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華晨宇新歌唱哭眾人!週深唱功不靠設備,米希亞點燃一萬支蠟燭祈福! |貴圈四姨太|#華晨宇#週深#米希亞#

Hello everyone, welcome to the wonderful content that Mrs. Si brought to you today As an ace variety show of Hunan Satellite TV, “Singer 2020” returns without being favored, Since the show was broadcast for two episodes, the counterattack of finishing the topic and viewing has been completed. The surprise game system makes the show full of highlights. The third “cloud recording” mode is refreshing, The singers were located in five places and together contributed to a wonderful and fierce “cloud contest”. In the end, Mia ’s hopes returned to win the championship, Hua Chenyu won second, Zhou Shen third, Xu Jiaying fourth, Two surprise singers Lao Fan next door, Bai Jugang’s surprise attack failed, and he regrets leaving the stage. Although controversy continues, it has to be acknowledged that Hunan Satellite TV has always been at the forefront of innovation for local satellite TV. In a special period, the Hunan Hunan TV’s innovative ability was demonstrated. The previous Lantern Festival, Hunan TV hosted a party, The innovative style of the barrage auditorium was well received. The third program of “Singer 2020”, Hunan Satellite TV started the first “cloud recording” in the history of music variety, The innovative mode of the interactive network is also domestic Other variety shows provide templates to learn from. Using five places to connect cloud recording, Hua Chenyu, Yuan Yawei and Huang Xiaoyun recorded in Beijing. Xiao Jingteng and Xu Jiaying are in Taipei. Mihia in Tokyo, Bai Jugang, Zeng Yiming, Lao Fan next door Three surprise singers recorded live in Changsha, Zhou Shen was at his home in Shanghai. Singers are recording in different geographic coordinates, No previous luxurious hardware configuration, There was no cheer from the audience. But they sang the warmest music. “Use music, wait for spring” became the theme of this issue, Pay tribute to the doctor, support your hometown, and pray to China. Pass the power of warmth in your own way. Hunan Satellite TV Xiaohua Liangtian completed the series of lectures at the scene in Changsha. Connect with all singers in five places in real time, 500 popular judges online to vote. Huang Xiaoyun-“Your Answer” As a successful singer in the first round of surprise attack, Huang Xiaoyun was controversial during this time. Although winning the game, word of mouth has fallen badly. And this “Your Answer” doesn’t know what you think, Aunt Tai personally thinks it’s pretty good, right? At least a lot better than the previous “His Fantasy Drifting”, Lao Fan next door-“I want to hug you in mediocre life” As we all know, Lao Fan next door is a singer who came out of the Internet. Has a very high popularity and traffic, This time invited to participate in the competition is also highly anticipated by netizens. It is interesting that the next door Lao Fan named Huang Xiaoyun as soon as he came up. It seems that he wants revenge for Mao, Light the atmosphere of cloud recording directly for a while, I have to say that this courage is really admirable, And as a singer who is also a martyr, An old fan next door also detonated the mood of the audience. As for exactly how this song performed, I think it’s up to everyone to judge. After all, when someone likes nature, others do n’t. But if you really do n’t look at the soaring treble factor, Aunt Tai personally thinks that the voice and works of Lao Fan next to him are inexplainable. Bai Jugang made a surprise attack on Xiao Jingteng, both of them have good singing skills. But Xiao Jingteng’s “The Sun” is more powerful, Bai Jugang’s “Arranged Life” melody is slightly niche, In the end Bai Jugang’s surprise attack failed. Miaia-“Tomorrow” as Japan’s top singer, In fact, the rankings of the first two episodes made her questioned a lot. Many spectators are wondering why they played so hard before the game, The result came but could not get even the first, This is inconsistent with the program’s usual arrangement for foreign singers. But I believe that after this “Tomorrow” Everyone should have a new understanding of Miaia, I have to admit that this Japanese singer is really powerful, Coupled with the selected stage and candle effects, High rankings are expected. Miacia builds under Mount Fuji in Japan The scene of a small concert, where 10,000 candles were lit, Accompanied by the band’s magnificent performance, Missia sings “Tomorrow” with deep emotion, Singing about Japanese friends to Hubei epidemic area, Blessings and strong confidence in China, She also wrote the Chinese text “Let’s cheer together”, This move feels warm, It really makes people experience what music is without borders. Mihia contributed textbook-level singing on the singer’s stage, “Can Miaia be No. 1” has also become the inner appeal of many people, But the first two issues of Mia ’s rankings are very low. This time, she finally won the first place. Whether it ’s from lights, bands, or dancing, It can be said that this is the best scene for this cloud recording. Won the audience vote first! Hua Chenyu-“You have to believe this is not the last day” After winning the championship in two consecutive rounds, Hua Chenyu is now in “Singer 2020” The position on the stage can be said to be incomparable, Whether it can continue to maintain a high ranking is still not good. But his strength is something that is obvious to all. Hua Chenyu was born in Hubei, This time, I created a public welfare song to fight the epidemic for my hometown. “You have to believe this is not the last day”, Songs focus on the patient ’s inner world, expressing love and strength with music, First released on “Singer” cloud stage, The melody is full of power, the lyrics are full of hope, And Hua Chenyu’s interpretation is particularly sincere, Let people have confidence in this victory over the epidemic! Hua Chenyu’s new song won the audience vote second. This song Hua Chenyu also took great pains. He wanted to make this song the most perfect presentation, So I found ten friends to give their voice in this new song. The ten friends are: Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, He Yan, Yuan Hong, Zhang Yiyi, Huang Bo, Shen Teng, Zhao Wei, Hu Yanbin, Song Dandan. In addition to these celebrity friends, Friends from other industries also responded to this song by Hua Chenyu. This song has monologues from Hua Chenyu and friends, There was also a sound of exploding emotions. Everyone’s monologue is strongly emotional, Hua Chenyu hopes everyone to work together, All monologues can be presented perfectly. There are dialects in the monologue, which represent many different places. Although the content of the monologue is very ordinary and homely. But every sentence is full of warmth, Inspiring and exciting people. This original song is full of love and the fireworks of the world. This song will also be launched on NetEase Cloud at 10am on February 25th. I don’t know if it will become the top of the soaring chart and the new song chart. The first two episodes of Hua Chenyu rode the dust and won two consecutive championships. Mu Xiu will be destroyed by Lin Feng, The shining Hua Chenyu has also come under fire, Some netizens even bluntly that Hua Chenyu’s performance is a routine: Bass, screams, RAP, the questioning voice on the network side is constantly. This time Hua Chenyu used his works to fight back and question, We saw the responsibility and responsibility of young singers in the Chinese music scene. The whole song Hua Chenyu injected his true feelings into his hometown, The whole sing also points directly to the heart, Especially He Yan, Song Dandan, Yuan Hong, Zhao Wei, Yang Zi The creative ideas of others are even more tearful. Although Hua Chenyu did not win the championship, But through this loving work to gain reputation for himself. In fact, Micia and Hua Chenyu’s interpretations are very exciting. The gap between the votes of the two is very small, and whoever wins the first is deserved. Zhou Shen-“An Answer That Can Answer Everything” Many people said before the game that Zhou Shen was at home this time, The lack of equipment and the lack of coordination of live lights will likely limit rankings. But I believe that after watching the show, Everyone should dispel this idea, The four words of the sound of nature are really not in vain. Zhou Shen was quarantined for 14 days by local requirements. Zhou Shen had to finish the recording alone at home this time. Compared to other singers, The stage and equipment are a bit crude, Lighting, makeup, video, But Zhou Shen’s singing can still play. Zhou Shen, who is the “anchor”, brings “Answers That Can Answer Everything” This selection is also very meaningful, “Everyone may have experienced indifference in life, I hope you still treat this world with a fiery heart “, Warm and healing lyrics also convey Zhoushen’s voice. But because Zhou Shen is the only cloud performer without a live band, It lacks a sense of liveness, so it is the most disadvantaged for the game. But Zhou Shen ’s singing skills have to say, Even if there are no bands, it’s just a simple live broadcast tool, Is still very powerful in the cloud, Finally won the vote for third. Xu Jiaying’s “Little Half” won fourth place, And Yuan Yawei’s “There is a Sadness”, Xiao Jingteng’s “The Sun”, The ranking of Huang Xiaoyun’s “Your Answer” has not yet been announced. “The Year of the Singer”, this cloud recording, Overall, it still presents a relatively high level of competition. Although limited by many site conditions, The performance of several singers is still worth playing! Just because of the lack of presence, The host Liang Tian was a little embarrassed to talk, and he couldn’t see the audience’s reaction on the spot. However, we still have to praise the courage and innovation of Hunan TV! The overall feeling of the third period can be described by a “warm” word, From show production and recording to singer selection and live performance, Can see full of heart and sincerity. Finally, I still have to boast about the innovation and production capabilities of Hunan Satellite TV. Let us also enjoy wonderful programs in special times. Are you satisfied with the result of this game? Alright, that ’s it for today ’s video If you like Sister Auntie ’s videos, please subscribe and follow Auntie Fourth will update the wonderful entertainment information every day

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