughter…
but my parents decided to move, and that changed everything. My life became hell. We lived in a small town, and to be honest,
I was a very happy girl there. But one day my father came home and told us
that his company offered him a promotion. It was a pretty good offer… but for my dad
to take it, he needed to move to a different country. This was serious – my mother was without
a job, so the extra income would be pretty good for us. I was a bit scared about the possibility of
moving, but deep down I believed my father would say no to that promotion. Why would we move out when we had our entire
lives here? However… that’s not what happened. Days later my parents decided to accept my
father’s promotion, so we were going to move. I couldn’t believe it! What would I do without my friends? Also, how would I adapt to a new school, especially
in the middle of the year, and having to learn a new language? It was a real drama – I was very angry,
and I couldn’t stop crying. I tried to convince my parents that moving
out wasn’t a good idea, and I suggested that I could move in with my grandparents… but
nothing worked. Arriving at our new house wasn’t any better
either. We were now living in a new city, a very different
place compared to our small town… and no friends nor acquaintances nearby. I spent my first day of school with my head
down, hoping that nobody would bother or bully me… And precisely what I didn’t want to happen…
happened. In my class, there was a group of girls who
started to bully me day after day. They would insult me just for being new and
made it more difficult for me to adapt. I just wanted to hide and never come out. The only good thing about all this is that
I met a new friend: Her name was Jennie, and she also spent a lot of time alone. She was pregnant, and everyone at the school
had stopped interacting with her because of this. I thought her story was very harsh, as her
parents wanted to send her to a boarding school after giving birth. It was horrible! We became a bit stronger together, and she
was a big support for me as well. One afternoon I got home and told my parents
that the people in my school were bullying me. They took it in the worst way possible: They
thought I was making it all up just to get attention. How could they think like that? How could they not believe me? The situation didn’t improve – not at home,
and not at school. I couldn’t take it anymore, it had been months
of the same hell. After a very tough day of class, I tried talking
to my parents again. Their reaction was worse than the last time:
They told me horrible things and made me feel very alone. When I was going to my room I remembered Jennie,
and out of the blue I told my parents: “I’m pregnant!” The look on their faces was… something special. I wanted to teach them a lesson, somehow…
but not even I knew why I had made that up. I shut myself in my room, still not believing
what I had just done. My parents were constantly hitting the door,
demanding that I opened it. I yelled at them to leave me alone, but in
the end I had to open the door. Instead of confessing the lie, I kept going
with it: I copied Jennie’s story and told my parents that I wanted to have my baby,
even though I was 14 years old at the time. Amazingly, they did believe me. They couldn’t stop crying and yelling at me
at the same time. It was a horrible situation. When they finally left me alone, I wondered
how I would get out of that one. I thought about it all night. I had done something really stupid. In the morning, I was very remorseful for
what I had done. I told them it was all a lie. I apologized and tried to justify myself…
but all my explanations did nothing. They were extremely angry with me and had
every right to. They had the worst night of their lives and
decided to go to my school to talk to my teachers. Once there, they told my tutor what I had
done. She told my parents that she didn’t think
I was being the victim of any bullying or discrimination. My parents were alarmed with all my lies,
and on top of that, Jennie also found out and got very angry with me. I had used her life story to make my parents
feel pity, so naturally, Jennie stopped talking to me. In class nobody interacted with me, my only
friend had abandoned me completely, and my parents were utterly disappointed in me. My life sucks. Does your life suck as well and you wanna
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  1. Well the parents are also wrong in this situation they should have believed her or let one of the trusted students check if anyone is bullying her

  2. Easter eggs:
    1:45 the girl has a rick face from rick and morty
    3:20 pickachu from pokemon is near the door

  3. 1:42 – 1:47 oh no im being invaded by Summer from Earth C – 229 and Jessica from Earth D – 862

    Rick and Morty Easter Egg

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