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Портрет цветными карандашами с пояснениями

Портрет цветными карандашами с пояснениями

Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel. My name is Humid Peach And today I’m going to draw with regular color pencils. Now I’m going to show my materials. It is a sketch book Art Creation Royal Talens The price for it is very cheap. I bought in “Krasnii karandash”. If you want buy it with a discount just use my promo code. use promo code HUMID_PEACH 10% in KK This sketchbook is for a different materials for a second. Today I’m going to use gelroll pens. It will be ten and the metallic silver from “Sacura”. Japanese pens, correct me if I’m wrong. And the next are color pencils from three brands mainly: “Prismacolor“ And of course “Polychromos” I have said it like it should be necessary set) And I also have such pencils from “Carandache” And all these pencils I’m going to use today. There will be more. I just showed you the main materials. And for the details I want to use “Microne” 01 You will see it in the process. And of course before I start talking specifically about the drawing. I wanted to say thank you very much for everyone who supports channel with likes, comments and any other activities Therefore, new subscribers if you are there you can do the same: leave a like, subscribe and tap a bell button so you don’t miss my new videos. While you doing that, subscribe to all my social media pages) I have Instagram page, by the way. Humid Peach is my nick. Overall, before I started shooting I did a small sketch Just about to know where are all things will be located with the proportions And subsequently I just started to create some details with pencil. For some reason I decided to start with so-called glitter) By the way, I stared to draw with pencils not so long ago, that is a few month ago. I just bought a set “Van Gogh” from “Royal Tellings” and I’m be like “why just don’t I try to draw with pencils” it’s pretty interesting, and the thing is I never drawn with pencils in my childhood for some reason. My only pencils where watercolor – pencils “Kohinoor”. And I bought the largest sets and there were the only pencils. Really They are still at my apartment at this moment and I use them sometimes. But I never used pencils as a single independent material. I don’t know why. Maybe I wasn’t interested or maybe I had no ability. Now I started to draw with pencils for some reason and I really like it. I bought different pencils from different manufacturers for the reviews Therefore, soon the new videos will appear on the channel, and they will be about materials and generally speaking if you know I began to work on YouTube again, so..) In regard to material, it’s pretty easy to work with. As I don’t know how to use it, I am just experimenting for now, trying to figure out the material and how it works cannot make a description in general of how to use pencils, because I am in the process of it for myself. But I hope that in the future I can give some practical advice about what is better, what pencils you should buy and so on. For now you can watch how I am trying to draw with pencils. It is not that simple, because you can work with layers, you can work with different techniques. And actually I want say about the technic. Of course I do not want to offense anybody but I don’t like when the drawing is very “polished”. I mean the artwork that has no boundaries in the transitions. It is good, I have nothing against it, but because of I don’t have any emotional attraction to it, I don’t have any “emotional explosion” I don’t want to replicate such techniques in my artworks Because I prefer more textured materials, I like to see the texture and especially the strokes. and especially I like to see the strokes. So for that reason, most likely, you will never see that type of art on my channel or on my instagram page. Oh, I started this art a little bit like a pussy, but in general…:D I am sorry for that word, but to draw the eyes, at the beginning I just used different shades of pink that I had. I tried to make the as bright as possible, but I realized that even I have large sets, but I don’t have some really dark colors But on this picture I just used ready shades haven’t mix them somehow, just used the gradation of pink colors instead What about the rest as you can see I am using a lot of colors on the face Absolutely different ones For shadows I am using blue ones because…I don’t know…to be it more interesting In this artwork I don’t use strokes with different angles, though but using specifically vertical I think it’s looks more interesting and I love the texture overall, for some reason I also trying to make firs layers not very bright, because subsequently it may be difficult to apply new layers, more bright ones for example, or if I want make it deeper or add the tone. want make it deeper or add the tone. Then it will be difficult, because it is a pencil There are some specific features, because of special substance in it. because of special substance in it. And if you push to hard at the beginning to achieve very dense or bright color. For example if you you want to create a dimensional portrait, then it will be hard to do, due to pencil layer just won’t overlap on previous layers. just won’t overlap on previous layers. And yes I made a stupid thing when I decided to move the camera on the other opposite side. I thought to change the frame, as a result you can’t see anything, sorry. I am trying to work consistently, that is not just only work on eyes and their details with extra sharp and so on, but on face overall. Of course the other details such as hair, hand, background that is not that important element for me and I schematically outline them. By the way, maybe I should leave the photos that I use as a reference, maybe it will be convenient for you. I don’t know how to do it, but I try to attach it in the description. In the end of course I am working on the parts that I forgot. For example it is usually a forehead. I often don’t touch it, just because I don’t see it. Overall I am starting to add small details, work on eyebrows, eyes, eyelashes, lips and some bright elements that I want to work on, to make them more expressive. In order to make artwork picturesque and more interesting I add slightly tone of one of the colors, in order to see in the real life not only one boring color, but several, and I think it adds some charm to the drawing. And in the end of course our favorite flares, everybody loves them so much. But overall as I mentioned in the beginning I used a gel pen, now it’s a silver pen, and when you will look at the artwork it will overflow beautifully. But I made there “too much”, however, it is very interesting to use such materials in the work. I am waiting for you’re thoughts about my pencils and my drawing in the comments. It is interesting are you using a pencils and how long you’re been doing that. And if you have some advice for me and for the subscribers that are going to watch this video. And on this moment I will end my video. Tap on the bell button so won’t miss my videos, leave a comment, like, dislike and generally show your activity, I will be very grateful to you. At same way I somehow need to extend this video. Because if I won’t do it 10 minutes long it won’t show up anywhere, in any top or anywhere else:D So further there will be only the drawing.

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  1. You're awesome! I just love everything you do. ❣️ May I ask you how long does it take for you to paint one of these? I mean, with colored pencils. Thanks a lot! Xoxo 😚

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