10 Popular Actors With STRANGE Phobias You Would Have NEVER Believed!

Famous Hollywood actors are sometimes thought
of as superstars, but when it comes down it they are just humans like everybody else. And just like anybody else, they are subject
to fears and phobias that can interfere with their daily lives. We have gathered some of the strangest fears
for famous actors like Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johansson and many more for our list of 10
Popular Actors With Weird Fears And Phobias. Enjoy this video and be sure to hit that subscribe
button to get brand new Screen Rant content every single day! Channing Tatum – Porcelain Dolls
If you take a look at Channing Tatum, you would probably think that he is one macho
man who is not afraid of anything. Whether he is dancing in Magic Mike or wrestling
in Foxcatcher, Tatum seems to always be playing a seriously jacked up man. But just like Superman, Channing Tatum seems
to have his own kryptonite and for him it is his crippling fear of porcelain dolls. He says he is totally freaked out by them
and always has terrifying images of them turning their heads around. This fear sounds like the plot of a early
2000’s horror movie that we are sure Tatum would not have wanted to star in. Billy Bob Thornton – Old Furniture
Billy Bob Thornton is looking pretty old and beat up these days and his latest acting choices
have certainly not been his best. From what we’ve heard, Thornton can be sort
of weird to work with, but the weirdest part about Billy Bob might be his peculiar fears. The Bad Santa actor is, believe it or not,
afraid of antique furniture. He claims that he is spooked by the old furniture
and feels like he is unable to breathe around it. His friends have even suggested to him that
he had a traumatic experience with some antiques in a former life. On top of that one, Billy Bob Thornton is
also afraid of bold colours. Could you imagine what a wreck he would be
around a 300 year old bright red chair? Orlando Bloom – Pigs
In the early 2000’s, Orlando Bloom was one of the hottest and biggest male stars in Hollywood. With leading roles in both the Pirates of
the Caribbean and the Lord of The Rings franchise it seemed like he could take on anything. Anything except for…pigs. Yes, the swashbuckling, arrow slinging Orlando
Bloom has a serious phobia of pigs. We are not sure where this fear comes from,
as pigs are actually some of the smartest and most loving animals on the planet. Bloom has not shared any real insight or background
on this fear and it is definitely one of the weirder ones on our list. Carmen Electra – Water
Although Pamela Anderson is probably the blonde bombshell that people think of first when
it comes to talking about Baywatch, Carmen Electra was right there with her on that beach
looking just as good. It turns out that the filming of this often
ridiculed was actually very difficult for Electra as she has a serious fear of water. She has said that water, specifically open
water, gives her a real sense of danger and that being near it can send her into a full-blown
panic attack. We haven’t heard any specific behind the
scenes Baywatch stories, but from the sounds of it, it may have been pretty difficult to
be on set with Carmen and her aqua-fear. Helen Mirren – Answering The Phone
Helen Mirren’s weird fear is actually something that is becoming more and more common these
days. As texting becomes more popular, a lot of
people seem to afraid of talking on the phone. As it turns out, the revered actress has had
a fear of phone calls for years and has even publically shared that she never calls anyone
back. She says that phone calls make her feel panicked
and uncomfortable. Luckily, she has a team of assistants around
her to take her calls for her. Matthey McConaughey – Tunnels
In the last few years Matthew McConaughey has transformed himself from a rom-com hunk
to a seriously respected Hollywood actor with great performances in Dallas Buyers Club,
Interstellar and True Detective. The middle-aged stud seems to have gotten
past his goofy type cast, but it sounds like he still has some strange fears he needs to
face. McConaughey has let it slip that he has a
serious fear of both tunnels and revolving doors. We are guessing this could be considering
some type of claustrophobia, but we aren’t sure. All we know is that you probably won’t catch
McConaughey driving a Lincoln through a tunnel. Uma Thurman – Claustrophobia
Uma Thurman is as gorgeous as she is badass and her iconic roles in Tarantino’s classics
have made her a legend in Hollywood. As it turns out, some of the great acting
that she brought to Kill Bill: Volume 2 may have been more authentic than people thought. Thurman told the press that her screams were
completely real in the scene where she is being buried alive, as this is one of her
great fears as a person with claustrophobia. Thurman is brave for facing this fear in the
name of her art and the final product was awesome. We just hope that she wasn’t left too traumatized
after shooting the scene. Johnny Depp/Daniel Radcliffe – Clowns
Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliffe are two huge names in Hollywood who have both played iconic
roles in fantastical films. Their shared fear of clowns, although strange,
is quite understandable, as we have to agree that clowns can be creepy. Depp has said that it is the make-up as creepy
smiles that get him, which is a bit weird when you consider that that is what a lot
of his characters looks like in their movies (Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, The Mad
Hatter, etc). Woody Allen – Everything
Woody Allen is one of most prolific writers, directors and actors that Hollywood has ever
seen and the Academy has not been shy to nominate his work year after year. Woody’s personal life has always been rather
strange and borderline creepy so it only seems fitting that the peculiar man would have the
longest list of strange fears we have ever seen. Over the years he has admitted that he is
seriously afraid of insects, sunshine, dogs, deer, bright colors, children, heights, small
rooms, crowds, cancer and anywhere except Manhattan. That is a long list of things to avoid so
we can understand why Woody Allen spends so much time cooped up alone. They say the most brilliant minds are the
strangest ones, and that seems to be the case here! Scarlett Johansson – Birds
ScarJo is one of the most beautiful and sought after actresses working in Hollywood today. Her recent movie roles range from a superhero
spy to and flirtatious artificial intelligence and everything in between. Not only is Johansson a great actor, she also
brings a seriously stunning confidence to each of her movie appearances but as it turns
out there is one thing that can shake that confidence, and that is birds. That right, if you are around Scarjo you better
make sure there are no flying and flapping creatures around her or she may just freak
out. She claims that this fear runs in her family
as her uncle also has a serious phobia of birds! So there’s our list of ten popular actors
who have some seriously weird fears and phobias. Which one of these surprised you the most? Are you afraid of any of the stuff on this
list? Let us know in the comments section below
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  1. Millie Bobby Brown is scared of bungalows and Finn Wolfhard is scared of bulls. Noah Schnapp is scared of being buried aliv and Gaten (can't spell his last name) is scarred of being drafted for WW III

  2. When they mentioned Ghost in the Shell, it made me happy all over again because that is a really good anime. They are also pretty much sticking to the way the anime went.

  3. Fears are not phobias. Being scared of porcelain dolls does not impact your life the way a very real phobia does. Time to read a dictionary, perhaps?

  4. Clown dolls creep me out. I don't like clowns in real life either and will almost anything to avoid them. I can however watch movies with clowns in them, as long as it is only once. (i.e. Killer Klowns from Space.). There is one that i can handle, and that is Pennywise, from Stephen King's It. I love that movie and can't wait for the new one.

  5. fucking antique chairs was the weirdest for me, like not to be insensitive but dude its just a outdated ass mat.

  6. I feel weird cause Scarlett Johansson worked with Jeremy Renner and his character was a bird (Hawkeye) so that means she's afraid of Hawkeye?

  7. WHAT!! i never heard of any celeb that had a weird​ fear of phone calls.. it terrifies me too! even in the land before cell phones – i could never really talk on one.. i'm very glad technology is advancing. we can even get take out without talking to anyone now!

  8. "pigs are some of the smartest and most loving animals on the planet"- Screen rant. I guess if I didn't know how to walk backwards I would be smart and loving

  9. My phobias. Porcelain dolls ,the dark ,the ocean ,walking past people makes me feel nervous, clowns I GET REALLY NERVOUS WALKING PAST PEOPLE

  10. I have 2 phobias
    one is Trypophobia which is very common I guess?
    and one is I don't know? is this weird?
    I really don't like watching a "newbie" performing in a singing contest
    you know what I mean? its really creeping me out and fear all over in my mind
    If they fail, my chest, it hurts so bad

  11. I have so many fears it ridiculous, clowns, spiders, the dark, claustrophobia,heights,the ocean, deep water, rollercoasters and I get scared so badly when people scare or make me jump i fall into a ball of shock

  12. I share Johnny's fear. I hate them too, but yet I love anything creepy that sends a chill up your spine. I don't like birds either.

  13. I feel Carmen Electra though. I don't like open water. Especially the ocean, certain lakes in Tennessee are tolerable. Especially when it's like a cove so it's maybe 30-40 ft from one side to the other

  14. Johnny Depp is playing Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 2- another connection between Depp and Dan Radcliffe

  15. how about "the incredibles" Sarah Vowel, voice of Violet (she has a phobia of driving cars)? check on the special features on the DVD of "the incredables"

  16. Ok, someone has to dress like a giant bird and chase Scarlett Johansson around. Is that too mean? NAH!

  17. I have a phobia of bees, wasps, hornets and all stinging bugs that are small and can fly and bugs that are poisonous.

  18. people need to stop saying that these phobias are "weird". I can't stand having my head under water for any amount of time. the feel of water on the back of my neck is enough to send chills down my spine

  19. I have a phobia of pigs as well, and I think it came from seeing Lord Okoto from Princess Mononoke.
    I've also have one about Mushrooms.