11.07.19 – Item 14 – Installation of Public Artwork – Segments of Berlin Wall.

11.07.19 - Item 14 - Installation of Public Artwork - Segments of Berlin Wall.

and if we can please move to item 14 installation of public artwork segments of berlin wall you'll notice that we've got a set of woods in front of us which talks about consents and approvals and maintenance and condition report on to maintain engineering plans are provided the one thing that's missing from this resolution of course is a location so I imagine that somewhere this debate is going to Center maybe if I could just get some words of introduction from staff first of all and maybe some commentary on where this got to with the committee and where it's at today thank you yes we took it to committee and there was was some good debate on on the siting of the artwork and also a request to go back and check with a couple of groups of people to look at their opinions one was the victorious group reference group yeah while we didn't convene the group to talk to we certainly got some good feedback from a number of members through the through the media and and otherwise and but I'd be interested to hear from Council the temple of the day on her views as well she was a member of that group we also asked to contact niter who so we have done that through meta potpourri and they've their comments here that though they we've looked at a number of sites with them they thought that the pieces didn't necessarily fit well and speaking in particular to row or but however commissioning new artwork and the future from local street eyes artists might help them to connect to the sites and to anchor them down and bearing in mind that the the way these work are being cited they can be moved around in the future as well the other additional information that we provided we're asked to provide which we have done so and thanks to to Carrie went away and looked at additional sites endured quite a comprehensive site analysis on a number of factors which has also been supplied to you and just just looks at at a number of a number of things as to why we think it might fit into an area but Kerry might be able to answer questions as I came we didn't have a lot of time to prepare the matrix that did have a look at a range of sites and me we had explored these prior to making a national recommendation around the area just just near the floor o'clock in Town Hall but we obviously went back and see some strong opportunity around our water park bearing in mind that multiple party had developed a narrative I guess alongside or talk little limited and developing that bit east frame area and they would have an interest and and us seeing the works in the future have some having some connection to that narrative as well as you know telling some of our stories through those weeks I think just just I mean it does mention in the report about the timing of it but the current artwork on there was not original it was done in 24 2014 commissioned as a community I think there were community projects so various community organizations in Berlin invited to paint segments of the wall alright so no further commentary from staff I would normally ask for the chair of the relevant committee to to make some comments to introduce the item Phil do you have any commentary on this me not as we've heard there's more information which is being provided now than was available to the committee because of you know the work that you asked to be done as chair of the committee did you have any comment that you wanted to make at this time thank you I do I do I think one of the things about the decision today it needs to be clear this doesn't have to be a permanent installation forever in fact it can be temporary for as long as council would like to be there and I think what kiri referred to that other artworks coming in to the Rory area could certainly enhance and you know the the Berlin Wall part yeah so I think too it's important that today we actually do make a decision the wall has been moving around for ever in a long time and it's not this is an easy decision but I think the matrix gives us a good pointer to roro Park rora and literally arena to be I think understandeth a casual casual straight end of the green space stands up the best among what the the staff has selected not all right thank you very much for that so now let's move to some questions Tim thank you just a couple of quick ones and the original report although it was Sid verbally that they could be it could be moved around the report made it very clear the empty permanent installation in that area so if we could make that clear that it is able to be moved because anywhere that it goes and obviously I made it very clear in the original committee meeting that I was totally opposed to Victoria Square or the surrounds so that's the first question if we can somehow word that in this report that it is a would have been you could recommend that we take the word permanent out of them yep if that's okay with well nobody's moved this isn'ta I'll just go into the second question and that's probably the most important one as we are is that can you just confirm we were proposing to take it now so the Cashville sorry casual street end of between Litchfield and casual casual Street it's slightly mounded what we've done and looking at their end and preference to the other as not preventing any community events on the green space as there should still leave that space quite open and it's also not disrupting or in the view of the residents as residential properties that are being constructed along that part of and we're gonna put the actual site we were citing it on this attachment so for the purpose of clarification just for the purpose of clarification in the context of the report that's in front of us are we hearing that with the new information which has been presented there's a new staff recommendation which is role or a Litchfield to potential sites so the second column in Appendix B Korea's southernmost of those two sites shown in the picture occasional street so that's the northernmost of the two sites shown in the picture okay great okay so when somebody's ready to move something we'll need to make sure that what they move is specific enough that it's capable have been understood and implemented so further questions Aaron you so in the decision matrix we've got the five locations Litchfield a trail I mean sorry casual Rae or it doesn't seem to be on the just clustered the the sites because the the discussion was will just be essentially the same around both of them but just noting that it is it's a number to the its the casual tillage field block so it's the second one the ray or a Litchfield one that we've got okay so second column northern site any further questions Aaron so how far apart from each other they're going to be the victorious minute you're the fairly close is east-west orientation I think early conversations talked about the potential for people to be able to slide between the two pieces I'm not sure if that will remain the case on the site but fairly close so just confirming the east-west so if because the thing runs north-south yeah that it's facing sideways so one side of the Wolves East one sides weeks okay cool thank you any further questions no further questions okay just somebody want to move something deal yeah I'll just move the move this and move that we put it in the rural Litchfield casual side yep so what we've got is agree to the installation we've removed the word permanent over the to Berlin wall sections Aurora casual to Litchfield Street so that's the description of what we just described column to northern site subject to the following and that's the same wording that was there before special to Litchfield Street northern location yeah maybe brackets northern location yep just so that it's absolutely clear what we mean and what we know is from the answer to the question which is asked to be asked twice in two different ways that it's the second column in Appendix B the northern site shown in that picture yep so we're making that very very clear all right do I had so dealin's moving this do I have a seconder Vicki we'll second is there any debate on this yawning thank you although I appreciate the the sentiment behind getting something that is really historic and has a huge part of history global history I cannot support the Berlin wall going into the East frame for those of us who around particularly when the emergency powers were being granted from central government and at the expense of local democracy those of us will recall there were many comments made regarding the most extraordinary powers outside of wartime and if not greater than in wartime that central government was granting itself with very little input and put in fact one one comment in the parliamentary select committee was local MP asking so the elected officials of the Christchurch City Council have had zero input into the draft the answer was correct and the chair said okay thank you I think the point has been well established we don't need to continue it it just shows you that you know actually the history of the city in terms of the central city dictatorship post-earthquake of what happened to us particularly with things like the blueprint and the central city plan mean to me that the context of putting the Berlin wall here is just not something that I can support I just find the idea that the government were gentrify the eastern frame and if you look at the lack of investment and to the inner city East going towards Fitzgerald and into Lynwood Village and you contrast that to the money being spent on the eastern frame going back into town it's just completely the wrong message that putting the Berlin wall there sends to a community so I won't be supporting this location I appreciate the work that's gone and I think the context is just not appropriate for our city particularly with what we've been through Allen yeah while I respect the owners opinion the I I don't completely agree my preference was Cathedral Square I think there's a great synergy with the library the center of learning but the coming down of the Berlin Wall in a way was that was a compromise it was a changing of the world and it was quite an amazing time actually and I absolutely think Vicki for her work that she's done and securing this and bring it to the city I think it has huge relevance to part of the history you know a lot of New Zealanders died during World War Two and what came afterwards and stuff so it was that we do have a big connection to this it's in the same parallel of of city blocks that as the firemen's memorial has just further up the road which comes from a 911 so I think there is I'm willing to compromise on this and not have it in Cathedral Square and support what's been moved because I think there is a strong message there though young people growing up in our city should know what the Berlin Wall is and was it was certainly a big thing when I was a kid I always wanted to go there don't need to now can save them a carbon footprint and just go to Raya and see it so yeah thanks Vicki film thank you I have to say I disagree with councillor your Hansen's comments the emphasis on the whole pieces of wall is it's part of what was taken down the wall was taken down and people struggled for a long time it was people power which actually overcame that that whole authoritarian regime and I think it can certainly signify a lot of things to a lot of people well what's important is that this year 30 it's a 30th anniversary since the wall came down and it's important that in fact it has a place in our city and I think it it is good that we have it and the other other artwork and in this area could enhance that equally it may as I see to the beginning it doesn't this doesn't have to be a permanent location forever but in fact I think it's very important to for us to mark what did happen what did happen in Germany how Berlin was divided and having ended such huge suffering was caused for families just like we had any in our city during the earthquakes so there's a lot there's a lot of parallels there and I think it's really important to market and this this actually is a time when it's a symbol of democracy and freedom not authoritarianism Thank You Glenn thank you although I landed on an option at the committee level you know I personally it's taken a bit of processing over this you know I've consistently asked the contextual question why and I can't make the ins so I'm just signaling I'm going to be voting against this because location to me is not relevant in this debate I've been to the bill and Mahler several of you have yourselves but I cannot and that's part of the reason for voting against theirs but I also cannot find a contextual fit for Christchurch you'll you'll see that in the matrix evaluation matrix itself where for every potential location it says no direct relationship so you may be inclined to say there's some kind of architectural relationship piece of e being perhaps brutalist but in terms of the symbolic the the meaning that connection for me it it's too thin I can't get it to connect up ironically is there is a phrase in German Sitz I'm Leben and it it actually means sitting in life it's the context the contextual question which you need in order to make a proper contextual interpretation I do see that as actually aaron has mentioned with the firefighters memorial but I can't see it here so I just can't support this in any form any further debate on this Sarah thank you I've got to say a little bit disappointing that we have got to this point without actually hearing from the victorious fear reference group who the committee made a resolution to ask and it's the first time that is chair of that group I've had a chance to speak on this the original placement a Victoria Square was was inappropriate it's fair to say that there was significant public debate and frustration about the original Sarah plan for Victoria Square when I was Headley theorem a board chair the community fought to have consultation on it and I was asked to chair the community reference group as Sierra went through the process I did that on the condition that everything we did would be public instead of behind closed doors we held Sara to the results of the feedback which was not an easy task and I think that everyone is pretty happy with the result however what was crystal-clear was that any changes to Victoria Square without consulting the public would be very poorly received by the public and I can't believe that we went through a process that led us to that point at a committee meeting grant each one at the original landscape designers for the 1987 design and member if the reference panel is also clear and has been in the media but I don't think actually asked in person that the original proposed Victoria Square site was completely inappropriate and the feedback from a prominent local architect also calls the comments about the link to the brutalist buildings entirely inappropriate I think a lot more background work had to be done on this before I had gone to the committee it's also very long bow to draw an analogy between government powers post-quake in the division of entire country the message from these pieces of wall is one of transformation one of the return to democracy and one of learning from history end of council Livingston doesn't get that the context of that then I'm really disappointed thank you thank you Jimmy and then David Jimmy yeah I support this one because I just want to remind the whole fellow canceled after the kind of mosque attack event before they you know the our city we kinda offer even less the the tangible intangible war even men the person to person in a group to group coming to come community etc but after the least event this city not show us you know for of laugh former care for of the solidarity and also for of the protocol support and also I would like to remember our fair council it a council meeting on 28th of March we particularly emphasized this heceta communities kind of city of the peace you know and also this city is a city of inclusion but two piece of reward it's a gift from the from the Germany those that pls niqqa kunt Russian film the H Alisa pork and it's the war this way we may be City certificates and so if we emphasize we confirm you know these city is a city or peace in the city of inclusion but if we still concern you know some of issues I don't think so we have a kinda or broaden our mind or two to receive the descriptor this way we will push you for us so I just want to you know remind our fellow cancer so I support this way thank you Tim yeah thank you they're actually two things here one is the placement of the wall and one is the ball first with regards to the placement of the wall if we can remember back when I tackled I first came to us with a wonderful plan of for Victoria square it was hideous I would go far as to say bloody hideous and that is where the Victoria reference group the Victoria Square reference group was formed an absolute protest in reaction to that plan and so as a bit of a shame that they hadn't been contacted prior to it because I just think the placement of these two pieces and Victoria Square is the last place for me that they should be but then going to the pieces of the wall no okay continue yet thanks for the interruption for however moving forward the pieces are actually important it was a hundred and fifty five kilometre wall so there's plenty of pieces are for it there were 300 watchtowers but it was about oppression separation and violence and they've now stand for liberty that is the key message that these pieces of the wall are all over the border at universities they are an even met choice railway stations there are art galleries Microsoft even has a piece at their home offices so that's it's about the placement of these important pieces for that what they stand for and I think that we've actually got to the right place it's taken a while and I would love to see them up there keeping in mind that they can be repainted love to see our young people every few years to eat schools or whatever there's a university students who ever have a crack at repainting what's relevant to them at the time because they re our future we do have to look look I'm backwards but they stand for liberty it's about the place when I think we've got the right place and are we good to see them keeping alive with input from our young people Cheers David and thanks when this project was first mooted I really did struggle and think why do we actually need a piece of the Berlin wall and Christchurch and I've really struggled with it for quite some time and I don't always agree with Glenn but today I am going to and I do just find looking at the matrix you know that all of them make the comment via no no direct relationship to the area that they're going to be installed and so whilst I'm a supporter of artwork in the city I did really struggle with this particular room that in its relevance to cross true so I won't support the remit anyone else Vicki I'll speak before you do deal so Vicki me deal okay and just so you guys are aware and these were offered to actually to pop out originally to Papa doesn't have a lot of outdoor space in the same way that Christ Church does and so they were gifted to Christchurch the freight from Germany was also gifted to Christchurch in this case from south base the first one from German businesses so these have been gifted the freight has been gifted they've been sitting in storage since 2017 at Linwood so nobody has been allowed to experience them or see them I'm quite sure that the Berlin Wall will evoke different reactions and different people I think it will mean different things to different people some people will like it some won't if we touched every every installation or because I don't this is an artwork at all the art that's been put on there it's been put on there very recently and I also like the idea particularly on one of them of allowing young people or whoever to be able to repaint a chunk of the Berlin wall I think it involves that sense of inclusion but the Berlin wall didn't go up during the Second World War or anything like it it didn't go up until 1961 and I agree with those people who say that the chunks of the Berlin wall symbolized the taking down of barriers I actually went through the Berlin more when it was there it was terrifying the other side of the Berlin wall was an experience I'll never forget especially as a young person going into East Germany with their huge guns and all my magazines were confiscated because they were shameless things like Time magazine and things and just the the way the contrast of lifestyles that was created by that wall and then I remember the celebrations in 1989 that stretched worldwide when that wall came down because people were climbing over it people had been shot trying to get through that wall that was a major symbol for people who grew up in that area of of not being able to do the things that they knew to be right and so taking down that wall in 1989 I remember it clearly was absolutely powerful the fact that people had achieved the destruction of a barrier that stopped them doing what they wanted to do was so powerful I think it's amazing that we've been gifted some of these and I like I don't like the idea that they were going anywhere near Victoria Square but I do like where they're going and Rohwer apart and I walk down there worth curry and I think the location that they're going in which has a major artwork behind it the one that looks like that as if it's actually stunning the but the bit closer use that looks like there to show you a picture of you like the one it's closer to electrical Street has new houses who may or may not love the Berlin Wall I think I think the the point of some installations is that they do provoke conversations they do provoke different points of view and people do bump into each other and have those conversations I can see people taking selfies and all sorts of things down there and discussing it and I think that's absolutely great so here are some things that we've been given that currently their current location by default is in storage now our choices to leave them in storage or to actually put them on public display so people can make up their own mind as to whether they like them or not some people will some people won't that's totally fine that's an installation and I don't regard these as art at all so so I think this is an amazing opportunity we've found a location that that works and I just love to get them out of there and in time for the 30th anniversary of the wall coming down I think it'd be great for Christchurch thank you as someone that spent time in Germany both before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall as someone who spent time in West Berlin when West Berlin was half of Berlin which had been split by the wall from East Berlin along political lines due to the way that Berlin was carved up at the end of the war when West Berlin was an island in the middle of what was then East Germany which was a separate country than West Germany the the Iron Curtain as it was then called which I saw on the border between Germany and Czechoslovakia after the yeah when when that was still very much there the Berlin Wall when it was put up and it was put up overnight with no notice top-down authoritarian split families split communities split a city with a huge amount of history and culture absolutely clean into it saw huge division it enforced political division which by itself was was top-down freedom of movement was restricted people of freedom of people to socialize with their friends and families was not only restricted but prohibited and people's rights were taken away from them the fall of the Berlin Wall was an absolute representation and of course this is more modern history and it's something that people are more aware of was an absolute manifestation of reconciliation a freedom of Liberty of equality bringing people together unity democracy and inclusion and thankfully these are themes that Christchurch is very very familiar with and themes that we should celebrate and in fact themes that we're more familiar with in the last few months than perhaps we were prior to that so whilst I initially had some difficulty with why we would want to put two pieces of the Berlin wall in Christchurch when you actually think about the symbolism it makes a whole lot of sense why we would want to put two pieces of the Berlin wall in Christchurch I'm happier with the location that we've got proposed in front of us now than I was with some of the other locations that have been talked about and I particularly note the comments that have been made about Victoria Square and the role of the reference group so I'm much happier with this than some of the outcomes we could have seen but in particular I'm happy that this decision today will give the ability for these pieces of the Berlin wall which have been in the city for some time which have been hidden from public view to come into public view and provoked through the the historical context and the educational context provoked some of the discussions around why we should have them in Christchurch and hopefully around some of the themes that I just talked about in the last couple of minutes so I'm very supportive of as agreeing to this and getting on with it deal well I was gonna close the debate but I think everything that I was going to say is has been said and I really don't want to run I actually would just repeat everything that Vicki said and I wanted to say thank you to Vicki for the amazing work or the amount of work that you've done to and enthusiasm to get this thing here and also to the staff who have been working working behind the scenes on this as well I did want to say one thing I mean this this decision that we're making today has divided a number of opinions but don't let that be a negative actually let there be a positive we're allowed to have different opinions we're allowed to have different ways of looking at things and this is what I hope this will actually provoke in our city we have been through so much in Christchurch over the last five six seven years nine years I should say but as a country we have also been through a heck of a lot and and when as a young person when I was when I was and then when I was in the military in the Navy we did a lot of warfare studies and given that most of my warfare studies were done around Syria we did look at the context of of the German situation around World War two and also the Berlin Wall in the context of the hope that when they all came down what it meant to peace and what it meant to liberation what it meant to standing up to our oppression and yes I mean I believe what counselor your Henson seeders is relevant in terms of that the city has seen oppression has seen a lot of powers the earthquake has split us thank you for the email that you sent us but actually let's look forward and look at the hope that the city can have and the the provocation of the program you know the thought that we can have around this thing so I do I do look forward to this and I do look forward to the conversations that we will see it's not going to be everybody's cup of tea but I look forward to seeing those conversations and embrace them and don't let those become a negative so I'm very happy to support the location here and and just to get on with it thank you so I'll put the motion all those in favor say aye against yep so those that are knows so Yanni Glenn and

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